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The BEST Bike under 500 – Giant Talon 3

This is the review of the Giant Talon 3. In my opinion, it is the best bike under 50p. It I’d an amazing bike that everyone should have on a budget. I also gave some tips on how to buy a bike for cheaper.

Hi guys welcome back to easy chado and today i’m gonna be doing a review of the giant talent of three so let’s start from bingo from the front to back so let’s start with the rules there are twenty seven point five by two point two wine i think and then if we move up onto the bars they are thirty point eight inches wide which is about seven hundred eighty millimeters

And then we have the hundred mill fork edge of a trap travel fork which is quite good which makes riding super smooth and with the ties as well it is so good so grippy and super smooth and even speed and rode really fast and then you have the frame which is aluminium which is nice quite light which then means bike is only thirteen point it’s thirteen point seven

Kilograms which is quite light for bike so it’s nice nice and light and then we have it’s got its got twenty four years and a to the back row so you know it’s super high up hills so this is probably quite a good bike to enjoy races if you want to go down trails constantly smooth and fast and cycle up quickly and then the problems of this bike is the pedals they’re

Quite thin so they were that i think and not that great because they’re like brick things they were quite small so your feet just slipped off if it is a little bit muddy like you’re going in the range is he good and then the the grips they bar ends done if you can see but they’ve kind of got a bit ruined and then on this side the grips actually coming off so i

Need to get grips and within the breaks before it he was quite big and i bashed it and it looks a bit weird so the break here is they’re quite big so you have to have two fingers on in – you wanna squish your knuckle which hurts when you hurts let me do it and the saddle is quite comfy and the only like kind of problem i’ve had with it other than the pedals is

My cranks i’ve started creaking down here so i need to take them off and inspect them i probably clean them out and with this bike you want to do weekly like four meters or just tighten up with a bow lasting any bikes a look tighten up all the bolts and everything like that and for the price it’s 475 pounds normally but if you get it when the next year’s range is

Coming out so this year if you get in a couple of weeks the 2021 range will be coming out so you can get it for a hundred quid cheaper so that’s goes for 375 couldn’t you which is a quite a good deal so a hundred quid off and for this bike guys an absolute bargain it’s amazing i’ve had it for a year now and it is super good and of then creaking cries and slightly

Small pedals and the grips coming off so three small problems which means near place or fix this is an amazing bike and you may have watched my other video where i started building a turning up my ramps into wood don’t why the next video where i finish it will be coming on sunday where i’ve got to build a box and finish up the ramp so don’t worry so stay tuned for

That on sunday and if you’re new here i’d really appreciate it if you subscribe to hit that like button and commented on future videos so you guys have a choice in what we do thanks for watching

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The BEST Bike under 500 – Giant Talon 3 By Rogue Air