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Taking My Panigale V4R To an Abandoned Airstrip

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Um thank you man welcome back to the channel you guys i’m not sure if this is gonna be a video or not it’s probably gonna be too short to make into a video but i don’t know i might use it so i figured why not film back in the day when i first started filming i used to like never take my camera with me or like i would take it but i’m like nah this is not interesting

Enough so i wouldn’t like film or do anything and then stuff ends up happening and i’m like dang it i should have filmed so now i just filmed like as much as i can and if it’s too boring or whatever then i just scrap the video but pretty much what we’re doing today is that we’re actually going to do a photo shoot with the v4r i actually was planning to take the

H2 but i realized i was making a real on instagram today and i realized that i have zero professional pictures of the v4r now i’ve kept kind of like pushing it back like not wanting to do or take professional pictures uh mainly because i’m getting like a bunch of other parts and i kind of want the bike to be complete before i do uh the shoots and stuff like

That but i still have like zero pictures i was like you know what i’ll get like a before and after like see the bike right now i still look good and then when i get the remaining of the parts maybe i’ll do another photo shoot in the future or something like that so yeah so let’s take the v4r i did not want to take the april here because i already had like i

Have a couple pictures and i don’t know i feel like i’ve been uh riding that prelly a lot so wanted to switch it up and also uh the s1000 looks too like basic in stock right now i only have like what three three parts on it and the h2 i actually have like the most pictures of and i thought about taking the r1m but then i was like i don’t know just because i

Don’t have any professional pictures with this bike that’s why i decided to take the v4 this bike is not having fun it’s like what are you doing to me i’m getting hot where are we you i just want to go around the cones and mess around now i don’t think i’ve ever been here yeah this is really cool i just want to race down here thank you it’s funny because i

Shot the v4s yesterday they had all the carbon bits on it yeah yeah i’m waiting on i have the whole the entire side fairing is coming in carbon yeah and that’s uh coming next week hopefully uh to the newer model so whenever they come out with that then that’s the plan yeah but uh the side carbon piece i got it custom painted too so it’s gonna be uh it’s gonna

Be carbon and red is it like the winglet or is it the entire panel no the entire panel yeah so literally all the way from here to here so it’s going to be painted uh no so right here where it’s black that’s going to be carbon up here is going to be carbon there’s going to be a line from here connecting to the bottom in carbon so yeah that’s why i never like

I realized today i was making a real and i was like hold on i don’t have any like professional pictures of this bike yeah i feel like there’s a lot of guys that have nice bikes who don’t really push your cards i feel like the bike thing’s kind of yeah yeah kinda i have like pictures of all my other bikes besides the bmw that one is kinda in but cool bikes

Yeah literally i’m still like shocked about the spot yeah i mean huh how do you like the helmet it’s not bad it’s uh in comparison to what do you have so agv is always like it’s obviously a better helmet i want to say that too uh but comfort wise this one’s by far better yeah i have literally right here i don’t know if you can see it but i have like uh

Yeah so yeah when i’m going fast and all that it’s yeah literally as soon as you hit past certain level so that’s it i don’t want to get kicked out this spot is so cool so i’m just going around exploring because i’ve never been around here it’s such a cool spot it’s so nice today it’s like all chilly and all but like just barely uh i hope you guys

Enjoyed this little video it was just fun messing around no nothing eventful i still don’t know if i’m gonna use this if it’s long enough to be a video or not but yeah thank you so much for the support i hope you guys enjoyed this video and i’ll catch you guys very soon please drop a like and subscribe and share hopefully i’ll add the pictures that he took in

This video too peace out and ride safe you

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Taking My Panigale V4R To an Abandoned Airstrip By imKay