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Summer Gloves – Alpinestars Copper Gloves review

Looking for a summer riding glove, lightweight, breathable and protective. Will the Alpinestars cut the mustard?

New gloves oh yes i can finally get rid of them winter gloves that i’ve got take far too long to get on they’re too thick these alpine stars look quite nice actually so these are alpine stars copper glove they’re called um not quite nice to be fair i’ve got some protection on there protection on the fingers the all-important pad to allow me to control the phone

If needed better protection on the wrist now these are the size large um let’s have a look so when you’re just taking them out the box you see i hope they fit they should do the other gloves they’ve got a large and they’re all right oh yeah they’re not too bad actually a bit shorter than the previous one so the winter ones i had actually went on my wrist um

These ones are a lot shorter which are quite like they go on a lot quicker as well the thing i found with the winter gloves is i spent more time with the bike putting the glove on pushing each finger down because they’re insulated pulling them back and then strapping them up and these are within a second or so quite nice i think they’ll break in quite well as

Well they’re a little bit tight at the minute but let’s see what they ride like they are nice they’re definitely a lot thinner to feel a lot thinner than my winter gloves so i i feel like i could feel the texture on the grips they’re that thin on the bottom i can’t see it being an issue i think it looks like strong material or maybe i was just used to the numbness

Of the the thick gloves that i had but in general yeah they’re all right i can feel the breeze through the hands so i’d certainly say they’re just summer gloves um they’re not waterproof but i never got them to be waterproof feel all right yeah i can feel the support on the edges um let me just see what’s going on here it’s always busy this junction in ormskirk

Especially on a saturday when the market’s on you see ooh look at me in the reflection um by the way yeah so yeah feel nice quite like them yeah decent alpine stars you’d expect them to last as they do i obviously don’t want to test the knuckle protection hopefully ever have to happy happy happy happy uh busy old market town ormskirk it’s nice to see you

Busy again to be fair for far too long right let’s have a look what they are like on the phone oh there you go seems to work face id always gets me not bad yeah nice switch about seems to work quite well emails yeah pretty decent like it works well close up of the inside and what i have spotted as well is these vent holes i don’t know if you can pick them up

On the camera these vent holes i think will help on them warmer days uh or even help on the wetter days if you get caught out where they’re drying out it’s got some nice some nice uh padding on the inside obviously where your hand touches the handlebars like i said these pads quite nice i mean i think the gloves cost me about 35 pounds so for the summer glove

With quite a tough protection on them i think they’re well worthwhile i was looking at some leather gloves but i think with these being so breathable and maybe a little bit more versatile i think did a good option nice easy off as well boom done hey guys thanks again for stopping by um the gloves themselves really nice really lightweight to definitely recommend

Them um only cheap i think they would about 35 pounds something like that from amazon the link is below for all the accessories that are both bike and clothes and that sort of thing i will keep it updated as i buy more because this thing it’s like a bug and you just can’t stop buying look hit the like button hit the subscribe button please leave any comments and uh yeah let’s see

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Summer Gloves – Alpinestars Copper Gloves review By RidingOutLoud