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Taking The Loudest Superbike To A Car Meet

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Hello officer i didn’t do nothing yo come on literally got kicked out foreign oh welcome back to the channel you guys back on the rsv4 again now that this bike is like pretty much complete you know air filter tune exhaust makes me want to ride it way more that’s 1000 istune does have an air filter but it doesn’t sound like this it just doesn’t i don’t think it

Ever will you know i mean i’m it’s gonna sound good you know trust me trust me with that one that that bike will sound good but i don’t know if it’ll sound as good as this actually i do know it definitely won’t sound as good not today bmw not today oh boy oh yeah i forgot i’ve been forgetting to introduce you guys to the plans while we’re doing it all uh we are

Going to meet if you got i mean you guys probably saw the title and you guys already know but yeah that’s what we’re doing meat time wow oh my god so why is there like water on every street man it’s already uh night the streets are cold i don’t want wet cold tires oh maybe i shouldn’t have revved since the pope was already there that means the location

Is cancelled hello officer i didn’t do nothing wow so much fun we’re a little too late cops already canceled the spot i’m assuming what’s the next spot yo come on great literally got kicked out so so we have reached the new destination oh it’s a little different a little different so guys i know we got there right when everyone was leaving and the police

Was flashing as they were like you guys need to leave i was like okay where’s your slow bike at yeah i was until i rode this then i was like not anymore no let me move it out of the way i’ma put it right there did i start riding like 10 minutes i’m like yeah something faster yeah you good go around check out whatever cars are here a lot of people are still

Rolling in but it is the second spot so probably a lot of people left already love that porsche moist noise wow a lot of porsches not too many cars some of them at least yeah i wonder if there’s more exotic oh that’s the extent i pass on the way here she looks good not as good as other bikes but she looks good she’s low-key you know she’s low-key looking good

Oh i gotta sail one over here that’s interesting a wagon on the tracks i know whoever was playing the ice cream music yeah unfortunately this is like the after party and i know that there’s a lot of cops in this area so the whole point of me taking a really a brilliant that really is to rev it and you know for people to hear but there’s not that many people so

Next time but i still hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to like you know subscribe no insurance dang it i got on a video also report you guys all right i hope you guys enjoyed this drop a like and subscribe and i’ll catch you guys next one or if we do something after this ride but yeah peace out right safe you

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Taking The Loudest Superbike To A Car Meet By imKay