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Test and review on mint bike wash from oxford

Review on oxford mint bug wash this stuff’s relatively no similar to what mock off doors green quality instead the only difference is that this does smell like mint and all the products that they smell like mean the degreaser lubrication spray they do the full range but they all smell i’ve mint which is nice it’s nice in the workshop it’s just something different

It’s an all-purpose cleaner leave you bright spot and good thing about this is it is made in britain oxford well now multiple company that now do boise cool stuff as well minty scent not just animals all that usual stuff and basically spray-on rinse the bog first then spray it on leave for several minutes use oxford cleaning brush to ensure even coverage as you take

Really dirty areas and then rinse with clean water now i’m going to use it in the workshop so i’m going to wash the rinse with so basically i’ll just spray it on and then walk off with the rag it works well it’s it’s a lot cheaper than the muck off alternatives it’s better for the environment and for the boys than the stuff you get from poland even on stuff from

Palin just clean very very well i have had issues with the pail and stuff when i’ve run out and i’ve been to fetch some penland just to get me through until i can get an ordering what’s happened is i had it in a big barrel like this this limes in i bought like five or six bottles of me tipped it in there with the pump on overnight the solution the paint glanced off

Rotti at the end of the pump i pulled the pump out and there’s no in donnie pomp’s aluminium it rotted straight through the aluminium so it’s obviously very very harsh these aren’t as harsh on the woods but basically this is just used on a jabish dirty bike it’s just coming for a few bits and bobs and it’s just a quick wipe-down so all i’ll do is wipe it over and

Then you know it’ll just give it a little bit of shine so you just grab a rag i mean it’s not not a complete clean it’s just make it look a bit more presentable customer comes in cory so i just give it a wipe over he does take take it off quite well i mean you can see you’ve got that dirt there it does come off quite easily nice and clean i mean using this outside

We’ve a with water using as exam n to be used it would do a lot better job but to be honest you can see the dirt is coming up i’m not really scrubbing hard i’m not putting any pressure on just giving it a wipe over and they’d just come off a nick just make the bike showing quite nicely so might be worth a buy we do sell it here we’ll do cycles darla stan so we do

Sell it here we do keep it in stock but yeah it’s definitely worth a look i mean boy wash

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Test and review on mint bike wash from oxford By The W worx