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Tattoos, Motorcycles, Do They Go Together? | Final Drive

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Oh good morning youtube how you doing on this monday april what is today april 12th it’s a nice sunny day here in arizona and i’m gonna ride to work today you know i usually try to break it up a little bit uh i don’t ride every day but uh today on the ride almost didn’t uh what’s one of those monday mornings anyway youtube today’s subject is gonna be tattoos

You know i saw um a vlogger is a video that came out today and um the person had a very uh what’s the word i’m looking for prominent tattoos on their body like a sleeve kind of thing and i thought geez you know it seems to me that you know in um the motorcycle culture tattoos are kind of prevalent you know what i mean and uh i guess you know maybe it’s always

Been like that i don’t know but i can tell you that over the course of my life tattoos have gone through transitions from you know being kind of uh somewhat common you know a lot of guys uh that were in the you know world war ii korea vietnam you know tattoos uh um were quite common and then sometime at the vietnam war it’s like you know it seemed like tattoos

Kind of fell by the wayside a little bit you know people um had certain preconceived notions about people who had tattoos and whatnot and today it seems like it’s more acceptable whoops it seems like it’s more acceptable hit the horn there instead of the turn signal um on bmws uh the turn signals are on each side and um the left turn signal on this bike

Is right next to the horn switch so you’re not careful um you’ll hit the horn instead of the turn signal you know in japanese motorcycles the turn signals are usually on one side and they do both left and right signals on a bmw that is not the case i think harley-davidson is the same way anyway i have to get gas here and after i get yes uh we’ll continue on

Our discussion about uh tattoos anyway people what were we talking about tattoos that’s right so yeah one time tattoos fell out of favor a little bit and since then i think they’ve made a comeback probably big time even with people that aren’t motorcyclists and uh so here we are so yeah so i had seen a youtuber out there with a big sleeve and whatnot and i

Thought jesus is tattoos common amongst my viewers and whatnot um just wonder that uh uh some of you out there could uh tell me do you have tattoos anyway so i have five tattoos not that you know it um they’re all above the elbow the last tattoo i got was probably 32 years ago something like that and i never got it uh completely finished it’s a viking with a

Battle axe on his horse in the clouds it’s on the back of my right arm so there’s always that i never got to finish there’s various reasons why i don’t get into here but i didn’t get it finished that’s the last tattoo i have um i have one on my uh right shoulder i have another one on my right arm actually two and one’s a cover-up and then on my left arm i have

Another one but again you wouldn’t necessarily know if i’m wearing a short sleeve shirt that’s kind of on the longer side or a long sleeve shirt you definitely wouldn’t know so i’ll tell you a story about that um years ago uh i guess in the late 80s i had a job teaching environmental education and we used to have a lot of overnight groups so one night you know

Uh after all the kids were to bed well the staff used to get together and have some adult cocktails and and one night i came down with a cut off sweatshirt on and someone i worked with who i got along many hours later hello people youtube land i’m gonna try to pick up where i left off this morning um so yeah so i was working at this place that had overnight

Uh groups with kids and uh this one woman uh i worked with saw me with a cut-off sweatshirt and saw all well most of my tats you know and uh she was like uh really um taken aback and it kind of showered our relationship you know after that nothing that i did per se but uh you know some people just have preconceived notions about tattoos and whatnot and uh you

Know what can you do heck with them they’ll have to get over it sometime so there’s that you know and uh i don’t know if i mentioned it before but uh when i first got my tattoo um you know it was the only time my dad called me an you know when they found out about it so there’s always that uh and then when i first met my wife probably on the second or third

Date were riding in i think her car at the time and uh you know you go through the questions you try to find out what each other’s values are and different things and she says to me um i don’t like tattoos and my retort was well i have five and uh there’s that so uh we’ve married it’ll be 27 years this uh coming november so i guess it didn’t matter that much

Yeah so there’s always that um you know you never can tell um personally i don’t care one way or the other uh i have them so it’s like what am i gonna say my only advice is don’t get someone’s name maybe not even mom and dad you know or your kid you never know what’s gonna happen you might end up hating them uh so uh that’ll be my only advice to anyone getting

A tattoo outside of that have at it you know it’s your body you do what the heck you want so guys anyway it’s monday you know april 12th and the day here you know my camera stopped working uh because random space on the card you know supposed to check those things so anyway here i go i’m going home and uh you guys out there uvu everybody else is taken trust

Me and i’ll see you on the road uh be careful out there you know in most parts of the country as spring is here bikes are out cars don’t uh realize it yet maybe and uh they don’t notice you so uh just be careful ryden and uh we’ll see you and thanks a lot and also please like share and subscribe um i’m at 43 now not that it matters but you know hey every

Little bit helps right and uh i’ll see you on the road man

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Tattoos, Motorcycles, Do They Go Together? | Final Drive By My Motorrad