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The Absolute Best Hub Motor for your eBike Conversion Build

Not all hub motors and ebike conversion kits are created equal. A budget hub motor in a cheap e-bike conversion kit on amazon or alibaba might seem attractive but they lack some critical features.

Okay guys welcome back to the channel i hope life is treating you extremely well so i decided to sell my car that’s uh that’s what’s going on with me right now because i just got the insurance bill it was 653 and i was thinking that i drive my car like once a month ever since getting my e-bike so you know what it’s time to finally do it i’m going to sell my car

And if any of you guys have done a similar thing let me know in the comments down below i’d be very interested to know but okay i have a main topic for this video which is the best hub motor for an e-bike because one of my first videos was actually one of my most popular and it was my video on the best e-bike conversion kit on the market and in that video i said

How just about all hub motors are created equal but okay let’s do some background so when i say most hub motors are the same it’s because at the at the core of it it’s all just a brushless dc motor and the vast majority of them are produced in china in fact probably one or two factories makes all of the hub motors but there’s a lot of design choices and engineering

That can make hub motors a lot better it’s just that the standard chinese hub motors are bare bones they don’t have these features so when you browse amazon or alibaba the chinese motors all have a few key things in common the first is that they have pretty massive controllers which isn’t great you have to think about the building process all the wiring it really

Does make a huge impact on the final quality of your build and along with that you’re going to want to have some kind of quick disconnect plug for the motor because inevitably you’re going to have to take it off do maintenance change the tire and the chinese hub motors do not have this feature you have to like unwire the entire build just to take off the wheel i

Also have a bone to pick when it comes to the torque arms of these hub motors so the torque arms are usually included in reputable e-bike kits but the standard torque arm is severely ineffective and the reason why they get away with this is because if you look at the axle of these cheap chinese hub motors you’re gonna notice a flat ends and when you put that in

The drop out of a bike that is solely responsible for all of the torque of the motor and spoiler the dropouts of all bikes are not designed for this especially once you get towards higher powered motors it can actually become quite dangerous is anyone gonna let me go yeah so that spreading force that the axle puts in the dropouts can be very dangerous and cause

A spin out and if that happens first of all you can get very hurt and the motor is completely trashed rips off the cable and it’s really not a fun situation to be in and that’s just a complete design flaw of these cheap chinese motors that’s not how it should be and a cheap little torque arm that’s ineffective doesn’t really solve the problem okay but enough of

The cheap chinese motors i think you guys see that they’re not the most ideal design ever so in terms of the best hub motors on the market they all come from one canadian company that i kind of recently discovered and it’s called grin technology i’m not affiliated with them but i will leave their main website linked and down below beautiful little spot should i

Stop and sit i’m gonna stop and sit just for a minute and what this company does is they partner with the manufacturers in china and they make actual meaningful changes add new features and i think it makes the motors significantly better now they do have a whole lineup of motors but i’m going to focus on the top two in my opinion actually the top three they have

Three really great options and between these three no matter what kind of build you’re doing one of them should be ideal and really the best choice that you have so the first one is the gmac and this is actually a high powered geared hub motor and a quick little refresher on geared motors if you’re going to be doing more off-roading the geared motors have better

Low-end torque and they’re more efficient at climbing hills and just moving slower but the gmac isn’t just any geared motor this is extremely special so some of the features that this company added let’s begin with the gears itself so this is the only geared motor i am aware of that actually has regen even though it’s a geared hub motor and that’s because it’s

A clutchless design so this engineering choice gives you all the benefits of a geared motor along with one of the major benefits of a direct drive which is that regen and fun fact in the same way that the gears amplify the torque of the motor it does the same thing with the regen so you get like super regen with this motor okay so that’s just one upgraded feature

The next is that this hub motor accepts a cassette instead of a freewheel all of the cheap chinese motors are stuck on the freewheel which is super old technology like a set is the more modern solution and this is compatible with that i also want to draw your attention to the axle of this motor and you’re going to notice that it doesn’t have those flat edges to

It it’s completely round so of course that means that this motor doesn’t rely on the dink you drop out of your bike to withstand all of the torque of this motor instead it has an integrated very beefy torque arm that’s actually effective at transferring torque to the frame of the bike this might seem like a small feature but trust me it makes a huge difference in

Just the safety of the bike you’re also going to notice that the connector on this motor is a very nice quick release and waterproof connector so when you combine all of these features that grin technology has added to this motor you can see how it is significantly better than the cheap off-the-shelf chinese versions and the controller that you plug the motor into

Is also very meaningful and here grin technology also has their own solution you’re looking at it right now and the first thing i have to say is look how small and compact this controller is that’s going to make a huge difference in what kind of bikes you can put this on the cable management is just a dream with this kind of a controller all the connectors are that

Waterproof design and in terms of battery compatibility it goes all the way up to 72 volts and i think all the way down to 36 volts now the next one i have in the list is a direct drive offering from grin technologies and this is their all axle hub motor and as the name suggests this is a hub motor that’s compatible not just with dropouts but also through axles

This has been a major issue of all chinese hub motors how they’re only compatible with the old-fashioned dropouts because that’s how they transfer all the torque to your bike but much like with the gmac motor this has an integrated very effective torque arm so that gives them a lot more room to play around with the axle and aside from the axle and that special

Feature this shares a lot of the other features of the gmac motor including compatibility with their phase runner controllers and it’s at this point that i want to acknowledge that you’re not going to see watt ratings on these motors so if you go to amazon you type in you know hub motor you’re going to see 1500 watts 3000 watts this company doesn’t do that because

The power of the motor is dictated by many factors including things like how fast it’s spinning at the current moment any amount of thermal throttling that might be limiting its performance and to help you assess the performance of these motors they actually have a motor simulator tool on their website which i just kind of lost track of time playing with it was so

Much fun but okay let’s talk about the final motor on this list and this is going to be their powerful direct drive offering and i think it goes by the name like rh212 something like that and this has all the benefits of any other direct drive motor in its simplicity and its raw power some of the major changes here is that this motor has a slightly larger diameter

Than the industry average and that translates to being more efficient as well as giving you more torque so essentially the further away the magnets are to the axle the more efficiently it can spin so that’s what they’ve done here and just like with the gmac this can accept a modern cassette instead of an old-fashioned freewheel which is very nice it modernizes the

Product pretty nicely we also have that same quick disconnect waterproof connector which i love that should really never be overlooked it’s a must-have feature in my opinion and finally this motor can accept stator raid and this is a coolant that you can put directly in this motor to help it run cooler and more efficiently so being able to inject coolant directly

In this motor is pretty freaking sweet i don’t know of any others that have this feature so there you have it guys if you’re looking to build a custom e-bike i think grin technologies with these three hub motors in particular are the go-to option they slaughter the competition and even aside from the actual motors themselves i love the controllers that they use

They’re so small they have waterproof connectors and it’s gonna make the building process and the aesthetics of your bike so much better again i do want to make it clear that i’m not affiliated with this company i did send them an email like a week back asking if they want to you know potentially work together but i was completely ghosted i would still love to

Get one of their motors in hand installing my bike and show it off to you guys because i honestly think that these are some of the best motors on the market at the current moment at least but that’s gonna do it for the video hope you guys enjoyed if you did and still watching you guys know that we appreciate a like on the video subscribe that really strokes my

Ego but i’m gonna go now enjoy the last bit of my ride and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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The Absolute Best Hub Motor for your eBike Conversion Build By NPL Ventures