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The all new TREK Speed Concept 9 Series. The fastest bike just got faster

And 2010 we introduced the speed concept to the world he felt like we had hit our big three parameters best-in-class integration best-in-class aerodynamics and best-in-class fit the cam tail technology that went into the current speed concept was a huge revolution i actually still remember sitting at my desk and cursing that negative drag come up off the cfd

Simulation and that was such an amazing moment that built into this bike that is still currently the fastest bike out there going into the new bike we said we have to give none of that up and wherever we can we have to improve on it because we know we can always instead of going to the drawing board is kind of making something new for the sake of making it new

We leverage that huge revolution and decided to take our design out of the wind tunnel and into the real world really tried to put it into three key categories of aerodynamic performance integration and fit performance when we started to look at developing a new speed concept everybody in the room agreed we needed to take it beyond the wind tunnel we actually to

Prove to ourselves and to our customers that we knew exactly what was happening out on the road we took our yawn airspeed sensor out to the most extreme courses in the world namely arizona which is sort of a low yaw angle course and ironman hawaii which is notoriously high wind high yaw angle course we discovered that you’re looking at yaw in the two-and-a-half

To 12 and 1/2 degree range and that then became our focus on the project is saying let’s make sure we absolutely win in that range designing for these low yaw angles we focus on things like frontal area simplifying the front end and improving the fork aerodynamics we didn’t change our basic tunnel protocol with this new information on real-world yaw we still do

A full sweep we’re still doing a full bike with and without a rider with our pedaling manikin some of the things that we assessed in the tunnel were variations on themes that had come out of our cfd work different shapes of frame gussets refining the shape of the kvf tubing from the original speed concept because we knew we could improve on it so we took the new

Speed concept not only to the wind tunnel for testing and validation but we took it to the track with fabian cancellara we tested both the current speed concept that he was riding and his new speed concept and switching just from that bike to the new bike with the exact same position we found him to save 30 to 40 seconds per hour integration is really about systems

And in triathlon the system is a really big deal you have the riders comfort you have aerodynamics to deal with and it really comes down to survival as well so there’s a lot of things you need to bring with you triathlon nutrition and hydration and repair kit these are the things real people carry with them these are the things people hang on their bike and you

Don’t want them to be penalized for doing it if we work our way through the bicycle if we start up at the front we have a water bottle cage it’s got a built-in computer mount on it and then the speed box on top of the top tubes been redesigned it’s very clean and simple very aerodynamic the new draft box on the back of the seat tube is totally redesigned it’s a

Little bit bigger you can fit two bueller’s in it easily now it also has a quick release button we also have a new 2-pack arrow basically it allows you to carry two bottles behind you as well as a bunch of supplies and that actually makes your body faster the great thing about our storage solutions is that when you put them all on the bike it actually makes you

And the bike faster then if you use none at all we knew that our range needed to get a little lower than what we had before and a little further out in front so we made sure that the new mono extension and the spacer system that goes underneath it could hit all of those points the base bar now not only by design is located a little closer to the rider but there’s

Some adjustability there where you can bring it back or push it out a little further a little closer at the pads we retained our vertical capability in five millimeter increments added another 30 millimetres of width at the pads we retained the general philosophy of our stem system we said let’s make this pure stack and reach so now the six stems move straight up

And only straight out as you go through the six sizes our dedication to enhancing our aerodynamic understanding enhancing real-world testing understanding exactly what athletes are doing out on the road how they’re interacting with their bikes what kind of hydration what kind of nutrition what kind of storage is being put on their bikes and then extending the fit

Window those are the key things that really move the speed concept in the new direction making the fastest bike faster you

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The all new TREK Speed Concept 9 Series. The fastest bike just got faster By Bike Sales