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The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Under 0


Ah it’s just going he’s going to fall off so guys i have the e-40 right there to go for hero 4 here but i got video stabilization on this testing it out see out work out oh let’s see but today i’m on my way to matt’s house and i got this new bluetooth i wanted to test out is about 49 50 bucks whatever taxes and everything free shipping those on amazon prime and

It’s not a fee none it’s just just like a chinese knockoff let’s see how good an alternative is to include you because i really wanted him to get a bluetooth so we could talk to each other yeah i got the schema as it makes 10r it’s about $165 just for one and roughly $2.99 389 for 2 a 2 pack with what i got for nicky and i but i wanted to get him something and if

You like these even buy from me so that’s even better but still it’s under 50 bucks and it comes with some things it comes with speakers and a boom mic doesn’t come with the same kind of small tiny mic that this thing has this thing came with a boom mic and a small mic and two speakers one thing that i wish they would have and i kind of briefly looked at it but

We’re going to go ahead and play with it when we get to this house is that i wish you had the option to do the headphone thing like i have the headphone thing makes a huge difference in hooking it up to the zenith instead of the speaker’s because there is not a lot of real estate inside these gold bullets and he has a bell bullet also so hopefully doesn’t hurt his

Ears like a hurt mine we’re have to figure something out see how it works but if you like too easy to keep it if you like it we’re going to be using it and when we start using that for communication now it’s actually really community tether for past six years of us writing five and a half six years of us writing we haven’t been able to talk to each other because

We’re too lazy to cheap supplies and bluetooth and spend all our money on the bike and all the extensors are the bike and we just don’t do that we just were so used to just kind of chillin and using our hand signal so guys we’re going to go ahead and do that i’m on my way there and i’ll see you when we start messing with the stuff yi ding motorcycle blew something

Intercom radio so it comes with this that’s cool manuel who’s that the charger cable some stuff so that right there we can hook up to your we don’t do the clamp i guess speakers and the boom mic so we got to put this right here and these inside the cheek pads so gotta adjust those speakers and stuff that is mike it’s ridiculous what’s up guys are stand down the

Fireman parking area yeah i can do it great can you hear me yeah now is it your quiet not such a bad that’s your bad well we’re not even going fast so right around the neighborhood and try to see how it sound i can hear your your engine or your exhaust what i don’t think i’m going to be able to hear you and i’m in the throttle like hard but you can hear me now

Yeah okay perfect well it says that it can handle speeds up to 80 miles per hour i don’t understand how that works might be because the mic or the headphones aren’t directly onto my my dear yeah let’s go that so overall not too bad for 50 bucks when you want to spend like 90 bucks on ryu-san a puppet i forget what it is yes three years something like that isn’t

It you know that we can talk now that is pretty neato it’s neato don’t you know i kind of like not talking to you though perfect that’s i agree perfect can we go back yeah let’s go back so now we can ride up mount lemmon and do trips you can do that before i know but now we can do it while we’re talking to each other sometimes i saw want to talk well then we could

Switch it to music that’s what we need to figure out is how to music share when you listen to game music well that’s why i’m saying you could be in charge of it oh and then i could just skip the song if i don’t like it ah i never come back here some news and i know somebody’s hours every night but we got a car so that way which ballot i’ll go that way you can so

If i think that you do it you can do it i can do it put hobbies on it there get on get up here like to see your bluetooth do you suffer bad you’re complaining that it’s too big you can’t even tell except for the orange marker reflection it doesn’t look like now looks like i just fine i like the other ones a little more discreet yeah but it only gets like 100 yards

No i mean even knorr is more discreet than this one well we’re done i don’t know it’s the left because you can’t go right for some reason why can’t we go right i don’t know try to go right top that pacific this is perfect for me right here i wonder if that road keeps going as well it’s all blocked off but this guy’s backyard getting a pool oh how is he getting

Anything back here it’s all blocked off state trust land no trespassing see that would be perfect for me there’s a lot of state just land out here when we went on that walk that one dude you got room over there that is plenty room early i think i thought a guy got in yeah but it knocks down all the felons knock down we do it for downward year i was in well now i

Have nothing to talk about yay that’s a first it’s not the hot out it really isn’t it be perfect time to go up mount lemmon talk yeah i didn’t really hear you can’t hear me on that part i want to be in the throttle so i wasn’t talking huh i wasn’t talking though i know i said talk oh yeah blue made some pegs yeah i heard it hear me now yeah kabir but i wasn’t

Really in the throttle it might be okay yeah it still worked until you just left by your own i mean at 75 or 80 our pm’s aren’t going to be a size when i’m in the throttle going hard so yeah we need to test it going onto interstate we’re going to right now i don’t want to go right now i wish my gear with them folded up stop why her focus i’ve been trying to fix

It it doesn’t it’s like we’re the right speaker is it’s not on the right to left i think it gives you how you put your helmet on helpful folks stupid just shove it on you don’t like put it halfway on and then to pull the ears back and then put it the rest on like i asked couldn’t have to do that well with these homes you do know i’ve been putting your thumb width

On for a long time and i’ve never had to do it though i’ve always had to do it to get my big edge every big ass you know rebecca right john yeah a confession horses yes my horn that works with stern pull this is fun oh yeah i coulda turned right there so next time we go out riding we need to think of something to say what we need to think of something to say next

Time we’re all right okay okay okay because we had to do a blog okay it’s not too bad it works nice matter turn this off just do some dylan hello i love my penis but that that bluetooth that beat phone texted the bts whatever against a stands for bluetooth anyways it actually worked three well riding around this neighborhood and we weren’t going through faster some

Parts we were going a little bit fast and it works but we’re able to hear each other my only concern is that thing sucks i’m going to try to keep it on this camera it’s shaking plus it’s the hero3 so it’s rough doesn’t have the best of a sensor start to the hero4 black but via the bluetooth the speakers and everything i guess it worked out the problem was available

At that i had when i had this with the speaker’s was fact that the speaker the the slot for the speaker it with the helmet had is like super high up like even at the bottom part of the pad it’s just like high up and then when you start bringing it down it’s not designed that way so the little slot in the foam is not there anymore so now the speaker stick out it’s

Painful the pellets are painful as is if you don’t like i don’t i don’t have the right to offense to this element so with the problem we’re having here now that he’s having to is that the speakers are just not designed with the helmet in mind with our head in mind so weird as a figure spinel what sucks though is that he can’t swap out speakers with the bps with

Headphones like i do out there’s a plug in for the headphones of this being a base ten are to swap out the speakers with a headphone port so i can hook in my headphones and it’s super comfy i can hear everything that’s a limitation with that but when we go writing it’s going to be worth it i think it’s because i i’ve done it before with the speakers and it’s worth

It hearing a voice and chit-chatting is just now it’s like we’re so used to not chatting that we’re like what do we say so that’s so depressing it over and to be nice because we’re be able to ride and be honest we’re just so into the music to do what we always do but now we can actually say hey slow down haters rock say you know we’re going to pull off here i got

Your gas on thursday i’m getting a headache you know whatever it is that we can do now that we have bluetooth communication but overall i’m happy with the bg s so if i only had if my budget was like under a hundred bucks let’s say it’s under 100 bucks and i couldn’t afford $300 no pair of sme spends like i reckoned it for nikki night and i only had 100 bucks i

Would buy this i would buy the 2-pack because there’s a 2-pack on amazon it’s like $99 and le – penis so that’s a third of the price that has been ours now like i said the limitations that you’re going to have with that is they can swap out with a $10 after get headphones that sucks and then like the blue mike is kind of big and that’s all you have all one system

It’s not connected and interconnected like the estimate in our how they will get just a tiny little mic and then at a boom mic in it and i don’t have to use the boom mic i’m using this time mike that was provided so that is nice and itself and i don’t have to deal with that the bgsu gong without even saying i don’t even know it is such an off-brand it’s all

Interconnected speakers are hardwired the mic is hardwired and plug it into the main system in maybe they have replacement that i haven’t seen yet i’m going to look it up more where we can maybe do what i’m doing now works the headphone jack and then like a small microphone and if it’s just as cheap meal five ten bucks for that i’ll definitely do that if i get in

That or i’ll just apply that are all just think of acting it put on by their helmet and you can buy this mist in our mr. his be plugs now i have an exclusion system for our helmet my back end helmet so i’m not too worried about that south wall he said south wall he was pretty good flowing from the speakers i can hear him perfectly with his mic and our helmet our

Helmets are very noisy but i think in here in perfectly with with my bluetooth system kind of was obtained and i think the jews error trying to hook them up i have to do is universal pairing and yes he’s an old pairing and it almost seems like a stroke luck on sunday connected there wasn’t anything special that i did i just followed the universal bearing which

I think is like 12 seconds holding on the according to manual you have the two buttons the pair before you bring it on and then you just kind of do it but it sounds great everything is working great looking it all up i want to try music-sharing but i don’t know if we could do that i know you could do that with athena smh10 ours and a few other cnm models that

You could do music sharing with the firmware upgrade i don’t know if we’re able to share music between those two devices but if he wants to maybe it’s just like an entry-level bluetooth so if he likes would like what we’re doing and he wants the other features of music sharing and then just you know being able to do everything that might scenic and do maybe you’ll

Buy his own cena and then i’ll just take it back i just wanted to be able to talk to him over or while we’re writing and kind of experience that so that was pretty nice that was really fun i’m just kind of doing a quick quick install it’s pretty easy pretty simple just hide the chords put the speakers in the speaker holes and then find a spot for the mic but yeah

Overall i think it turned out pretty well hey guys if you want to check it out i will have a link in the description where you can find it invite if you want to buy one that’s not yourself yeah you like it and believe with this product you’re able to take back if you don’t like this so like i said if he doesn’t like it i’m pledged to put all my backup helmet and

Now i got a cheap big dawg lukyanova that’s the fairphone talk with each other am/fm radio listen to my own music i don’t know if it does mean sharing it because if you like something like that like i said leave the description glad slick fly i’ll see you guys later he has all right stay be safe we’re all you’re here yes

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The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Under $50 By DanDanTheFireman