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Hi guys this is ken kaplan senior we in front of the new england motorcycle museum i’m going to share with you my story my journey the last 10 years of taking this abandoned factory and turning it into the treasure that it is now the new england motorcycle museum just to give you an idea the scope of the work look at this building this is this building i looked it

Up in the bible it’s 20 feet longer than noah’s ark from the tip of this building to the tip of that building on the far end and it’s actually five feet taller it’s a it’s a project of biblical proportions it took noah 120 years to build the ark i’ve been working on this for 11 years and i got a long way to go we’ve accomplished a lot i’ve invested my blood sweat

Tears everything i’ve gotten to this my my retirement savings every red cent i can get has gone into this plus we borrowed 4 million we invested seven and a half million dollars into the project and we need help we have not just the 65 000 square foot of buildings you see here but another 65 000 and that building right there the the roof uh portions of the roof

Blew off in the last storm and it is breached and leaking so i want to thank everybody who’s pitched in for this uh fundraiser that we’re doing at the end of the video we’re gonna go on to the gofundme page and we’re going to thank each and every one of you but before we do that i’m going to take you a walk through and show you what our challenge is where we’re

At with it in the words of winston churchill success is not final failure is not fatal it is a courage to continue that counts we are not stopping here we’re going to continue through with the dream i have a dream i have a dream to turn this into the number one motorcycle hot spot in new england to turn into a not only a national but a worldwide treasure it’s a

205 year old factory that we restored carefully there’s a hundred man years of labor went into this building right here this is my gift to the town of rockville the state of connecticut the united states in the whole motorcycle community worldwide and in the words of winston churchill we make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give and this is

My gift anybody who donates to the cause whatever amount it is is going to get free tickets to the museum so i’m going to give back to you for whatever you’ve done for us should we talk about the levels anybody who does a thousand dollars or more we’re gonna get a gold trophy plaque engraved that’ll be screwed into one of the bricks of the building permanently

If you donate a hundred thousand dollars we’ll actually name one of the buildings after your family or a cause that you like and if you want to help out and you don’t have any money just hit the subscribe button helping us on our youtube channel by subscribing like this video please share this video on your social media and your facebook we need your help this

Building needs a roof we have to get a roof on it now or we’re going to lose the building it’s in danger of collapsing the floors are starting to get really soft and there’s a couple holes in the floors caused by the water coming in and we may not get enough money to fix the whole building but we got to do the roof now you got to have a first step in the march of

A million miles and this is more of a march of a million dollars actually it’s 20 000 square foot of space we’ve been averaging about a hundred dollars a square foot between all of the costs of resurrecting a 205 year old factory so it’s about a two million dollar project we need a hundred grand just to put a roof on the place so it’ll be protected so it’ll get

Done in our lifetime guys if you ever wondered what this factory was it was originally a textile factory where the finest worsted wools in the world were made in here generations of families worked here for over 205 years now president when president theodore roosevelt had his suit made in here and he said do what you can with what you have where you are that’s

From theodore roosevelt do what you can with what you have where you are that’s what we’ve done we’ve done the best we can with all the resources we have and we’re about halfway through the project we’re halfway there but we need help to get the rest of it done i was hoping one of the manufacturers would stand up uh suzuki kawasaki yamaha harley somebody would

Stand up and get involved with the museum nobody has it’s been my family and with some help from the state with state loans we have a four million dollar loan on the project and i’ve maxed out my line of credit so i need i need some help every little bit will help even if it’s just a dollar or ten dollars or just hitting the subscriber like button 12 years ago i

Was standing right here with the town of vernon economic development quarter and it had one of those moments one of those moments in life where you knew that your life was about to change and that you were going to make a big decision and i walked through this bridge right here into the back here and i saw these massive buildings this massive smoke stack this this

Awesome brick buildings the concrete buildings and i had a dream i had a vision and the vision was the the number one motorcycle museum in new england with a restaurant bar and a micro brewery and this place full with motorcycles and people smiling and laughing and we’re halfway there folks we’re halfway there give me two three two one in the word in the words

Of walt disney if you can dream it you can do it and i have a dream i have a dream that this could be the number one motorcycle destination and not just for motorcyclists people that love buildings people that love the history of our of our industrial country here now this is the building this is the this is the back side of the building that the roof is crumbled

Can you zoom in and show them how we’re starting to lose the bricks up in the top there and the loading dock has collapsed martin luther king also said we must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope and i have a dream i have an awesome dream and i believe it was given to me by god and i believe he will manifest the people that will step up to

Help me take it to the next level he’s never let me down yet we’ve run out of money four times this is just a temporary stop we will succeed if it’s god’s will i believe it’s god’s will i have a dream that someday someone will rise up to help us live out this dream we’ve got to get these roof fixed they’re breached the water’s pouring in the buildings are going

Downhill quick maybe today is the day your contribution even ten dollars will take it to the next level it’ll give us the funds we need to buy the roofing materials and get these buildings preserved in the words of james allen no duty is more urgent than giving thanks and i wanted to show you guys our uh gofundme site right here and i want to thank each and every

Person that’s donated uh starting with 20 seconds ago sean moore morin the dirt dog from the uk garrett john baker an anonymous one wally and barb mcdonald who’ve been friends of mine for a long time stephen price mike richards jordan smith john albert from legend auto and bike donated uh j.o eminem leader another anonymous one uh ernie lee mikey speeds another

Anonymous alan baines philip strophos he said phillip said can’t wait to visit the museum i have a huge fascination for those magnificent old structures so here’s the guy who understands the buildings are as important to us as the motorcycles and he says keep your triumph in the museum thank you phillip um it’s uh i really appreciate it michael ryan michael sapp

Or thank you ryan chris edgeworth mike palmer kevin duffy andrew m kevin at madilla in maryland i appreciate your work and saving those historic buildings anonymous hector hector hector puerto rican rivera that’s that’s his his youtube channel he’s the guy who came down with his wife and kids and gave me that american flag uh chain i wore around my collar until

It wore out uh carl from dublin ireland matt smith larry melenkin glennis may williams passed away suddenly on october 12 2020 spent many miles on a motorcycle a mother like no other so this is in memory of her daryl martell tom agricola david ardeen seither carlos pescarata frank picati william b rizzo mike bressler thanks mike you guys hear us talk about

Mike all the time we got a few of his bikes in the auction mike’s been a big benefactor from for a few years glenn cross um he says the buildings and the motorcycles need to be preserved for future generations good luck my brother jason graham brandon heist brian kilheifer jill zane boyzlard richard carr michael davis mark pierce j alexander paul from the uk

Casey watt logan m chris tyle and then my honey christy she was the second one to donate and then uh so there you have it man 54 people have stepped up if you can’t afford to donate that’s fine just click like like share share the um gofundme on your facebook and subscribe to our channel even moral support is needed here so we’re grateful for for anything you

Can you’ve done or can do and it’s all going to preserve these awesome buildings if you look out our back window there’s the other side of the 40 000 square foot building we haven’t started on so we’re halfway done uh we did we’re halfway the journey is halfway completed and i think the first step was the hardest one that was committing to doing this and i’ll

I’ll i’ll finish this project or i’ll die trying one or the other but uh i don’t have an ounce of give up inside of me and i want to share one thing with you guys somebody asked me uh how do you deal with the stress of running the business and the museum and being shut down by the state for a year you know because of covet and running out of money and all the

Challenges of running a construction company had 25 guys working here for four years on the on the big building and then on and off for the last 10 years we’ve always had a crew working here we maintain 11 acres here we on both sides of the street restoring the house how do you deal with all that in the financial stress not knowing if you’re going to have the

Money to complete this and will you fail or not and what i do is i just turn it all over to god i have complete faith that if it’s god’s will for this project to become completed and a treasure for the motorcycle and uh for the united states of america and for the whole world to enjoy that then if it’s his will then then so be it and if it doesn’t work out well

Then it wasn’t god’s will so all the stress is off of me i just show up and bust my butt every day one of our fans that watches all our youtube stuff brian mcgovern he’s a jersey boy i’m from jersey also his birthday is uh february 25th yesterday some saddle river in new jersey i want to wish him a happy birthday thanks for watching if you’ve been on a motorcycle

Or bought a motorcycle from the museum we have a lot of benefactors that support us by buying the motorcycles that’s the only way we survive now there are no ticket sales to the museum so we become more of a a motorcycle auction house than anything the museum is still here will be opening up march 15th but thank you all for believing in us and buying the vintage

And classic bikes that we pour our blood sweat and tears into everybody who’s contributed uh on by commenting in the video about how we can fix the roof or they own several people with roofing companies stepped up and they want to help out and um the ideas for the fundraisers raffling off a motorcycle we’re not really quite sure how to do that or the legality of

It but we appreciate all the ideas it please comment you know in the comments below uh the first link will be a link to the uh gofundme and if you want to check out the current auctions just go to thanks for watching so far thanks for helping support us and if no one’s told you they love you today i love you all and god bless

The united states of america

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