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Super Soco: . 1 / Tuning pt. 1

Всем привет!

Super soco tc motorcycle! what can we fasten to it or vice versa unscrew will consist of two parts. in the first i will tell you what you can do major technical changes. without interfering with electrical and construction and who just bought super soco and wants to make it a little bit firstly, one of the accessories that super soco offers it bolts with spacers. everything

Comes complete. just unscrewed old headlight bolts and screwed elongated bolts with attachments. put the grill on the spotlight, there’s nothing complicated. you can buy right on the spot where you take the distance from the headlight to the speedometer. this is how it looks. what else does super soco offer. along with his motorcycle when buying, if the seller will

Be generous! supplied. interesting material such as a raincoat you know is waterproof in general. wait a couple of times and everything was in order. under a motorcycle lock, chain or something like that. the cover is very comfortable! move on. further from which the manufacturer offers. option you now see on the screen then you cannot sit the second passenger. it

Will be a pure motorcycle for insert the key into the lock and turn it to the left side. to the left remove it and just put another. all this is quite easy and simple. it’s possible fasteners for phone or tablet. i have such an aluminum fastener closes, allows you to fasten your phone or some not really replace. the first method is not a complicated manipulation with a

Screwdriver. unscrew the remote control, pull out the trigger mirrors are also very simple to change. there is a nut that loosens mirrors and put any others. you can install in regular places. or you can install mirrors in the ends of the handles and you can also colorize your motorcycle different stickers. usually others are the same. i can also distinguish him because

I changed the handles. make with these motorcycles. but it turns out by the way and they can shoot the rear wing. the motorcycle from this is really cool this is from the category of such an easy tuning. this is the rear wing. front fender removed even easier. three bolts each sides under the hexagon and everything turns out practically put another rear wing. that is,

They take off this wing and more aggressive. someone wants to make a motorcycle even more interesting and brings the taillight to this part. they fasten it under tinker a bit. it is not very difficult but not very but this is the plot for next video. what else can be done? on the back you will also have castle. can put here panels. in certain cases when design requires,

You can get very cool appearance! what else can be done. for egoists – unscrew the steps! if you are not going to carry anyone, unscrew the steps you can put whatever you want. they are for sale, their stylish and beautiful. many more unscrew this part. we have this mount. it can be seen here. this is the connection. this is not a solid pipe; it is unscrewed. we remove

These traffic jams. unscrew it from this side and from the other side. and remove this going out like this in length from the seat. he stands 10 trunk can attach a carry case for a helmet. or install another plastic trunk. like a standard motorcycle. there is one more glove compartment, but not everything turns out there keep. for example, a motorcycle cover can hardly

Get in there when you fold it. i found bags on the internet. there are leather bags similar to backpacks columbia. from above they have a part which is delayed and clasp, allowing you to increase the volume if necessary. there was a laptop. for those to whom don’t like the standard steering wheel you remove the old steering wheel and hang a new one. but this procedure

Is a little more complicated than just attaching the grille to the headlights. at the british cafe racer racing. with a small windshield. it looks interesting. some besides pens steering themselves change the brake levers themselves. you can remove this lever and put any other that will handles there are loads at the ends of the steering wheel, which match the color of

These levers. by the way, at the end of the steering wheel you are now see it on the screen. this is for brake this is protection, but it’s some kind of limiter which is standard. like this looks like. or you can use the standard small foot, and these its expanders are placed on it increasing the area of ​​the pylon. you can install on a motorcycle arc interesting. i

Don’t know how strong, but in my opinion have a good trip and good mood!

Transcribed from video
Super Soco: Тюнинг ч. 1 / Tuning pt. 1 By Saint Lui