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The Best Naked Motorcycle Youve NEVER Heard Of!

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All right look nobody asked for this comparison nobody in their right mind is cross shopping a 10 year old buel and an mt-09 but we thought it would be interesting to compare this buell xb9sx which we got off of twisted road our preferred way of getting motorcycles against our giveaway mt-09 now this is an unlikely comparison but spike you think this is worth

Talking about right yeah these are both about 900 cc’s of naked torque monster this is the sportster motor this is yamaha’s bananas inline triple so let’s shake them down and see what happens let’s have some fun today now look everyone knows what the mt09 is 847cc triple cylinder crazy wheelie machine we don’t need to hash this thing over anymore so let’s talk

About this view a little bit more sprite with that thing out of here all right away you go come on let’s get it out of there all right spike there is no doubt this is a weird bike um you i think love this thing do you yeah i i think it’s really cool it’s it’s a weird relic and i’m finding myself uh understanding that i like strange stupid motorcycles and this

Is one of the strangest bikes out there it’s actually putting down 92 horsepower and 72 foot pounds of torque pretty good from an air-cooled sportster motor yeah this thing literally has i think the 883 derived engine right basically yeah so this is almost a thousand cc’s 984-ish so it’s a bit bored out over the 883 which is how they’re making more power and why

Harley decided not to put this in a sportster we’ll never know we’ll never know but it’s it’s a really kind of bizarre relic as we start getting into it the weirdest thing you notice is where the gas goes in this bike yeah because you would think it’s right here you’re like oh gas goes here it doesn’t nope the gas goes here into the frame which is why it has these

Big pucks on the side so you don’t poke a hole in your gas tank if you go down and this is actually the kick ash translucent uh colorway and so you can actually see through it and look at the air box which is pretty neat see it right through there that air box um there’s there’s so much to point out on this bike so it’s belt driven like the sportster and so you

Have this little belt tensioner down there holding the thing in place um the swing arm is just crazy too it’s this crazy beefy weird looking swing arm it is quite a chunky swing arm i think the biggest one that i’ve seen other than this is probably on the r1 yeah yeah definitely uh and that adds to the spikes a bit heavier weight than the m29 right yeah so this

Is about 450 pounds wet they claimed 380 dry yeah so we added a little bit more for uh you know just fluids and the fact that it’s an american bike made out of depleted uranium and one of the nuts things about this is under the seat because it’s an air-cooled bike there’s actually a vent fan back here that’ll spin up and get air moving away from the back cylinder

Because it’s all wrapped up in all this stuff and keeping it cool is kind of a nightmare since it is putting down more power yeah the other cool thing about this is because eric buell actually cared about going fast in performance we’re working with fully adjustable suspension here which is awesome you got a mono shock at the rear not a crazy dual shock setup like

The sportster fully adjustable rebounded compression at the front these big showa front forks fully adjustable as well and then for me the wildest thing about this bike is the front brake setup you have a single disc wheel mounted rotor it is so odd with the caliper inside the disc yeah it’s so bizarre and you won’t see a brake setup like this on basically any

Other modern sport bike ever i i think only buell did this yeah i think it’s a patented design it feels very strange yeah it has this weird characteristic where it bites a little bit and then it’s like okay this is normal and then it bites a lot yeah because it’s just so far out and it’s so it either puts so much torque on the front wheel yeah that it actually it

Works pretty well and it’s a three-pot caliper not just a regular two pot so it’s i mean it’s a big break up there the only three part i know of is the boosters brakes as well so they’ve got that in common with it yeah and then another just weird i’m not sure where this bike came from obviously it was from milwaukee at one point but it’s in kilometers per hour and

When i say in kilometers per hour it is in kilometers like it’s just like the the dashboard is painted with kilometers per hour which is weird i don’t know like maybe it came from canada or europe somehow yeah but it is the strangest bike and um you know it’s got this big air-cooled engine this i mean there’s so much weirdness about it um i think there’s only one

Thing left to do is actually get it on the road and see what it’s like let’s do it alrighty guys swing a leg over the buell comparing it against our mt-09 spy no one asked for this comparison this is a weird one today no but it’s it’s kind of fun these are both naked torquey bikes and you know it’s it’s really weird to be riding this bike down the road and having

It sound and feel like a sportster but not even be even remotely close to one at the same time yeah i’m excited to swing a leg over it so i have not ridden this bike yet we rode out here and i wrote on the mt09 because i wanted to preserve my buell virginity it feels just like a sportster that is so odd and i get on this thing and i after having ridden nothing

But the hayabusa and the sportster for the last week i’m like oh it’s just is it even on i can’t tell yeah so very first impression on ergonomics is it’s a stumpy chunky little thing huh it really is tiny um it’s really this itty-bitty muscly thingamajig but it’s it’s not like too small you know it’s not uh i don’t feel like the size compromises it necessarily

In terms of fitment or anything like that like uh the z650 where the c650 is just too small this is actually close to size of the z650 but the peg placement on the foot is way higher which is awesome you got a lot of clearance to uh get some good lean angle on this thing how’s the how’s the engine feel for you um it’s buttery smooth actually once you get it up in

The revs a little bit it’s nice like that’s that’s the one thing that surprised me is like yeah it’s a big aggressive sportster engine but it didn’t feel like it was bad in the way that the sportster engine did like it vibrates in dumb ways and it’s an unrideable you know uh just clap trap that feels like you’re on a drying machine with a dishwasher or a break

In it yeah no it doesn’t feel like that at all this thing’s nice and smooth um it’s it’s very old school though you know not just in the way that uh the engine is designed but the way the the bike handles too feels like a bike from at least a generation ago it doesn’t have the snappy power of a new v-twin naked bike it’s way more mellow yeah and it has that smell

Too that kind of old-school uh you know oil gas burning smell that modern bikes just don’t have anymore yeah tell you what though i would like a gear position indicator that’d be cool and a neutral light that works this one doesn’t yeah that for some reason that bike’s neutral light just doesn’t work i’m not sure what’s going on but i will say having ridden the

Buell down this road to get to the spot where we started going back to back on the mt-09 this thing feels like a bear just like i’m i’m on a loaded gun with the throttle it’s big it’s wide it’s powerful this thing is way more small and narrow and to be honest the ergonomics here are much more sport bike than the mt-09 the pegs are way higher i’m actually super

Surprised the bottom half of my body almost feels like i’m on a real sport bike and yet it is not uncomfortable it’s not uh like i was cruising down the highway on it and it was just fine this is a really enjoyable motorcycle this is not bad at all i like how you said that basically assuming that it was just gonna be a flaming hunk of garbage like the sports the

Bar was set super low for this thing but it is quite funny the engine is it’s it is a sportster engine and you can’t really escape that um and it’s just so strange you know yeah we’re doing we’re doing 40 kilometers per hour another one kph doesn’t make any sense like i so i read the uh some people’s reviews of it online just because i had some time to kill and

Uh one of the guys was like it’s in kilometers per hour and i’m not sure why and you know it was hard to tell what speed i was going and the owner should really switch it over and i was like oh so the the little dashboard the lcd dash is just in kilometers like the husky and then i get there and i was like oh that’s what he meant it is a hard mounted kph setup man

I can hear it popping behind me that thing’s crazy yeah that’s what i was saying when i was on the m10 i could really hear it even if you’re in front of it um but i gotta say you know i’m pleasantly surprised by this motorcycle the turn-in is slower than i thought it would be but that could be down to these tires these pilot road floors aren’t the most v-shaped

Super aggressive tire you could put on this thing but overall it’s it settles really nicely in in a quarter it’s really not that bad um it’s actually better mid corner than the mt09 to be honest yeah and the the throttle’s not nearly as herky-jerky on it yeah it’s much more smooth but it doesn’t deliver anywhere near the kind of performance the m209 does no

And you know by comparison the mt09 feels really light and super nimble side to side yeah this is way slower to pitch it in oh my god i can’t believe these vibrations at idle is it shaking your eyeballs yeah that’s great i thought something was wrong with it for a sec i was like oh it’s breaking like no that’s just what it does yeah admittedly we i was saying

This earlier and i i thought that i was going to get on the mule and it was going to be just weird and dumb and it’s and cheap and it’s really not this is pretty freaking good he played a magic trick when he built that engine just the whole thing it feels it feels better than it has any right to yeah but i can’t help but think this is the wrong engine for this

Bike i agree i i think that you know you can you can squeeze plenty of power out of the sportster motor but it’s a slow revving uh you know torque first engine that just it doesn’t want to go fast it just wants to cruise yeah i mean this is this you cannot escape it this is just like a cruiser engine which it gives you such a strange dichotomy of experience

Because this engine didn’t start in this motorcycle it started in a uh you know a sportster right so it’s designed for a completely different thing whereas the mt-09 started its life with that engine with that frame designed and conceived from the beginning to go together right so it’s a totally different thing and honestly just moving this thing around through

The corners i kind of wish i was on the buell to be honest this thing feels funny dude the fuel handle is great if you pitch it over here it’s so stable like i can definitely feel this bike wobble and buckle in a corner it generally feels like something’s wrong with it when you start getting it to idle yeah it really it feels all wrong because it’s just it it

Starts shaking so bad like between 1 000 and 2000 rpm the whole like my jaw is shaking mm-hmm i can hear it in your voice what a dude what a what a weird bike um it’s it is such a bizarre experience the chassis the way it handles everything about it the way it flicks in you’re like fun sport bike feels a lot like a ducati monster from a couple years ago but the

Engine is just not there it’s it’s not there dude it tries he you know they did the best they could with what harley davidson gave him yeah which admittedly it’s not much but that sound look how like i’m gonna do this i’m gonna rev this engine they’re gonna rub that one look at this where it’s like it’s like it feels like a big old-school v8 trying to do its thing

You know versus this look how fast this thing revs up man that’s no comparison it revs up and down so quickly i think this thing revs up and down fast and nothing revs up what could have been with the buells man what could have been what could have been this could have been our ducati in the united states it really it rides like the monster yeah you know it feels

Just like the monster when you get on it you’re like oh okay big tank aggressive stance yeah kind of small feeling bike and you know it definitely feels like it’s a little too small for a guy my size but you know it’s it’s a really fun little naked bike yeah what do you say we wrap this up and get our final thoughts sounds good to me all right guys wrapping up

Our day here with the buell and the nto9 despite i think for me the thing i’m taking away from this is like how much progress we’ve made since like old school naked bikes and how they are nowadays what do you think yeah i feel like there’s been well there’s been progress and there’s also been like steps back i think in this because this represents to me excess in a

Bad way i think i think it’s just it’s too much it’s too silly it’s too uh like there’s no there’s no chill with this motorcycle it’s just it’s all go all the time hair on fire and you can’t calm it down whereas that you can ride it and and you know put it on the side of the tire and really go for it and it kind of feels like it kind of feels like you’re pushing

It a little too hard for what it is but it also feels like it’s completely compliant while it’s doing it you know i would say the buell is much more forgiving than the mt09 yeah in a way that bikes kind of used to be um you know i think we’ve gotten to the point now where everyone’s used to having 160 horsepower having electronics to save you and all this crazy

Stuff and some people even see the m29 is like a normal bike but it’s really not a normal bike it feels crazy and this to me represents more of what motorcycles used to be that there used to be a little bit more laid back more chill something you could really kind of be a little bit more flexible with um and that was our leader bike made like 140 horsepower yeah

I know seriously um and i think we’ve kind of lost our way a little bit when it comes to that and the buell is kind of refreshing in that way i can’t get away from the fact that it’s so anachronistic with its engine and its frame like what is going on with this bike um because you accelerate and you’re like i’m on a sportster you flip you flick it in you’re like i’m

On a ducati monster it’s so weird it’s so so weird it’s got this weird the venn diagram of riders who would like it the overlap is so so small which is i guess kind of the story of buell right kind of a shame but they it’s so cool and fun to ride and unique yeah because it it has that cruiser engine in there and again yeah it’s a little hopped up but it it feels

Like a cruiser engine yeah it revs like a cruiser engine it hangs grabs like a cruiser engine uh you you want to take it easy but then you put it on the side of the tire and you’re like all right let’s go yeah i was pleasantly surprised by how high the foot pegs are on this thing and how the overall ergonomics package is actually so much better than what i thought

It would be really pleasantly surprising bike i really am trying to think of complaints i mean the complaints i have i just want more performance right i want better components but if it’s hard to say because if you were to put me on this bike i’d be happy with it i wouldn’t be upset about it from a naked sport bike experience other than the engine which could

Definitely use some help i think yeah the the fact that it vibrates so bad that it shakes your eyeballs is a little much um it really it shakes like nobody’s business uh i think it’s the way that the engine is mounted in the frame actually makes it worse than the sportster i think so yeah um between one and two thousand this thing just shakes everything on your

Body yeah i feel like it’s it’s mounted differently obviously because you know the frame is completely different but it just it feels fun and raw it feels like what something like the super duke should kind of be like except not to the nth degree yeah exactly you know because that bike that bike is just bananas it’s like it’s like this on steroids and ketamine

Yeah the this is like what a snaked sport bike for the street should feel like yeah it’s it’s flattering in a way too and it doesn’t ever really scare you even if it has like all that torque and you know supposed top end power which i didn’t really feel much of that’s the thing is it it it feels like it doesn’t really have that 92 72 no number it doesn’t rev that

Way maybe it does on a dyno but out in the real world it just doesn’t feel like it’s making the power that they quoted this thing fuels a smidge faster than an sv650 yes which a lot of folks might say this comparison makes no sense and i do agree to an extent we are just having fun today but you know 900 cc naked bike i mean this thing feels like a rocket ship

Compared to this thing these things we were talking about on the way down you’re like why is it so fast the m29 is crazy fast um in a way that maybe the bigger buells feel the xb12 right they make that one or they used to make it i feel like the xb12 would be like this but maybe having the performance that you want yeah i feel like that might actually give you

The punch that you’re looking for or maybe it’s like everyone said about the dyna and it’s just big sportster who knows this is sporty sportster yeah exactly um well guys i hope you’ve enjoyed this odd comparison and if you like what we’re doing here hit the subscribe down below join us on this is a giveaway bike remember don’t forget that and this

One we got off twisted road we’ll catch you on the next one see you later hey there partner you done made it to the end of this here yama new video but i tell you what there’s another yam new video right over here waiting for you now i know i’m real gracious like that and i just do nice things for you so why don’t you take a look at this video and you let me know what you think

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The Best Naked Motorcycle You've NEVER Heard Of! By Yammie Noob