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The Best Mid-Sized Adventure Bikes to Buy | Off-Road, Road & 50/50!

The mid-sized Adventure Bike category is very popular right now as it provides riders with a truly remarkable platform: motorcycle that can tackle all terrain. Adventure Motorcycles need to be able to tackle off-road tracks, long highway miles and twisty roads and each manufacturer takes on this challenge in their own way – leaning towards a riding type or style. This video breaks down my Top 3 recommendations for Adventure Bikes in the mid-seized category. Leave your choices in the comments below!

What’s up everyone welcome back to the moto bruce channel here we’re talking all things adventure motorcycles and helping build safer more competent riders today i’m going to break down my three top recommendations for mid-size adventure motorcycles all right so the mid-size adventure motorcycle scene is really where things are hot right now manufacturers

Seem to be pouring lots of r d into this segment as it seems to be getting a lot more popular the idea of course with a midsize adventure bike is something that can have lots of fun off-road and lots of fun on-road as well it’s trying to find that ever-impossible unicorn motorcycle now i would class a midsize adventure motorcycle as a motorcycle with a minimum

Of two cylinders and ranging from 600 to maybe a thousand cc in displacement now this is obviously always going to be moving as bikes develop and emission laws are changed but for me that’s kind of where i see that mid-size market right now now this isn’t going to be one of those videos where i list off every single midsize adventure bike and say that they’re

All fantastic instead i’m going to make the hard decision and choose only three and the way i’m going to choose those three bikes is simply with three different categories i’m gonna give you what i think is the best motorcycle off-road the best motorcycle on-road and the best motorcycle for an all-purpose bike now the reason i’m breaking up like that is because

Every adventure motorcycle is different and the kind of adventures that we want to take on these bikes are all different as well for me i like to spend most of my time out in the dirt and for others they like to spend most of the time on the open highway so breaking it down into three categories like this i think will help potential buyers find the bike that’s

Right for them so without further ado let’s kick things off with the most obvious category the off-road category as i said this is the category that i sit myself in and it’s no doubt that my recommendation for the best mid-size adventure motorcycle for off-road use is the ktm 790 or 890 variant obviously the r model is the one you want to be going for and if you

Can fork it out and find one the rally model of course is going to be incredible now this isn’t a radical choice you probably all expected this it is no doubt that the ktm is performing best off-road in this segment with its class leading suspension it’s low center of gravity it’s incredible electronics particularly in the rally mode allowing you to fine adjust

Your traction control as you’re riding on the trail it’s no doubt that this bike was really built for off-road riders in mind first and foremost now the downside of course with this bike is that it’s probably the most uncomfortable in its class for the on-road portion now the engine is great you can have a real good blast on the road but if you’re trying to put

Down long highway miles you’re going to need to make some significant modifications to get some comfort out of this bike especially when compared to the other models in this mid-size adventure segment so the second category is road performance and when i think of road i think of an adventure bike that can push long highway miles and also have some great fun in

The twisties but of course it’s still going to need to be able to do some gravel roads for me this bike has to be the bmw f850 gs adventure now this bike is a bemus it is massive it’s thick just like its older brother the 1250 gsa and it it offers so much comfort and wind protection when pushing those big miles i rode this bike last year and i’ve never been on a

Bike that has offered so much wind protection out at highway speeds it’s so comfortable now of course you’re going to pay the price both in terms of the financial layout for this bike it is the most expensive bike in the class by far and of course it’s not going to be the best in the dirt in fact i really found it hard to ride this bike off-road for my technique

And style off-road because the suspension is just so mushy and pillowy it really is very very soft and it doesn’t give that feedback that you want for more technical and challenging terrain now of course if that’s not the kind of train that you want to do and you simply want to put down big miles on a comfortable bike along the highway and maybe do some gravel

Roads and some fire tracks then this bike could be for you alrighty so for the third and final category the all-rounder bike the 50 50. if you had to have just one bike to try and tackle as much terrain as possible what would that be for me i’d be recommending the triumph tiger 900 rally triumphs have done a really good job with creating an all-rounder package

The new 900 engine offers a little bit more torque which really helps with traction when you’re off-road and with its upgraded suspension it really does do well in the off-road setting even when things start to get a little bit more technical of course it’s going to be nowhere near the level of the ktm’s performance off-road but it still is going to offer a lot

Of performance for the average rider it also has great comfort for the long highway miles with a good windscreen and a higher fuel tank and in classic triop style it really delivers in value when it comes to its electronics package everything is included from the beginning such as heated grips heated seat and all of the electronics built into the nav system

That they use so if you’re looking for something where you don’t know what terrain could be ahead you want to be able to tackle highways twisty roads some gravel some fire track and you don’t need a bike that needs to be the absolute best in any of those scenarios instead you want something that’s going to be great for everything that you might come across on your

Trail and your adventure then i think the triumph 900 is the bike to choose alrighty so that’s my top three list for mid-size adventure bikes like i said this wasn’t going to be a big list which means i’ve left a lot on the table you’re probably writing up in the comments below why i didn’t mention the yamaha tenure a700 and it’s not to put anything against that

Bike it’s fantastic if you’re in the market for a midsize adventure bike i hope this video could help you out if you have any questions leave those in the comments below and hey if you have any other recommendations for bikes that you think deserve to be on that list leave those in the comments below maybe someone else will find the bike that is right for them as

Always keep two words on the ground practice good technique and i’ll catch you on the next video bye

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The Best Mid-Sized Adventure Bikes to Buy | Off-Road, Road & 50/50! By The Moto Barista