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Teaching son to ride motorbike – Kickstart Challenge – Cardo Coms

I introduce how my son and I have been communicating while learning how to trail ride. I show the coms set that we were using (ebay hand-me-down) and the new set we tried for the first time in this video.

Welcome back to another video in this video i hope to explain how my son and i communicate on the trails it’s no secret and it’s not new tech but i had some questions about it so i thought i’d share how we do it so we’ve been using a cheap hand-me-down comms set from ebay to help get us started straight away my son cal said it made his writing experience a lot

More enjoyable he’s just starting his riding journey so it’s pretty important that he feels comfortable on the bike and having a voice guide him through what he thinks are tricky little obstacles just helps reassure him that he can do it it’s also a really handy teaching tool i set up little challenges just basic stuff and i’m able to give him instant feedback

Remind him praise him and another bonus is the safety aspect of it all so if i’m ahead and he’s had a little stack he can let me know straight away or i can let him know of obstacles to look out for before they sneak up on him so these ebay coms they worked great for cal he could hear me no worries but he did say he could he could hear my exhaust a little bit

Um but i had trouble hearing him once we were moving because of my exhaust otherwise no issues at all so these are easy to pair good coverage you know i’d duck off over 100 meters ahead through the bush and he could hear me no worries at all i ordered some new comms because i wanted to hear cow better and i assumed i couldn’t hear him because of these cheap ebay

Speakers so i got these cardo packtalk bold duo packs hell expensive top of the line excited as when they arrived we set them up charged them tried pairing them oh not as easy for us as i think they’re supposed to be um took a while enough doing it through the phone wanted to learn the bluetooth way first before looking into the dmc option anyhow we got them

Going as you can see here all right so we finally got connection and it took about half an hour or so it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t straightforward i’ll say that i can’t remember how we did it to be honest but at least we um did do it and that that’s over with now do a little bunny hop yeah so we got ready to go for a ride and we had to use the phone to connect

Them on the trails again i need to do a lot more research on these ones we’re riding along and the same sound issues happening i can’t hear cow with my bike running it really does stick to your tires i can’t hear you mate well turns out i had the speakers in the wrong spot oh silly me so the cheap ebay ones probably would work fine if i had set them up correctly

Once i put these in the right spot on the side of the trail i had to turn them down because cow was too loud talk now man oh my god that is so much louder i i didn’t have them where my ears are holy dooley you’re loud the range on these new ones at the moment is is pretty poor compared to the ebay ones um i was getting really sketchy static like 40 meters apart

Which it just didn’t happen with these with the ebay ones so i eventually pulled over and we clicked up the antennas which seemed to help but still only for fairly small distances the antennas are also a bit of a worry while they’re up because we are combating the trees which we do encounter as you can see in this trip oh god i’m all caught up i’m gonna have to

Lift that over just be careful of the helmet mate you got all the gopros and the new comms kit on it so i’m really hoping we can overcome the coverage concern because these are supposed to be awesome comms and i’m sure i will learn how to use them more effectively i do like how i can just hook up another set of speakers either some generic ones or proper jbl ones

And use them in the road helmet as well as i’ve got that extra bracket and the mic they’re fairly popular comms so if i do a group ride there’s a good chance of connecting to other people in the group they connect easy to the phone through an app so i’m sure things like google maps getting phone calls etc are going to be really useful as well but for what cal

And i have been doing these ebay these ebay ones or equivalent ones that are on there now these are pretty old i guess um probably would have been fine had i just put them exactly where you were so in the motocross helmet there’s no there’s no cut out for speakers and i just put them where i thought my ears would have been felt fine but i never actually properly

Checked all right mate so today’s challenge it’s a kickstand challenge okay the other challenge is to get our um comms working so for the kickstand challenge mate you’re not allowed to use your electric start you can only use the kickstart okay so to do that you need to be standing over the bike you need to turn your kill switch down put your weight on the left

Hook mate so you’ve got balance of the bike then you just put halfway up your your foot put the kick start the peg and just give it a nice kick down so your chokes out doesn’t need that anymore you may not get it first go mate nice throttle so no throttle while you’re actually kicking it when you can hear it so turn the kill switch down yep yeah all right

Pull the gear kick start out that’s it put your weight on the left foot yep and then give it a kick down good kick one quick smoother remember no throttle till see how you put your throttle down yeah and the last thing you need to remember is put the kickstand away that’s it then you’re ready to go all right mate let’s go second third year is the guy she’s

Definitely going to be wet today mate so didn’t you say it was a bit muddy up ahead or something you need to speak up i can’t hear these are no no louder didn’t you say it was a bit money up ahead oh oh yeah fine enough i want to ride through that no no mate i know what you mean it’s only going to be worse up ahead too you’ll be right on the edge there go up

There that’s it all right yeah this is a lot different today gonna be a lot more water i think the tracks go this way i’m not sure how deep this is scalda’s watch a little bit deep and you’ll be right just don’t fall to your left to your right try and keep your weight on that’s it just don’t freak out yeah keep your weight to that side that’s it yeah yeah yeah

Well done well done nice work uh you go ahead for a little bit did you just go up in the third gear what gear are you in three all right just look ahead look ahead think about where you want to go press the kill switch no that means you’re gonna have to kick-start it yeah i know boy kill switch there we go now you’re roaring yeah follow me mate i won’t lead

You in the wrong direction i’m gonna go slow for this one yeah you’re all right mate i’m gonna have to go through some puddles alright no no i’m all right now i can cross over to where you are all right think about what you’re going to do here cow there is a track to our left there which i think is there for this wet season so i might i’ll clear all the spider

Webs for you thanks okay got a little log log here just hit it straight don’t don’t hit it side on remember always hit the locks nice and straight and then what that’s it and then mate cross cross over here and follow that line just cross over to there not all the way along see yeah and turn there yep follow that bank along i’ve got to be careful that stick

Hanging out sort of at your head hide oh sketchy sketchy there was no real reason except the kickstarting challenge now this little river it’ll be all right just don’t go flying into it just keep going on slow and keep going don’t no need to put your feet down just it’d be fine yeah that’s it yeah nice mate oh it was a bit deeper than i thought i reckon there’s

A few four-wheel drives that come through away looking good mate elbows are up nice feet are on the pegs you little spider web and i think there’s a spider on my helmet i’ll just stop there and i can check if you want but i reckon you’ll be right actually it’s huge i’m just joking all right i’ve got another one of these little creeks here mate you look good going

Through it i’ll go through it to make sure you lead the way soldier i’d go straight down the middle where the cars go man yeah well done should i go this way oh this one is pretty pretty boggy should i try my way um just wait till i’ve got there to help you a bit mate i’m not through yet holy dooley yeah you’re going well man yep beautiful cow you did did

A lot easier than i did it mate well done yeah nice work mate to mush oh my bike’s just going to fall over all right we’ll just leave that up against there hopefully she don’t fall just have a quick look it’s certainly a bit more torn up than it is we’re used to it’s not deep out there that little look there might be a bit tricky what’s it like in the middle

There you’ll be fine because you’re on such a nice light bike through there you’ll be right oh no no don’t come yet i haven’t done the whole truck yet there’s like a little creek through here it’s a there’s a big hole there hmm good news is if we get through it’s not so bad that’s it now we can hear it raw you put the kickstand in what gear do you think first

Just just putting through mate it’s slippery oh i missed that and then probably let me get up ahead keep coming and now you can probably start to turn this way a bit just not slippery all right i’d be sort of going into the into that little rut now not too fast not too slow okay just nice and cruisy keep it steady keep it steady keep it steady don’t stop don’t

Stop and just keep following that all the way out oh well done man you’re through sign a relief for you oh yeah there it is yeah wow so you can have fun now cal that was pretty much all the hard stuff done mate you look pretty keen on something how’d you go with your challenge i’m pretty good i reckon when i stacked it like when i stacked it from that stick

Um you were able to put it up now get got the kickstand and you know spun around and got it going yep gotta go and do the big really muddy stuff and did you want to just did were you like i wish i could just use the electric start here or did you just go now i can do this yeah i don’t like that yeah show us what do you think’s in the esky my easter treats so it’s

Your own trait wait where’s yours i packed one for you i thought it was laurence i didn’t i didn’t beat the challenge mate i didn’t use the kickstart at all what do you got oh kitkat you little ripper and it’s your own though yeah so so if you didn’t do the challenge i would have got your kit kat no yeah it would have if you’d bailed out i would have got that

But good work is i did i didn’t bail him i got it you got it hey what do i get i’m sure i packed something for me just in case i survived oh here we go oh i don’t think so it’s a muffin yeah little ripper so kit cut for you muffin for me happy days yep cheers boy boom i don’t know we’re back yep our bikes are pretty box pretty dirty mate real dirty yeah looks

Like we’ve got a bit of cleaning ahead of us here yep thanks for coming for the ride if you want to catch the next one hit the subscribe and enjoy our next little adventures was it worth it definitely

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Teaching son to ride motorbike – Kickstart Challenge – Cardo Coms By Adv HQ