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The Can Am Freedom Trailer Has Arrived

The Can Am freedom Trailer Has Arrived.

Hey guys in preparation of the big trip out west in here in a few months we knew going into this we’re going to need a lot more storage capacity for equipment than we’ve had in the past the internal storage capacity of the spider is five and a half cubic feet and we found that in a multi trip multi-day trips we’ve taken in the past we filled the storage space up

To capacity i fear that we are really not very good minimalists so knowing that a trip that’s going to be 30 days in length is going to take more equipment we’re going to need more options so we’ve decided to obtain a trailer and that’s why the last couple videos was mounting the trailer hitch and the harness we’ve decided on the can-am spyder freedom trailer we

Reached out to dave over it all out cycles in chesapeake in ordered one and so we’re looking forward to that coming in and getting installed and training with it forget how we’re gonna pack it and kind of doing a product review of the actual trailer itself so that’s gonna be the subject of today’s video well guys that finally came in we’ve got the the freedom

Trailer it’s been an order now for a few weeks with all out cycles over chesapeake they called me on friday today was ready and so it was told in the crate so we couldn’t pick it up until they had a chance to assemble it and kill the paperwork ready that was yesterday and yesterday it was a rainy and cold day shall have a video of that and had to take the suv

Over to pick it up because it was just too nasty and as luck would have it we found out that the power connections for the 2019 freedom trailer is not compatible with the 2014 connections that was with the kit that i bought and have installed so i had to order an adapter so we were able to get it home with without that but just wait the adapter to come in for the

Power supply but it makes really well and still getting used to it took it out for a couple of test runs already so let me give you a little bit of a tour the trailer is the trailer is just under 8 foot long so it’s my intention to build a stand or order from pr i have incited which which way yet and and just go ahead and mount it on the so i could store it in the

Garage the online information tells you about the exterior dimensions of the trailer but doesn’t give you the interior dimensions although technically it is 10 cubic feet but trying to visualize what 10 cubic feet is and how its laid out it’s tricky to open it pull the latch and you get the hydraulic assists to open it and hold it open and i already got our largest

Suitcase that we own already in here and it’s pretty deep yeah it’ll swallow a lot of cargo i’ve already gone and picked up a small portable battery-powered led light i can eliminate the cargo area if it’s in a dark area it’s cloudy so or in nighttime so we can see what’s in the trailer it’s a little battery-powered job it just velcros on real nice when you talk

About how much space you have inside the the trailer from the forward-most area to the rear wall is about four feet four inches but the area that i measured from four suitcases and so forth there’s a ridge line that runs across the front there before the contouring starts from there to the to the back so here is about three feet five inches now it it tapers it’s

The narrowest as far as with up near the front and it’s one foot 10 inches across and then you get to this area here and it it’s two feet and five inches and then from here it’s about two foot eight inches the depth changes also and the rear of the trailer it’s about about 21 inches total depth but in the front it’s a little shallower because at the teardrop shape

And it comes down to about about 14 inches in the front ah a lot of cargo room lot of cargo room still haven’t decided exactly how we’re going to pack everything up since it’s so lightweight empty weight weighs maybe a maybe a hundred pounds loaded it’s not supposed to weigh more than 200 pounds of cargo with the hundred pounds of empty weight i want to involve

A security paddle – rapper on the wheel in the axle make sure it doesn’t go anyplace in addition to the bottle lock for the hitch assembly to make sure that the hitch stay secure and this is the the kam power supply hitch our power supply cable that i’m waiting for the part to come in on so we can actually power it up so i’ve got on some test drives but i really

Haven’t left the cul-de-sac in my neighborhood yet just – no brake lights no signal lights that sort of thing to give me with it how to handle it how to backup it seems pretty lightweight the only thing i’m concerned about the moment i got a test it is our driveway has a bit of a dip as you go out to the street and i need to make sure that i won’t bottom out as i

Go down the driveway or back into the driveway so now take up a little bit test drive now the driveway clearance was fine i didn’t have a problem with the spider hitting the asphalt when i backed out of the driveway but i need to test the trailer out while it’s fully loaded i know the spider itself and fully loaded will cause the front end the spider to come in

Contact with the concrete driveway unless i enter on a slight angle so more testing needs to be done since the trailer itself was not loaded i did not notice any difference in performance even though i was traveling at slow speeds backing up a trailer is not one of my skill sets it’s one of the things i still need to learn but it looks like i can back up in a straight

Line with no issues one of the unknowns was to find out how much room i needed to give the trailer in turns using a small piece of wood as a marker i marked the front wheel and made a sharp turn to the left and to the right and found out that the trailer tire will track about three inches inside of the arc of the front tire not bad my neighbors thought i was crazy

For driving the spider in the trailer in circles in the cul-de-sac well guys that was a little bit of orientation into the 2019 freedom trailer a couple of things that i’ve discovered as i’ve been playing around with it the design of the 2019 that’s not only different when it comes to the power supply jack it’s also different than the actual structure i had planned

On ordering a stand from pierre up at kam spider accessories up in quebec but the kit that he currently had in the stock is designed to hold a different frame and when you when you actually mount the spider into the frame you can actually stand it up and stand the entire trailer into a corner so i have to reach out to pierre to see if he’s come up with a solution for

That or whether i just have to improvise something else because i definitely want to store it indoors but i don’t want to take up all my garage space so have to work on that so i’m looking forward to getting the the harness the power supply harness getting the spider loaded down and the trailer loaded down with some weight so i can get to feel for how the spider

Actually performs along with the trailer one of the things i’m still not up to speed on is how i actually configured the spider to trailer towing mode because it actually changes the transmission specifications of when the auto shifts and down shifts occur so i need to figure out why i’m not getting any type of reading on my control panel it may be that the spider

Trailer has got to be plugged in first i don’t know so if you happen to have any insight on that if you have to have a 2014 our sd-6 our se5 and you’ve run across a problem you know what the solution is about police freeze fountain and leave a comment below and let me know what the secret is so other than that that’s gonna be it for today’s video i appreciate you

Guys watching as we get ready for the the big trip we’re down under the two months mark got a lot of planning i’m gonna figure out how to load this thing and exactly what we’re gonna take i have an idea but haven’t quite finished the planning yet so anyway until next time y’all take care thanks for watching if you don’t like it give it a thumbs down feel free to leave a comment below

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The Can Am Freedom Trailer Has Arrived By John \u0026 Miriam’s Travel Vlog