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THE BEST Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount. PERIOD!

The ultimate test for a cell phone mount is on Harley ape hanger handlebars. I’ve been running the TechGripper mount on my 14″ apes for a year without one issue. It holds steady and never needs adjusting. I am 100% satisfied with this mount and that’s rare with any product these days.

Hey what is up everybody welcome to my moto pilot channel and as you can see today i’m on the street clyde i’m back on the bagger after about four months of getting custom powder coating done feels so good to be back on the bike so i figured i’d get home from work and give you guys a video about my phone mount i know in some ways i’m thinking wow that’s kind of

A small cheesy video but but i’m a member of many motorcycle facebook groups and i swear i think the number one question is what’s a good phone mount for my motorcycle and every time i see that question i think you need the foam mount that i have because this thing is awesome so let me show you the view i have right now and then i’ll show you the phone mount

So here’s my current situation i’m up above lake matthews in riverside california yeah it doesn’t look that spectacular on a gopro but trust me this is a great great view let me just show you the bike real quick and uh kind of get an idea of what kind of powder coating i’ve done you know me mr candy red so here’s my phone mount it’s called the tech gripper by

Techmount and this thing is awesome it’s compact you know we got a little we got a guest up here hey buddy anyways this is called the tech gripper by tech mount and you can see how small it is and it’s super solid i’ll show you a ride test here in a minute i just want to give you some details about it and we’ll take it for a test ride so here’s the unit without

My phone in it and what you do to get your phone into it is you just open up these jaws right here got a nice spring tension that’s firm and uh the width of these jaws goes from 2.1 inches to 4.1 inches so 4.1 that’s a pretty big phone um what it has here is you can turn this is your tightening piece here and it’s on a ball swivel so you can swivel it around

See how i can move it right now i haven’t touched it if i’m riding down the road even with that the way it is this thing will not move it never moves and you can see right now i can still move it a little bit so you got a swivel mount here and then you got a nice handlebar clamp here that comes with like a nylon insert and with that nylon insert you can fit

Seven eight inch round bars to one and a quarter inch so that’s pretty good range and this thing has been super durable it’s got these little traction strips on the inside here to hold your phone in place these have not come off even on the hottest days it’s just been a really good mount i haven’t had to think about it at all it just does its job very well and

Don’t think you need to be a harley rider to run this thing it doesn’t matter whether you got a sport bike adventure bike cruiser bike whatever another thing that’s great about these jaws is because they’re in the middle of your phone they stay clear of all your buttons and one good thing that techmount claims is the nylon insert here between the clamp and your

Handlebars will not mar your finish so i could take this off right now and supposedly there’d be no marks on the handlebars which is great because if you one day want to move the location higher or lower hopefully you have no marks so as i’m riding you can see here this mount is super stable obviously hardies are one of the most vibrating bikes out there even

When i come up to like a red light with my hands on the bars the phone stays stable even if i take my hand off the bars you can see how much the bars shake and the phone mount stays in place i’ve never had the phone fall out of adjustment because of the vibration of the bike i’ve gone every speed under the sun on this bike and the phone mount has not moved all

Right guys so there you have it that is my number one recommendation for foam mount for your motorcycle i’ve used the one that’s got the four prongs that stick up and they like scissor open and that thing was just big and clunky and one of the rubber pieces fell off eventually good source to get this is revzilla no this is not a sponsored video you’re looking

At right around 50 bucks i give this phone mount a 10 out of 10 a tech gripper by techmount go check it out and let me know if you guys want to see a feature video on my bike all the cool stuff i’ve done to it you can see here there’s some pretty sweet stuff there and there’s just a lot a lot of upgrades i’ve done with this bike don’t forget the usual like

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THE BEST Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount. PERIOD! By MOTO PILOT