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The A2 Test: Did We Pass?

The Yamaha R3 v KTM 390 Duke review is on its way, but here’s our attempt at passing the Mod1 test on these A2 stallions. A massive thanks to Steve and ART for allowing us to hijack the test centre. Check them out for all sorts of training –

We get a lot of questions about a to tests and bikes so we thought we come down today and actually do or attempt to try and complete our a2 tests on the yamaha r3 and the ktm 390 jun so we’re down here at a rt most of the training in katway everyone knows a bit so steve you are a man of twenty years experience in the trade nearly now 20 years next year so you

Could pass anyone then i could train anyone yeah even us yeah so we’ve got the yamaha r3 and the duke 390 and we’ll go and have some fun yeah most fun you having a car part without dogging first up so the off-road part of the test we get you to do a manual handling exercise and so i can show you on my diagram here you’re going to park in one of the green boxes

And you’re going to remove your vehicle box next although pushing it so write it down then write write it to the box yeah whichever box you like yeah and then we’re going to be pushing into the box next just to demonstrate that you can safely apple bike push it around sorry i do what we feel yeah yes so can we put my maneuvering we can’t get out the box yeah we’re

Gonna get in the other box no i mean you’re pushing it from one box to the other box right okay and we can go in any angle we want ideally you want to be you know faces behind yeah bang tidy the days that you dream of the kneading ahead now i don’t put enough one of those things on every time you ride a bike it’s just that treat this as if you’re on a public

Road every time you pull away you need to do a safety check first oh really yeah okay they labeled lifesavers lifesavers shoulder check safety check as long as you look before you leap as granny used to say you berland he’s in the box i should have explained it a little bit better we need you facing forward in that box and then facing outward in this box plays

Out we didn’t tell me that no i didn’t do that okay i thought you’d seen the video you did send you some homework they all okay right i failed wait you can go first on the next one then chris yubel got the giggles keep an eye on the road you know make sure no one’s coming we’re all good thank you very much and they’re nice and tidy for an easy getaway thank you

Very much i won’t be asking to do that again thank you so we’re gonna move on to the next exercise now this is the slalom yes okay now you’ve done your manual handling exercise we’re gonna go straight into the slalom exercise so you see that five cones four and a half meters apart no problem okay left right alright left it doesn’t matter which way you go through

It as long as you do it safely and under full control so slow control so the bike nice and slow on the rear brake bit of revs use that clutch your turn please mr. feigin don’t it up mate oh he’s got it dialed put on the rear brake bit of clutch lip walking pace okay so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go into the figure of eights i’m gonna get you

To do it twice but try not to count or anything like that between the two blue cones alright nice big circles okay using again your slide control i will call you out when i’ve seen that all right it’s actually quite nerve-wracking yeah i can imagine for a first-timer it’s actually quite intimidating yeah but you know it’s not it’s just that it’s the people watching

Yeah and it’s isn’t it it’s all contrived it’s not like getting on the road and going right go yeah you can hide on the road yeah ready to race he’s got some skills you’ve got some good balance yeah lovely thank you very much thank you won’t be asked to do that again okay now to be fair out stepping out the examiner role you could have made it slightly easier

Yourself by doing bigger circles you’re just you know contest time again right now this is actually a slight i don’t think this is going to have as much maneuverability as the ktm the bars are a little narrower the lock doesn’t seem to be quite as as much that’s it mate make excuses now i don’t envy you on that okay chris come over good nicely done i won’t

Be the ask you to do that again so let’s carry on with the next exercise so happy with progress so far oh what more importantly are you happy right so what we do now is i’ve we’ve done the u-turn they get you to do a slow ride as if in a queue of slow-moving traffic they will tell you you can ride slowly in a straight line and at which point we’re gonna get you

To stop at the beginning of the u-turn exercise okay so where’s the you been to the u-turn it’s between see the white line here and the white line at the bottom that’s seven and a half meters so it’s an average road width that’s what you get through your testing okay all right we’re gonna ride from where we are now yeah okay you’re gonna come up nice straight line

And then just turn at the end so your front wheel stops between the four blue cones there front wheel front wheel in between the four blue cones good okay that’s all right with you good so what we’re gonna do now we’re gonna do the u-turn as we showed you this is the kerb on your left on the other side of the road so moving in your own time i’d like you to demonstrate

The u-turn as if you’re on a public place out under control please he’s concentrating that was pretty close pretty close to the white line i’m happy with the turn with the turn yeah i’ll have a chat at the end put yourself out of the way and it will that first show you what you can do if you have to do a shoulder stephanie do okay so i think it up good so but

If you’re ready please that’s what i’d like to do you gonna turn for me this is one side of the rope line over there is the other is if you’re on a public road okay stopping on the other side of the road good thank you very much oh yeah actually to do that again so steve you want to know how you’ve done i mean i’ve got a rough idea because yeah i went first and

All the hard ones and i got all that nasty looks yeah i’m gonna make like the mickey take you how long have you been a motorcycle journalist professional for anything is what does that but that means absolutely nothing when you come to a car park run right through our van sometimes you both demonstrates a very good skill okay there was very close as in who would

Have passed who would have filed really we’re close there’s not a line in memory it’s not hard test guys it’s you demonstrating that you’re in control of the bikes that’s all this off-road part of the test isn’t it you said fail so absolutely well it’s a little fight that’s a little file and when i tell you you’ll go you’ll kick yourself so if we starts it off we

Did the manual handling okay so i didn’t make me explain myself as well as i should have done and you maybe took a little bit of poetic license with that as well which is fine okay but you did you check so right away you did anyway on the bike we then went into the slalom which was all good then we did the slow ride into the u-turn and then when you did you sir

Nice observation for you pulled away but what your deal is you rode more than a bike length okay which is fine but if you’re gonna ride more than a bike lengths in that time that you’ve ridden that distance what’s going to change on public roads the traffic the traffic so what should you have done before you commit in sin to make the turn yeah and that was the

Only thing i put me down there for as a serious yeah yeah so i’ve got one serious yeah well there was this it was the one at the beginning you did stall as you pulled away but you know that’s a minor point you’re not gonna file on that you’re allowed to get five minor point in the off-road bar okay okay so did we go but but i think we’ll have to revisit that and

Just you know little bit of a refresher on the u-turn max we’ll see you so just just so i can just clarify this so what you’re saying is he failed it’s part of my job right to make sure that i give an honest appraisal of where you are and readiness to take a test i’ll just clarify here we had no training whatsoever and we come with him straight here and we did this

Got a dummy test so good effort i would say good effort that’s why we’re here we’re here to help you get through your bike test even if you want to go and do one lesson you know we’re gonna we would have spotted that volk straight away and we would said right okay let’s practice a few more u-turns forward look moving for a test so chris leave it be going chris so

We pulled away all right we did into the box very nice nice and tidy he was stylish it was quiet well i would say clinical in fact yeah yeah mantequilla mines are here okay so we’ve done the push around in there that was nicely checks first then we went into the slalom you may be a little bit difficult your pretty self buying actually coming out a little bit wider

When you could have want a bit closer on the smile and as long as over but that was nice it was you know you got through it okay from there we then went into the figure of eight and again you know the are three slightly limited on the steering lock but you did a good job it could have made it slightly bigger made it easier for yourself remember it’s not meant to

Be hard we can then came down we then did into the slow ride before we did the u-turn so the only thing i didn’t really see was a proper lifesaver nose you know right before the user see you won’t listening well i put on film it may well have been just a little look remember what they’re looking for is it is a proper full-on make sure there’s no one in your blind

Spot before you maybe not know the dogs we’re just making sure that it’s safe to go before we know it before we ride yeah so so that was a minor point well i trunk no you didn’t and we are treating it as if it’s in a public road and then into the u-turn again very nice you did your checks before you when you wrote a little bit more on the bike length you then did

A second lifesaver before you did the turn and then you pulled up nice on the other side of the road so you know that was all good as far as i’m concerned the higher speed parts obviously as i’ve explained we need to go and fly on somewhere that’s bigger we would normally go to the actual local test centre had a weekend put you through the collision avoidance and

The emergency stop procedure basically at the test center okay so a little bit of coaching both of you got your a going on you know it’s good to clarify i passed and you failed yes we thought we’d bring our little a two bikes down to take our a to test theoretically and see what these machines are made of and this is the yamaha r3 and somewhere around here is the ktm duke 390

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