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Superbike for Preschoolers! | Say hi to the SX1628

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This is the sx 1628 it’s an all-electric super bike with unmatched design the beautiful full fairing delivers aerodynamic perfection and with the first of its kind in will led lighting this is the coolest bike on the streets and the best part about it is hey guys welcome back to unbox warehouse i’m mike and today we’re looking at the sx 1628 this thing is a

Kid’s super bike it stands about 25.2 inches tall it’s tiny but it’s perfect size for your three to four year old now the manufacturer says you need to be at least three years old and weigh less than 66 pounds so let me give you a little back story around electric vehicles at my house i bought a few of them i keep throwing him a bear and hoping that he’s gonna

Like one of them especially when toys r us was going out of business and they were all 50% off but you know what he never really liked him i got a pile of these things laying around here i don’t even know where the charges are for half of them i just think he doesn’t think they’re cool but that’s when i saw this electric super bike on amazon and i thought that

Thing is freaking sweet it had 4.6 stars great reviews and the price was right it’s always been my goal that my son grows up to be cooler than me and i think this bike is the first step now this big old box shipped with amazon prime so i got it in like two days free shipping we decided to unbox this bad boy in the driveway it did have some minor assembly but it

Only took like five minutes put together what is that baron that’s a wheel why is it not on there okay and then this is the taillight which you have to install you have to screw in the training wheels so we got to go get a screwdriver and we got to peel off the plastic those just snapped in is this thing cool baron it’s like a full fairing motorcycle for kids

Okay let’s get it together are you you’re a kid you’re gonna write it okay now when they ship these things they have to have the battery disconnected this connection is located under the gas tank so if you remove this screw here the gas tank lifts right up you can put your feet on the panel push that pedal with your foot and then this is how you steer it has

A headlight and wheel light switch on the left side and a direction and speed switch on the right this big button on the left controls the music and this one on the right is the horn now in the manual it says that the button on the left is the horn and the right button is the music but in my case the buttons were backwards if you happen to get one of these let

Me know in the comments below if the horns on the right or the left i’m curious down you want to run up and get mama so in slow mode it goes like a slow walking speed and then that goes like the fast walking speed put your dory helmet on good okay show mama how you can ride it oh after you got going down the street i realized i forgot to teach him how to

Stop the sx 1628 also has a fully functional audio center that can play your favorite mp3s directly from a memory card usb or even the supplied aux cable i have to say for the price this thing has a ton of bells and whistles it’s got more gadgets than a honda goldwing now the rear wheel is attached to a swing arm that has real suspension that’ll help you soak up

Those potholes while you’re ripping around the neighborhood at five miles an hour now because this happens to be baron’s first super bike i made sure i started him off on the slow setting and it had a really nice acceleration it wasn’t jerky like some of those other cheap electric vehicles i had those always scared him this thing was nice and smooth no problems he

Absolutely loved this bike not to mention every mom that came jogging by in the neighborhood was like where did you get that thing that’s amazing the wow factor on this bike is at 10 this bike has a very powerful motor even though it has a 66 pound weight limit it was still able to carry my wife and she way how do you me say it what okay okay i’m sorry now because

This bike has a max weight limit of 66 pounds my wife was able to easily drive it around the neighborhood effortlessly but look when it got dark that’s when the sx 1628 really shined the lights on this thing are absolutely amazing i can’t believe this thing cost less than 200 bucks it looks like it should cost like $500 seriously we spent the next hour dancing

Around and playing music on this beast so if you want your three or four year old to show up to pre-k like an absolute boss this year i’m gonna put a link below so you can get your own bike if you don’t like the white one they have some different colors you can choose from check them all out oh if you guys want to see something else crazy check out this giant moon

Ball right here in this video right here is something that youtube thinks that you would like don’t forget to subscribe hit that little bell icon down there so you can see what we open next right here on unbox warehouse time to go dance again

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