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Crowd are you guys ready for round two yes i’m ready but this time you’re not gonna beat me we’ll see one go hey come on guys ultimate test this is the ultimate test ultimate test so that i’m the best oh that’s what we are testing we have to figure that out oh oh man and i have a list the test will be correct ha ha everybody has their own statistics but i’m the

One who’s a scientist a minus minor correct okay so nervous i mean yeah you ever heard that in my voice i got really nervous i was like we’re all going into each other we can’t do this first part you start talking and then you die oh yeah right now exactly you gotta top the top and walk the walk yeah yeah i see a little as he pajamas i screwed okay you don’t

Even know what was happening i was trying to skate look whoa meeting us made us stumped on your dead body no credit now because i killed myself guys i sent it on your dead bodies you stunted oh you only do our dead bodies oh you wish it’s what i love to do and i see a sauna let’s see what you get see it cuz you’re dead you’re always dead if you stay alive maybe

Okay alright okay it’s zero zero zero so being pink as i think of somebody else’s lines i’m you soon yeah i feel you oh oh we’re cutting it close here we’re cutting it close i see my target is d now kazoo i sure do you bad you only see your targets you can you can’t beat your target don’t worry yes that’s only a matter of time oh no that was you guys know right

There are my two targets behind were the sheep friar that didn’t sound scary at all oh my god that was so close lia rah scary i am so scary okay not scary at all oh looks like i have all three kills lion oh oh oh my god good job good job joey started three two zero two blood come on now i saw that okay you totally oh no oh i thought you were gonna get me i

Almost did i thought you’re gonna get me for sure okay oh those good those good i’m so scared i felt the fear in your voice no there’s a lot of that okay i see a little sauna i see a little purple line oh my god oh and i’m proud so scary i almost killed you yeah you could’ve killed me i know i almost did i almost did always do but you lack the skills okay alright

I’ll show you skill i will show you skill i’ll believe it when i see it okay bring it a preview was that double kill earlier so uh that was just me warming up okay yeah let’s let the score the real test oh sorry i’m doing so bad this round guys no sauna you just have you were just lucky oh my god what happened there what was that you’re also taking it personally

Right no yes i do oh my heart hurts so bad no we still you might be you make my heart hurt we still love you no we don’t wanna make yo you make you lost the point because you died i don’t have any points anyways so i’m fine you would have had one oh no oh yes i got you finally i got one point now guys yay finally oh no okay there we go oh my god oh then why is

It black and white oh my god oh my god that was so fun why is it black and white guys isn’t black and white for you to know yes my whole screen is black and white what everything is black and white guys what happens no i’m fine just everything is black and white what the hell oh okay it’s not coming back guys it’s still black and white whatever it happened to me

What does this happen to me no the color is back the color is good oh i was looking at the tiny map i’m so dumb hours finally okay wow good job oh okay okay i only have to cuz i lost so many times you killed yourself oh my bad sauna i see yes oh we’re over i was not what we’re over i’m gonna stop playing with you guys what yeah i’m breaking up oh me together at

Least ha could have been happy because i would have killed you obviously because you get to be with me santa’s lying who’s not happy with me okay did you die nope oh she didn’t die i got greedy i still suck though oh the time ended i’m a loser i’m the winner your wiener see we round three round two round two round three let’s it’s room baby let’s get it all it’s a

New beginning guys it’s a new beginning it’s a new beginning whatever you tell your shots will make you feel better i exhale yeah whatever makes you sleep better at night santa right i just really ah just went right into the wall i saw that blood first blood you didn’t see anything oh yes i did you didn’t see anything you just crashed into the wall just randomly

Don’t alive though that’s so cool uh yeah you can toggle different filters with your track a d-pad so if you want my sauna you press right on the d-pad yeah i know i realized you realize that oh my god that’s awesome it’s not awesome whoa well yeah but not if you don’t know what you’re doing yeah it’s also 16 okay oh my god scary as hell okay i’ll figure i will

Sit myself oh no oh my gosh not paying attention okay now all right let’s see where’s we’re sad is it yet um no do you want to die no i wanted to kill i see you too away from me oh okay i like challenges come on guys wow oh my god that’s good i’m happy you did are you okay oh why am i so dumb okay yes you look pretty ok to me yeah i’m good you good you good cheap

Am i rage sometimes i do too i just killed myself ha ha ha hey leo you don’t want to be that upset it’s okay i am still wedding oh you you you should enjoy right now i committed suicide sorry leah see i told you should enjoy way okay i’ll come back we got time no we got plenty of time you got plenty of high enough time i have plenty down oh leah you’re pissing me

Off great so annoyed no don’t get annoyed no i don’t want you two guys to get mad no no why are you so quiet i’m concentrating you’re concentrating no i think that would work best for me no you want you just like i’m trey and not dice i find it’s not about winning house dying fun guys killing your friend good job ha ha ha you escaped no i did a simple son it

Wasn’t laura that sounds badass it was about us oh no we didn’t kill each other i thought i had you oh my god i thought i had you oh and did my killstreaks good job good job be really careful cuz i don’t know oh that was so close ozzy vic’s always been really close right now she’s winning no you guys um you guys that’s your kills not your deaths right oh my god i

Flew out as well oh you guys so cute as he watch out she’s gonna take you down oh you know we’re ever gonna give you well hey here we go no oh no it’s cool oh my god you guys you exploded me oh my god okay oh my god oh my god oh my god doing your drakey freaking canadian hey hey oh not at all don’t worry don’t hate donate like a success oh hey donates haha don’t

Hate donate i think she liked that yeah probably where is this little cute pink line going where there’s that ugly orange color going i don’t know sorry you had to find out yeah sure good job dodging that oh don’t need any any of that for you you don’t need no good job oh i killed myself to just kill you it was worth it yeah i killed her why are you guys so salty

Why are you not so salty tears are salty as the ocean right now god my bike was out of control out of control out of life is out of control oh my god oh that was good that felt good noelle feel good guys i have a faster playing against oh my god yeah i denied my daisy wait what yeah my god he’s trying to bite my face okay ah astro he’s moving my mouse okay ooh

Sonny almost killed me you could have had me right i’ll do it again oh you could have had me right there it sounds like haha sounds like you guys are like fighting over you could haha because oh my god oh my god you tied a love triangle little trail right the love triangle am i gonna make it oh my god yes it wears a little pink you i’m hello little pink line oh

No those cute as he you guys are so sorry because no i’m sweet screwing everything up right i know i feel yeah that’s me a lot and overwatch and also being the pink line is tripping me out oh i want you guys that’s not why you guys to hate me i do already oh right your friendship over it’s over what i’m kidding i’m not nice me yeah well i don’t oh i will end

Your life oh oh yeah that’s brunch now over a friend tip over i’m sorry i prefer to be sober

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STUNTING OVER MY DEAD FRIENDS!! (GTA 5 Tron Legacy Bike) By iamSanna