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Sur Ron Street Riding in Toronto and Neon Bike Rave

Pump up the volume and join Barry, Paul and Kevin on a Sur Ron Journey through the City of Toronto. They discuss the bikes and modifications on their bikes. Immerse youreself with them as they take a notaligic joy ride through the City streets of Toronto and eventually join the Toronto Neon Riders for an awesome Neon Group Bike Ride – Rave Style!

Hey guys what’s going on barry here with uh epic and we got a special program for you today i got uh kevin here also known as at sir on six check out his youtube channel does many awesome surround videos in toronto and we’re also joined with uh paul and together kevin and paul they actually uh opened a facebook group called the sur on riders for for toronto is that

Correct yes toronto toronto surround riders yeah so uh yeah if you’re uh throwing writer particularly in toronto you’ll definitely want to join into that group get all the insights and what what more do you do there in uh oh we just generally talk about uh the surons different modifications yeah it’s basically a group chat group chat about like surround owners

Yeah it’s a facebook group uh toronto surround riders okay that’s cool good to know so yeah if you’re learning about the bike or already have a surround it’s something you definitely want to check out for sure and check out some of the awesome videos i’ve i’ve had the chance to take a look at uh at sir on six kevin uh video i’m you know very enjoyable to watch

You learn a lot um how kevin how long have you been riding a surround porno um i got this in october yeah of last year so okay it’s october of 21. yep okay and uh how do you uh what what do you use it primarily for i basically uh use it for the road a little bit of uh enduro like uh the forest a little bit a little off-roading yeah mainly just uh the road though

I just got the tires so yes i see you got the supermoto tires was it uh i still have my off-road tires on uh a little bit jealous on the road when i see you guys both with the tires all of paul’s tires too with the white wheel walls so obviously with these bikes you can do a lot of modifications how does it differ actually like i i kind of have a feel but like

What was there a big difference moving from the off-road tires to the street tires it is a lot smoother smoother right yeah you know is it a little faster it is a little uh faster actually with the 42 inch sprocket okay look up what other uh what other mods have you done on your bike i got a pro taper three inch risers and uh looks like i got a little um signal

System that’s good you know what that’s great if you’re in the city it’s going to say that’s uh excellent probably you know a must i see also added a mirror on your yes yeah the stocks don’t come with mirrors but uh it’s always good these are the blinkers yeah very cool i like that i like that a lot um very good you got the upgraded foot pegs too because they’re

Not stuck i actually today i did like uh my bike was completely stock but you know figuring that we’re going to come out for the ride today i wanted to change it up a little bit so i actually upgraded to the dirty bike uh front and rear fender so a lot bigger kind of a lot more aggressive looking cool uh also i did uh change my throttle i have a magura electronic

Throttle i find a little bit smoother than the than the stock ones so another great uh upgrade there and as well i added uh the candy waba pedal kit just you know to make it a little bit more street legal to conform with the rules and regulations i actually got this because actually because of paul paul actually recommended them to me he has them on his bike as

Well love what he did there with the matching uh red pedals with the bike your bike looks great with the you know everything him right right off the brown seat so that’s cool i also got the the deity high side 80 uh riser bars which we we stock at epic cycles you see you’ve got the same same bars the same bar right yeah yeah it’s a very it’s a great bar actually

Notable difference from the stock as well because like we’re talking before you know especially on longer rides where you know kind of hunched over you’re more on an upright position so it alleviates a lot of the a lot of the pain um yeah so we’re we’re out here just uh three guys having fun we we uh our group we’re we are the sauron street fighters and here’s my

Phone going off but uh yeah we’re touring the city it’s been beautiful and uh we’re we’re actually gonna be joining uh the neon what is the neon uh neon neon riders in toronto which happens i think every thursday every thursday at seven o’clock meetup is at nathan phillips square yeah and it’s uh it’s actually pretty fun we tour the city and it’s uh quite enjoyable

Yeah about maybe about 100 people 50 to 100 people 50 to 100 people and i guess like people are i saw some videos i never done it yet but it looks like a lot of fun looks like people are wearing like uh glow in the dark neon stuff glowing bubbles and you know it’s usually a rave rave ride rave ride style so is there there’s gonna be some music exactly all right so

If you state if you stay tuned to our video we’re gonna continue this journey and we’re gonna we’re gonna get there so you’ll see you’ll see that uh and hopefully party a little bit with the bikes this should be very exciting so you’re going to want to stay tuned for that we’ll get back to you soon with some updates but you know we’re going to continue our ride

Enjoy and just have some fun see you guys thank you all right guys we’re back here uh at nathan phillips square uh which took a pit stop grabbed some toronto street meat hopefully uh everything’s good afterwards and some smoothies and we’re gonna just yeah we’re enjoying our ride over here everything is going great it’s uh really amazing to be able

To ride these awesome bikes here on the streets of toronto and feel confident and safe about as long you know being obviously very respectful keeping uh within the limits of uh you know around 30 kilometers an hour on the streets everything’s fine it doesn’t seem to bother anybody um yeah it’s uh it’s really good and we’re gonna continue our our trip here you

Know the boys are just chilling out relaxing and uh looking forward to it soon we’re about to join the neon neon toronto neon riders again if you want more information on the bikes you can visit our website we are actually the first canadian distributor of saran we brought them in about three years ago we have we stock all the parts for these bikes

Uh service them whatever you need if you need a couple smaller mods like the ones we showed earlier we have that available as well um also of course you can check out the toronto sauron writers page or at surround six on youtube to learn more let’s we’re going to continue our ride very shortly and stay tuned we’ll show you some more footage of us going through

The city and eventually yes joining the toronto neon riders rave foreign made it here to the neon riders ride it’s actually uh cheesecake factory in uh yorkdale mall so quite a quite a distance from where we were we were literally all around toronto today now here to joined the party we’re actually celebrating a birthday party today and there’s paul nice to see

You again it’s gonna be uh some good times so cool cool cool uh pulley riders here so we’re gonna have some fun thank you all right guys hope you uh enjoyed our journey today we had a lot of fun riding through the city and then joining the neon riders was really great group of people enjoyed myself a lot and yeah we had a great time on the surons obviously

And just stopping now here for some pizza for a quick night cap and uh yeah for more awesome content like this don’t forget to give us a like and subscribe below we’re gonna go on many more journeys such as this if you like surround bikes and want us to check out more stuff you can check our website we have them available we have parts we have some

Accessories if you want to see some awesome photos you can follow us on instagram at epic cycles we have a huge range there and uh until next time wishing you all an epic day or night peace out

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