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Tesla confirms the Cyberquad!? | Volvo C40 Recharge | News 11.10.21


On today’s show volvo adds more electric to everything mdmos reveals its station wagon the five electric and some tesla news that is sure to excite motorcycles has confirmed that they will be making motorcycles in its melbourne factory starting next year this follows confirmation of a deal of 657 000 co-investment funding from the federal government’s advanced

Manufacturing growth center the grant which completes a successful 1.83 million capital raised venture will ensure that the least uh the first 20 bikes will be delivered to customers by the end of 2022 this is great news indeed and something that many motorcycle fans will be wanting to see on our roads in victoria very soon the guys at savik motors have actually

Been documenting the journey of creating australia’s first custom built cafe race and motorbike and this thing will be able to hit 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds with thanks to that 25 kilowatt motor and that design with its chunky non-apologetic batteries sitting in the frame has been described by savik as as a lean machine that costs 80 less to run

Than conventional motorbikes and that their bikes will be capable of doing from 120 to 200 kilometers on one charge lean maybe not with that width but nonetheless it’s exciting to see them they’ve got the green light to go ahead now we’re just going to get out of these uh copper restrictions hmm yeah just a quick update on my high court challenge of victoria’s

World’s worst eb tax like thank you so much more than 500 people have contributed more than 40 thousand dollars to my legal fund uh which myself and cath davies who’s representing the plug-in hybrid owners will be needing to you know help fight this case in the high court to get rid of this world’s worst eb tax i said that twice but i really do mean it it’s the wrong

Thing to be doing at the wrong time it’s like it’s uh it’s just wrong on so many levels so if you can support great thank you so much if you have already again big thank you um and if uh if you need to please go check out the story up here on what exactly it is why it is and why it needs to go and uh please do share this with your friends because uh this is only

Something that’s not only going to be affecting victorians but all australians and possibly everyone around the world this is something that um other countries are looking at going gee i wonder we can tax people too for cleaning the air that we all breathe yeah not good policy at all volvo car started production of the fully electric c40 recharge late last week at

Its manufacturing plant in ghent belgium the c40 recharge is volvo cars second fully electric car and is it’s the latest and is the latest in a series of new pure electric cars to be launched in the coming years by 2030 volvo cars aims to sell only 40 electric ones and aims to be climate neutral by 2040. the ghent plant one of the company’s largest is what they’re

Calling a trailblaze a trailblazer site and that they’re going to be moving out uh and getting all that stuff in the factory fully electrified for that electric fleet that they’re going with my gosh so many electric terms today but you get the idea taiwanese electronics manufacturer foxconn has entered into an agreement with american eb maker lordstown motors to

Acquire the majority of the company’s 6.2 million square foot production assembly plant in lordstown ohio now in the name foxconn rings a bell because well they’re the very same company who makes iphones for apple and so it makes sense that something electric like an electric vehicle actually is something that go into yeah it’s electronic so why not the deal is

Worth around 230 million dollars or 310 million australian and we’ll see manufacturer the lordstown motor endurance electric ute at the plant i think this is a great move because you may be aware that lordstown motors recently lost both his ceo steve burns and cfo giulio rodriguez following uh revelations that they were actually potentially not able to afford to

Do what they said they were going to do yikes but i guess with a massive company like foxconn coming to the party this is yet another electric vehicle maker and perhaps this net funding is now secure hopefully we’ll see more from them instead of just like demonstration and proof of concept vehicles and yeah bring it on okay apologies but it’s gonna be another two

Stories about volvo because well they seem to be getting busy with electrifying everything first up they’ve received an order of 100 volvo fm electric trucks for northern europe’s largest shipping and logistics company dfds its biggest ever electric order and the important headline here is is that these electric trucks have actually been in production and are on

Roads in europe since early this year and that makes me want to say tesla come on pull your finger out get the tesla semi truck out and about because car makers legacy car makers are beating you to the punch with things like this and that groundswell that motivation for car off enough for delivery companies to get into electric it’s happening now and i think the

Sooner they put their foot in the market the better super important that really is anyhow the volvo fm electric truck can carry a weight of 44 tonnes that’s like gross combination weight and has a range of up to 300 kilometers with a top-up charging session during lunch saying that distance could easily be extended now sticking with volvo and i do promise this is

The last one for today’s episode they’ve announced that three new models in their industrial section you’ve got the l20 an electric compact wheel loader at the ec-18 and ecr18 electric compact excavators i think we’d all like to see worksites go electric like could you imagine no noisy diesel engine running toxic fumes and basically machines that do everything

Better just it is it is better isn’t it it’s cleaner it’s greener it’s more silent it’s more comfortable oh just so many there’s some terms just by electrifying it good job volvo and okay that’s them done on friday last week i brought you news how mg has updated the mg’s suv unveiled a great looking car called the marvel r and also an additional one that i barely

Touched on because well that show is getting a little bit too long for my liking and before i do get into the last bit around that new car the five we’ll call it because it is called the five uh quick correction aiden holly a subscriber of this channel noted that the mg zsev does have an elect an 11 kilowatt on-board charger for the long-range variety so thank you

For that correction noted and with thanks to one of my patreon scott mcgregor hey scott zsev can actually do vehicle to load so you like you can connect external devices electric bbq cooling box maybe charge up your electric bike you name it power your laptop for extended sessions yeah absolutely this is brilliant news and it just makes you wonder it’s making me

Wonder how ionic sorry well yeah yeah york is a brand now but here on there let’s face it the parent company here how hyundai with the ionic 5 is pricing that car you know that’s basically a small suv i think model y think pulse r2 and now mg zsev these are all better priced better spec’d and yeah i get looks and all but mate hyundai you really have to sharpen

Your pencil on that price because as great as that vehicle is and reviews have been glowing people just won’t buy them if your price is way too high so bring it down thanks all right i’ve got a bit off topic there so look after those oversights and corrections i promised to share with you the final vehicle that was unveiled on friday and this one i reckon is

Definitely firmly for the uk market it’s a station wagon and why i say that is because well realistically in australia i doubt that we’re seeing any news station wagons on our roads since the 1990s honestly goodness we all shifted to suvs and cars just been getting bigger and bigger and bigger ever since so um as much as i’m going to be saying everything now and

The specs all around it just know that one there’s no australian announcement two i really do think would never ever see this in our words so yeah here goes the new mg5 electric is the world’s first and perhaps last all-electric station wagon with 479 liters of luggage space that can easily be expanded to more than 1400 litres with the rear seats folded down the

Mg5 is just like the zs and marvel r in that it will offer the mgi smart connectivity system that means that your smartphone can actually do different functions such as start and stop your charge session change your climate and other sort of stuff that will be really really welcome on the current zs evs img if you want to do that that’d be great power is very

Respectable 115 kilowatts and 260 newton meters of torque and that should be zippy enough for most drivers the mg5 electric will initially be offered in the uk with a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery range of around 400 kilometers and later at a later stage a version with a 50.3 kilowatt hour battery will be offered as well and that should provide a range of about 320

Kilometers both battery versions of the all-electric station wagon will offer quick charging capability due to its 11 kilowatt three-phase on-board charger the mg5 electric will be available in the first quarter of 2022 and look i’ve left the link down below so if you want to check this out plus all the other stories i’ve spoken about on today’s show please do

Go check them out alrighty before i get into my final bits and news around tesla and their big announcements of late i just want to say a quick thank you to you guys for watching to now and subscribing if you haven’t do i know you yeah about five percent of the viewers on here are regular viewers and you’re not subscribed yeah come on you can do it this this is

This let’s hit 10 000 by the end of the year shall we that’d be awesome nonetheless i also want to say guys girls if you want to see more content like this more often behind the scenes like my patrons got to saw this last week over half a dozen or seven or eight i can’t remember how many stories that you guys just didn’t see so if you want to help support the

Channel and keep me going they’ll be really appreciated and you can do so over on patreon where from as little as 2.50 per month that’s like 60 cents per week you get all this and a lot more and a big thank you to my producers adam tyson alan bern ashley hill bruce hall he’s a new producer thanks uh for joining me bruce uh chaotic media technology david lanham mn

Ict specialist nigel farrier and tessa and the goal okay my final stories today concern tesla and the recent achievements in production numbers confirmation of a headquarter change and a surprise that we all hoped would happen first and something i don’t normally do on this show and that’s delivery numbers because they are through the roof in the third quarter of

2021 tesla try to say it quickly chris tesla produced approximately 238 000 vehicles and delivered over 240 000 vehicles that’s like 20 000 more than anticipated by most analysis but year on year this is where the big stories at they produced just over 145 000 vehicles and delivered nearly 140 000 at the same time last year that’s like a 1.7 times growth during a

Pandemic with a global chip shortage and supply chain problems very impressive tesla well done indeed next is news that we all saw coming and that was that uh elon announcing that tesla will move its headquarters out of powter palo alto california to austin texas the response was met with loud cheers and applause and i’ve left a link to the actual stock you know

Stockholder meeting that tesla’s put out and i guess that’s because one i think is seeing a very good financial decision and two it actually enables tesla to do more so let’s get into the nitty-gritty on the financials tesla was actually very much incentivized to move to texas which is why they’re building the giga texas also it was noted in the press of late you

Know how california actually has some very high taxes which discourage growth and we do know also that tesla last year during the height of the pandemic in america was forced to close the site for two years so recalling those numbers before sure they were down um you know considerably down compared to this year but nonetheless you have to recall also especially

For australia that we get our cars from shanghai giga uh so nonetheless i think you know financially some good little carrot waving stuff here um but you know i think the main reason that tesla has done this is that well for them uh they need the space at the fremont factory and elon has reassured california that but they’ll actually continue to expand activities

There by 50 in his own words if you go to our fremont factory it is jammed it is like wow when we first were in there it was like we were like a kid in their parents shoes now we’re like spam in a can how do we put more stuff i i love elon and his fresh approach to leadership and uh stewardship and direction and uh he’s quite entertaining this video and he

Actually takes up a good chunk of that uh hour and a half while actually about 45 minutes of it but nonetheless do watch it it’s well worth your time and i guess many viewers out there who particularly followed tesla very carefully will know that airline actually did move to texas recently i believe because of tax breaks but also um you know it’s got the you know

Factory that they’re building there and also it’s close to um you know star staff you know staff what do you call them spacex where they take off from that sort of thing it’s close it’s not that close to chris but it’s close during the medium musk also mentioned that one of the reasons tesla is changing his headquarters from california to texas is due to housing

Affordability saying that a lot of people have to come in from far away and they are taking it as far as possible but there’s a limit on how big and scale you can go in the bay area and with that like a greenfield side that is texas giga it just makes sense a state government over there that’s very supportive with tax breaks and the like weedly and i guess this

Is going to be the next thing on the agenda for tesla is that tesla cannot sell in texas direct to public like they do in most parts of the united states and war for the world for that matter car dealerships had a big hand in that one and i mentioned that part of the deal that’s probably happening behind the scenes that will happen later on downstream will be that

Texas announced that if you live in that state you can indeed order online and get your car directly from tesla but that’s not for today’s video no all right and the final bit of news and one that i was really hoping for and i talked about it i think a few weeks ago was that elon musk has confirmed that the cyberquad bike is gonna be a thing in the stockholder

Meeting elon confirmed that we will definitely be making the cyber truck at austin texas and so probably the atv ii the atv is an interesting design challenge because atvs are pretty dangerous and we want to make an atv that is at least as the least dangerous atv as possible he then noted that it will have a very low center of gravity because the battery pack is

Going to be down low and that some things like suspension to make it will make it really hard to roll and this is something that’s very important to tesla so i’m gonna basically read into that and say yeah it’s absolutely gonna happen and i think you concluded the meeting i’m paraphrasing here that you know if you get a cyber truck you’ve got to get one of these

Too so great news awesome news fantastic um i look forward to seeing him right when who knows we still don’t have the model y which by today’s date means that it’s been slipped into 2022 folks so i’ve lost my bet and let’s see how wrong i’m going to be sad times indeed all right definitely a long enough show and if you’ve watched this point my gosh thank you

Really do appreciate it if you enjoyed this sort of content subscribe it’s absolutely free support me on patreon because well you know that’d be awesome too but otherwise please be good and be green oh

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