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STV 2016 Snow Bikes

Three years ago i spotted a timber slide kit in action on the snow the mountain riding conditions were perfect for the design of this machine in just a few short years this new approach to winter recreation has taken off snowmobilers and motorcycle riders are anxious to try out this new form of backcountry riding at the dealer shows the new products are everywhere

As this sport develops and grows on the slopes the result of this growth is seen in the smiles of the riders both novice and pro yeah the mountain segment has really evolved over the last two to five years you know it’s pretty crazy to see the type of terrain that that we’re able to access and i think what we can say about that is the manufacturers have really

Looked at this new type of riding style that that’s out there and really are building snowmobiles for this type of riding and the sky really is the limit you look at the evolution of snow bikes and what that has brought in all honesty to the design of a snowmobile and i think you know you’re going to see the trend moving that direction lighter skinnier more

Capable and and i think that’s what excites me and excites all the people in the industry right now of where the product line is going for anyone wanting to try out a snow bike type product here are some advice from those already riding them there’s really no doubt in my mind of this this whole snow bike industry is going to keep growing keep innovating

We’ve only i think scratched the surface with being about five years into having products that really attack the backcountry and it’s gone so far in the last three years i there’s there’s going to be so much more innovation now there’s so much interest and more companies you know putting efforts and minds together to create new stuff it’s it’s getting better

Every day it seems like you know my ultimate goal is to fill fulfill all the dreams in my head i’ve had about riding the dirt bike in the snow-covered backcountry and i have i’ve ridden these as hard about as i can imagine i’m throwing them off a huge cliffs huge impact landings you know riding hard packed rails we’re racing snow cross tracks now even racing

The hill climbs and i mean these things have just proven to get it done we did silver star hill climb last year and i mean there’s always been this this thing where people don’t quite believe the snow bikes are what they are or can do what they can do and i think we turned a lot of heads when we put put these bikes head-to-head against snowmobiles showing that

We were comparable in times and stuff like that so just brought some legitimacy to these whole setups and it’s a it’s just impressive to see what they can do you’re down on power on the whole whole machine compared to a snowmobile but the actual design and layout make some super efficient and have an amazing amount of traction and that’s what really sets them

Apart is handling and traction makes it easier for the consumer to ride and ride technical terrain you know i haven’t sledded 20 years i was never any good at it so it’s sort of was one of those things snow biking for me was a great way to get back back outdoors in the wintertime not being a skier so so i find it’s just a tremendous tremendous opportunity to get

Out here i dirtbike when i was younger and then i when my son got old enough to ride a bike we started again been at it now for about five or six years and we really enjoyed dirt biking this is just a great way to continue the sport a huge motorcycle riding community that it wants to be able to do something like this in the wintertime and even even sled guys as

Well it’s just something different there’s a lot of differences and to start with you shouldn’t really compare them because there are two separate snow sports right on the trail it’s like riding a dirt bike with two flat tires and three people on it once as soon as you get into snow it’s it’s like flying or floating on snow basically well the sled has a lot more

Power but it’s a lot more planted you have to use a lot more body english to make it do what you want the bike has a lot less power but it’s really nimble you can go virtually anywhere with it it’s fantastic i haven’t ridden the bike since 2011 and jumped on this thing and the first 10k kind of coming up the trail give you some time to get comfortable in it and

Then what’s to get in the backcountry fall and these two guys and it’s just you can just push yourself to limits beyond sledding it’s it’s fantastic places you can take these things in side hills and it’s very impressive i’ve been sledding in the mountain since 88 and this is very little effort compared to a snowmobile the snowmobile you got to really work on

The side hills in the tight trees where is this you can just manipulate and steer and you know go anywhere you want kind of thing it’s it’s just amazing how nimble and easy they are to maneuver well it’s so much fun that’s the first part it’s also very affordable you know for the same price as a new snowmobile you can have a timber sled and a dirt bike so now

You’ve got a machine you can use 12 months of the year instead of a machine it can use for only half the year if there’s power snow like even three or four inches of powder on top it’s really easy to maneuver and you can go through the trees as long as you can see through the trees and your handlebars fit you can go there it’s only just starting to go i think

It’s going to continue to grow like crazy and it’s just like so much fun it’s fantastic

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STV 2016 Snow Bikes By Snowmobiler Television