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Tent Review: Coleman Ridgeline 3 Person Hiking & Motorcycle Adventure Tent

We take a look at the pros & cons of the affordable mid-range hiking tent from Coleman, the Ridgeline 3. Great value, compact & lightweight, and best of all – easy to set up.

Hey guys it’s a beautiful day for a tent review today we’re going to have a look at the coleman ridgeline three person tent what do you think of the new hat cam set up it’s the first test for it today so we’ll see how it goes got the microphone attached to that so should be able to hear me clearly enough anyway i’m going to set this up sort of in real time so

You can get a proper idea of how long it takes we have used this tent on a number of camping trips now so we have set it up pulled it down a number of times so gotten pretty good at it we’ve got a fair bit of experience with this tent now so it can give you a pretty good idea of what we think of it also just a quick disclaimer guys we have no affiliation with

Coleman we paid for this tent months and months ago with our own money probably about a year ago now we’re not trying to sell you this tent or anything we’re just going to tell you what we think of it this is actually the first time the tent’s been back in its original carry bag since it was new because we don’t actually bother rolling it up each time we use it

We basically just stuff everything into our uh dry duffle bags here just makes it a lot easier when you’re moving from campsite to campsite every day you don’t want to be rolling it up and trying to squeeze it back into that bag so let’s just quickly talk about the price of the tent um obviously you can go to kmart or big w and grab yourself a 20 buck game tent

They do the job at the other end of the scale you know you can pay 1300 for an msr tent i reckon this tents actually pretty good bang for buck recommended retail price for this is 250 bucks at the moment you can nab it for about 160 which is i think what we paid for hours on sale as well so if you can get it for 160 bucks it’s a pretty good price i’ll put some

Links in the description guys i think at the moment tent world um has them on ebay for 160 and i think that includes free shipping too so definitely a good buy at that price the claimed weight of this tent on the on the website is 2.4 kilos i put ours as we use it on the scale and it was 2.31 or something like that so pretty close i think all we’ve removed from

It is a couple of the guy ropes that we don’t use so yeah around about 2.3 2.4 kilos is pretty accurate the pack size is 46 centimeters by 17 by 17. that’s if you get it perfectly round of course but yeah quite quite lightweight and compact for a three person tent and the floor area is 240 by 175 centimeters so there’s probably no way in hell that i’d recommend

You try and squeeze three adults into this tent they call it a three person tent but you probably know that most three three person tents are more suitable for two people plus a bit of gear so more than enough for that night to to sleep in this tent and have our gear inside so definitely a spacious two person tent i would call it not a three person also on the

Website it says you’ve got about a meter of head height inside the tent so i haven’t measured that myself but it sounds about right so it is basically a two pole tunnel style tent it’s rated for three seasons we have camped in it in zero degree celsius temperatures and you know it’s a tent you’re not going to be toasty warm inside a tent but we weren’t freezing

Either so it you know it’s warm enough we have also slept in it in the pouring down rain and been perfectly dry apparently they also do wind testing to 100 kilometers per hour with their sensor so they can handle a fair bit of wind and rain let’s uh go ahead and get this guy set up so basically when we set the tent up we always put a tarp underneath probably

Not 100 necessary but it does protect the bottom of the tent if you’re on ground that’s not perfectly smooth and it can also help keep you out of the water a little bit if it’s you know if it’s quite wet and plus it’s easier to clean off a wet and dirty tarp than a wet and dirty tent so this is just a cheap lightweight tarp from bunnings i think they’re about

Seven dollars i can’t remember the exact size of it but it does fit pretty well underneath the tent once you fold it in like that there’s our waterproof fly pegs poles and the turn itself so just to make it easy for you there’s a great big coleman logo on the front of the tent where the zip is so you know that’s the front i’m sure you guys know how to set up

These tents by now they’re very easy now you do get plenty of pegs with this tent and they are aluminium pegs so they’re quite lightweight they are the those angle aluminium type pegs uh whether you love them or hate them we don’t mind them they work well so i’m just going to peg down the four corners of the tent obviously for starters i’m not going to bother

Whacking them into the ground too much since uh i’m not actually going to be camping here it’s uh give us an idea we have actually had one of those pegs bend a little bit i don’t know how that happened but um yeah i thought they were quite strong but um it is possible to bend them okay so once the corners are pegged down take out the poles you have to be aware

That these poles are two different lengths so you’ve got a long one which goes to the front side of the tent and the shorter one goes to the back i always seem to manage to put the wrong one in the wrong place but uh it’s one of those things that you get used to so yeah aluminium poles with the elastic inside that keeps them all together they work really well

Thankfully we haven’t broken or bent on one of the poles yet all right so i just lay them together and immediately see the long one and put that through the front of the tent try and poke it right through so i can clip it in here and it basically just clips into the to the base there go around feed it back to you build your dome up clips in there no worries

Same at the back so yeah guys these tents are good they do have their downsides i suppose they’re not nothing’s perfect basically one of the things that we wish this tent was like a standard dome tent is uh how they uh sort of freestanding so if you wanted to move it if you set it up and found that you were underneath a tree that looked like it was going to

Fall down or a branch it was going to come down to me in the in the night all you do is unpeg it and move the whole thing i mean you can still do that with this but once you take these pegs out it just falls down because it’s not a criss-crossing sort of dome style tent and another good thing about the freestanding ones is once you unpeg it you can lift it up and

Shake the dirt out rather than having to sweep sweep them out or whatever because no matter how hard you try you always get inside the tent that’s um that’s the base of the tent set up it’s pretty quick and easy um if you’re living in a warm climate or it’s summertime and there’s not too much dew around just sleep in it like that now the fly on a day like this

When there’s no wind around it’s quite easy doing it by yourself but um if it’s blowing and you haven’t got an extra set of hands it can be a bit of a challenge so i just want to find the end with the zip um now another little uh feature about this tent that i love is these clips so you don’t have to peg this down you do have to peg it down on the corners but

Just here clips into the base of the tent those little um little quick release clips so it’s got four of those so so as you can see here guys it does have a little window here at the front which uh sort of has a stiff thingy there it’s supposed to hold open it’s a bit squished now but that works so grab a couple more pegs on the ground’s quite soft there so

At the rear of the tent you’ve got a little flap here um you can keep that closed if it’s raining or ideally if it’s warm you just put a peg out here obviously keep it open and still be rain proof i won’t bother doing that right now but you get the idea you can also peel half it off we have done that before basically just unpeg the back of the tent lift it up

And you can watch the stars at night or whatever if it’s not too cold and it’s not going to rain so that’s pretty cool over here basically i think we generally put yeah two pegs at the front here and yeah you can put another peg there at night we basically just hook hook this one over the same peg here but uh yeah that’s pretty much it up so about eight pegs all

Up and plus the clips on the side there so you open the fly here it’s not a perfect zip it does get caught can be a real pain in the butt so yeah yeah you can roll that back and it’s got some little clips and stuff there to hook it back double slider zip on the uh mesh here i’ve got to say the quality of the materials that they’ve used in this tent actually

Seem quite premium they do seem quite nice you do have to be careful with this fine mesh if it comes into contact with velcro or anything like that it can sort of fray it we have a little bit of damage on on ours somewhere there because of taking it in and out of the dry bag it has a velcro on the flap there so um yeah you’ve got to be careful with that if you’re

Putting it back in the bag each time you’re not going to have any worries but um yeah something to be wary of now what’s good about this also having this tarp like this um you’ve got a nice sort of dry clean area out here in the vegetable so you can easily fit a couple of dry bags in there a couple of helmets boots whatever stuff that you maybe don’t want in the

Tent because it stinks or you can’t fit it in there because you’ve got other crap in there see i mean obviously this is a hiking style tent it’s not built to be super roomy um it’s lightweight small easy to carry around which is good for being on the bike because you don’t want heaps of weight and space taken up with the tent but having said that you know there’s

Plenty of room in there for two people i did actually bring one of our inflatable mattresses i’ll pump that up and throw it in and just give you an idea of how much space that will take up so we fit two of these in normally and then down the side here there’s enough room for helmets and and all of our electrical gear and phones and all that so plenty of room

So this air bed i think i’ve mentioned it before but uh to see the summit everlight xt if you’re looking for a really comfortable small pack down size air bed bloody awesome they are expensive but they’re worth the money really good really comfortable considering they’re only about 10 centimeters thick when they’re pumped up yeah you’d be surprised how comfy

They are and coming from me someone who hates air beds with a passion trust me they’re worth the money anyway i won’t bore you with blowing it up i’ll come back when that’s done just pinning back this fly screen here i don’t think we’ve ever used those little toggles we generally always keep the tent done up stop bugs getting in there which is a good idea but

Yeah that should give us an idea of the space so i’ve got two of those first one comes to there second one comes to there that’s how much room you’ve got so you know you can easily fit helmets and and down there no problem at all i’ll sit in here you got plenty of headroom when you’re sitting so that’s no worries okay yeah with your head up against the end of

The tent there you’ve still got a little bit of space down here the gear as well if you need it so as i said we’ve we’ve camped in this like we’ve had the tent for about a year we’ve done i don’t know we’ve probably done a dozen nights in the tent at least no worries at all i’m in the rain in the wind it’s been fine so yeah it does have that um that bathtub style

Floor as well which helps keep water out which is awesome we have had um a couple of occasions where water has dripped from the ceiling of the tent onto us actually there’s only one time of drip but we have noticed a fair bit of condensation inside the tent but uh that’s gonna happen when you when it’s cold and you don’t want airflow through the tent because it’s

Cold um yeah your hot breath causes condensation on the inside only one time it’s actually gotten bad enough that a couple of drips dripped on us but yeah it wasn’t hugely bad and it’s it’s just one of those things that you have to deal with yeah i think because it’s a three season tent you don’t get a huge amount of airflow with it all done up the windows would

Be nice if they’re a bit bigger i know that’s um mentioned that before there are pockets inside along the sides of the tent too handy for putting your phone or your torch or whatever if you want to find it easily in the night so you guys after 12 months of ownership and quite a fair bit of use too we got no real complaints about this tent i’d have no hesitation

In recommending it to anybody that’s uh that’s looking for something like this at around about that price range but um yeah definitely try and get it on special they do come up on special now and then don’t pay the 250 try and get it for that 160 if you can you feel like you’re being watched what are you doing so yeah that’s the coleman ridgeline three-person

Tent definitely a good buy i think now i’ll do a bit of a time lapse of packing it away very easy to pack it away super simple especially if you use our method of just jamming everything in a duffel bag and not worrying about trying to get it back into here so yeah thanks for watching guys i hope this has been of use to somebody don’t forget to check out link in

The description if you are interested in checking out one of these tents all right guys i’ll see you on the next one all right i am g2g um just in time too because these freaking cows are freaking me out man what do you want from me see you guys thanks for watching so um i think the only thing we’ve removed it is it is also wind you

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