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The best gloves for bike riding in summer – keep your hands cool and comfortable. #JustRideThatThing

The best gloves for bike riding in summer Keep your hands cool and comfortable. The best gloves for bike riding in summer are critical part of the gear. The best gloves for bike riding in summer provide proper protection and comfort during your rides. Watch this quick episode about The best gloves for bike riding in summer I was able to find on the market.

Hello everybody thank you so much for joining riders united youtube channel this is the place where i release weekly videos related to the motorcycles i also try to share some of the helpful tips for any motorcycle rider i have some reviews and i also try to document some of my trips if you didn’t subscribe yet please like and subscribe you have the subscription

Icon on the right corner of your screen if you hit the bell icon you will always get notifications for each new video that i release on the weekly basis and in today’s episode i would like to talk to you about this awesome gloves that i purchased from first manufacturing lately and those are like really special at least for me so if you’d like to learn why i like

Them so much please stick around and i will be more than happy to share with you what i got here we go so over the years i have to say i purchased multiple different motorcycle gloves i always was looking for something slightly different i really like this airflow during this really hot summer days in chicagoland and i have to say that the full gloves that are

Not perforated definitely were too hot for me and i was buying some of the gloves from harley davidson that were mesh but at the same time they were actually fully covered on the inside of the palm so they didn’t provide this airflow that i was looking for and recently i purchased this really awesome leather vest from the first manufacturing and you can see this

Video in here in case you are interested and i was so impressed with their product that i decided to take a look at their offering and sure enough they didn’t they didn’t disappoint me again because i was able to find these outstanding gloves that i was searching for so long and i was looking for perforated motorcycle gloves but perforated on the both sides and i

Have to say those gloves are really nice for this reason so as you will see on this close-up you have all this perforated rather than leather in here the top of the glove is also perforated on the on the both sides these fingers inside are also perforated and obviously on the outside is the same story so they are perforated in here and they are also perforated in

Here you have this nice rubber rubber knuckle protector protector in here so they provide this extra safety for your knuckles and i have to say i try multiple different gloves over the period of long time and many of those when they have those these knuckle protectors they were always off and this is actually the first glove that i try that have these knuckles

In the place of actual knuckle on the hand which was a big deal for me because there were some gloves that i purchased before and when i put them on my gl my knuckle were kind of on the side or in the middle and it was just weird placement but i have to say first manufacturing nailed this product again and i’m super excited about those gloves because i have to

Say i try to like blow the air through all this perforated areas and obviously whenever you have knuckle protectors the protector go a little bit lower so it will restrict the airflow but all this part on the bottom and all this part on the top as well as this area in here especially it will flow a lot of air and i actually contacted the first manufacturing and

I told them i’m looking for the glove that will provide a lot of airflow and they assure me that this product will meet my expectation and after i get it i have to say so far it looks like that might be really the glove that i’m gonna love during this hot summer days so i have to say the leather is like really soft there is really nice finish and what i really

Like about those as well is the fact that the tip of the finger is really nice and smooth inside so many times i will have different gloves and when i put my hands inside i will feel really uncomfortable and there will be like pieces of leather that will go under my fingernails so that was always like really weird feeling and you have additional protection here

On the inside of the palm and yeah there is a these nice cutouts i mean the the sewing cutouts i will kind of call them and i like the fact that those have the velcro and there is this nice logo and i also like that like the fact that those are a little bit longer i have the leather jacket for quite some time that have actually a little bit shorter sleeve so for

Many years when i will ride in my gloves and my leather jacket i will have the sunburn in here on my hand that looks horrible i mean your hand will be kind of like it will have a little tan but then you will have this one stripe of like really really dark skin so i really didn’t like that and i think that those gloves will provide outstanding protection and i have

To say i already wear these gloves a little bit at home and they are such a nice feat they really look nice and i have to say i’m really impressed with this product and just because of the fact that i was searching for something like that for so many years make me so happy that i was finally able to find something and as you can see those gloves look really nice

They fit really well the length is correct so i think that this is really product worth sharing with you guys especially what if you are in one of those little bit hotter states like in chicago is is hard and i realize that there are different states that are harder than chicago but at the same time we have this crazy humid so when there is like 85 90 degrees of

A fahrenheit and then we have like 85 or 90 of humid is just the killer and for many years i will have like a sweaty hands and i couldn’t really find the the gloves that will help me with this and looks like this might be the glove for me that will actually help me to have really nice airflow while at the same time protecting my hands in the right places in case

You are looking for for nice perforated leather gloves i will have to say check those out the name of those gloves is a razor so it’s kind of similar to razor instead of oh they use a so is the razor gloves and yeah this is a size l i think that this is really nice fit for me and if you are looking for a little bit more airflow during this hot summer days i will

Say check this stuff out because it might be worth it for you as well and this is everything that i have for you today and i really hope that you enjoyed this short episode i have to say you can find me on the different platforms i have my own group called the riders united motorcycle group where you can send me direct message and ask me about this or any other

Video that i have on my channel i have about the 100 different videos close to 100 right now and i’m sure that you can find something of the value for yourself you can also find me on the instagram twitter tik tok so i try to be really social with with the subscriber of the group and i always enjoy interaction i’m always looking for new suggestions for the videos

So please feel free to contact me and i will be more than happy to chat with you on the side and if you would like to get the free sticker please let me know i still have like a few of the stickers left that i try to share with the watchers of the channel especially with the people that will stay with me till the really end of the video if you would like to get

One please send me your home address to riders united motorcycle group at the and i will be more than happy to to send you a really nice sticker from the channel so you can display it on your bike or or the car or whatever you prefer and yeah i’m always happy to see those stickers in the different places and this is everything i got for you today please

Help each other out in case you see the bikers on the side of the road please always stop and help each other out and i really hope to see you on the next episode that i will be releasing next friday and this is everything i got for you today so thank you so much for your attention and see you soon take care guys bye bye

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The best gloves for bike riding in summer – keep your hands cool and comfortable. #JustRideThatThing By RidersUnited