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This might just be the craziest thing i’ve driven. The 620bhp V10 Super-Quad by Engler called the ‘Desat’. The Engler Desat is a unique blend of superbike and hypercar. With the ability to make 1,100bhp this achieves the 1:1 power to weight ratio. Engler Automotive:

We are about to witness you and i quite possibly the craziest vehicle to have four wheels that has ever graced this planet look at this everyone is like that’s insane most quad bikes come with a detuned motorbike engine this has got a 5.2 litre v10 that rumbles along like a hurricane what we are looking at behind me in the expel studio is the dramatic evolution

Of the angler de sap this is the world’s first super quad this is a combination of crossing over the world of super bikes and the performance of hyper cars less than 24 hours away from salon prive and the vip day in where the angler desat is going to be unveiled to the public the car slash quad bike has arrived here at blenheim palace and today i’m gonna get my

First lesson on how to control the v10 that is powering that machine behind me i have no idea what to expect i’m a very inexperienced motorbike rider but i’d like to think that i’ve got behind the wheel of multiple cars that actually have this engine this is going to be quite possibly one of the most unique experiences i’ve ever had on any form of transport in my

Life we’ve been doing a little bit of filming this morning on gravel roads tarmac roads and i have to say considering the driving position and what you imagine this thing to be like it’s a lot easier than i was expecting a lot easier actually really quite fun and enjoyable now as i said at the beginning of this video this is a combination of super bikes and

Hybrid car performance i’ve captured that absolutely spot on because you feel like you are riding the craziest craziest bike the performance and grip levels of aerodynamics involved in this this is one of those engineering achievements that you are thinking how is all of this possible how have angler managed to merge this v10 engine with handlebars how have they

Got that to work i’ve now been let loose on the blenheim palace grounds by myself no more tracking shots i’m at my peak of experience on this thing and i think we’re going to cause quite the scene driving through the public area but i’ve got this up to speed to about 30 40 miles an hour and other than the fact that my eyes are watering it’s a really easy and

Surprisingly user-friendly mode of transport but it’s just something that brings a smile to your face in a world where i think new car launches are getting a little bit boring now to see someone come out with something so bonkers like this it is bizarre that this can go over 200 miles an hour look at this okay we’re coming into a speed limit of five miles an

Hour which gives me a better opportunity to talk and this creates a whole new genre of automobile this is a whole new learning curve for people just everyone stops and stares to be like what the hell is that and i think the fact that it’s got this rumble of a supercar everyone is like that’s insane those quad bikes come with a d tuned motorbike engine this has

Got a 5.2 litre v10 that rumbles along like a hurricane i’m gonna keep my voice down because i have been here five minutes and the press tour at salomprive has just started all right i’m going to introduce you ladies and gentlemen to victor engler the man behind the super chord so the window the most unique vehicle you see here because there is nothing like it

It’s so unique that it falls in normal category v10 5.2 liter engine stand in the standard in 630 horsepower it can be updated up to 1100 horsepower with a weight of 1100 kilograms so we reached the mythical one to one power to weight ratio i was a little bit caught off guard there there is a press tour going around having a look at the new unveilings at salon

Preview just as the sun comes out and the microphone is incredibly loud so i’m trying to find the sweet spot where no one is talking through the microphone but the angler dissat is now out in the public this video is live you can see all of the partners in the links in the description and there is so much more to come with the story of this super quad we’re going

To take it to dubai i’m going to be following zero zero one the first customer car and we’re gonna be doing loads more with these guys it is super exciting and quite quite possibly the most revolutionary mode of transport i think i’ve ever experienced and to have my go on that it is here all weekend at salomon private so come and check it out i will see you soon guys take care goodbye

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