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The CCM BLITZ: Ready to Sell – Bike Check Day Ep. 17

This was a free CCM Bitz mountain bike that I spent next to nothing on fixing it up and it is now ready to sell. Thanks for watching!!

I have all when the bike check day and today we’re gonna be in the shed looking at a cheap bike but it’s been ready to sell so this is the ccm blitz this bike i got for free from a family member i have since upgraded and it’s not ready to sell it’s been a lot of parts have been changed the pedals the brakes the derailers the shifters the brake levers and grips and

The handlebars and the front wheel and the last but not least the chain now one of the first things i did is i had to rob the short caged derailleur off of this he can bring it back from a 1 by 2 a 3 by 6 as it was before so i had to do that i had to use the derailleur off the bike for money rally record which i’ll be showing in a next video but i had to do this to

Convert it back to what it was before next thing one hand is i looked around like parts bin and i put these tech tro brake levers onto the bike other aluminum alloy cantilever brake levers and to match that all up i put these old shimano altis brakes on that don’t have the craft plastic collars gray plastic collars thank god but i had to reuse the original bolts that

Came with thee not with these brakes but the old brakes then i went ahead and got this 27 millimeter seat post which is the modern style clamp design better stays tight longer doesn’t come loose and as well as a quick-release seat now the bike is a hefty at least 35 pounds more now that cement weighs taken out by this quick release front rim and these lightweight

Aluminum handlebars but aside from that it is still a very heavy heavy bike now the bike is still wearing the original 2.1 h kenda tires that it came with back in the 90s they’re in pretty good shape they haven’t perished yet there’s a little bit dry rotted but these can be replaced for very cheap and it has the steel rim on the back which is probably why the bike

Is so heavy i do not have another rim that is true and will fit this bike lying around now these handlebars came off of when i’ll diamondback bike of mine i took a straight bars off i do not like straight bars i prefer the high rise or low rise bars to be honest with you so basically i went ahead and replaced these with the old bars that have my diamondback which

Unfortunately got stolen from me it had a manitou air for it can all the goodies on it well i’m not going to get that into that into this video but this bike is basically a rigid fork it’s a very simple bike it’s not a very special one either but the brakes work the gears work and everything four five six in front years it’s just friction kicked it in the front

Very simple thing to think too special about that but it does the job so i hope you found this video interesting if you did please give it a thumbs up for a subscribe thanks for watching

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The CCM BLITZ: Ready to Sell – Bike Check Day Ep. 17 By Aaron’s Bits \u0026 Bikes