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The COOLEST Motorcycles Keanu Reeves Owns!

The COOLEST Motorcycles Keanu Reeves Owns!

What’s going on there guys and welcome back to our channel you’re surely aware that actor keanu reeves is not just a badass but also a motorbike enthusiast arch motorcycle a firm set to reinvent american performance cruisers is co-founded by this guy he is set to ride often and have a fine collection of motorbikes but first here’s a fascinating tidbit about reeves

He didn’t figure it out until he was filming in munich in the late 1980s the actor approached a lady who was riding an enduro motorbike and asked if she would teach him how to ride it which she did reeves went to los angeles and purchased his first ever motorbike and the rest as they say is history here are some of the coolest motorcycles kiana reeves owns before

We get started please be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on any of our future videos going forward number six 2019 arch krgt1 reese claims to have had a harley davidson dino white glide which he describes as an awesome motorbike he did however want to make the journey more personal that’s when he met guard hollinger a

Bespoke bike builder for the actor that’s when the two decided to develop arch motorcycle with reed’s personal vehicle serving as the model for the performance cruiser the orange kr gt1 was designed to establish a new standard for performance cruisers the krgt1 is equally at home cruising motorways or cutting canyon roads thanks to an arch slash sns 124 civ twin

With a particularly aggressive silhouette many of the seats are made in-house including tailoring the seats for each user while the rest is sourced from across the world number five el diablo west coast chopper with a starting price well into the six figures this is a motorbike that only the privilege can afford it stands out from the rest of the road because

Of its untamed appearance since reece confesses to being captivated by the motorcycle gangs that used to congregate in the toronto region when he was a boy referring to them as pirates of the road this is likely to peak his interest the most goldberg like many other renowned individuals with a lot of money is obsessed with motorized contraptions in his instance

He has a penchant for both four and two wheeled vehicles as seen by the amount of unique automobiles and motorcycles that he’s built el diablo is the name of the motorbike which was manufactured by jesse james and his west coast choppers wcc together with two others in 2003. barry jackson will auction the black and chrome behemoth later this month the motorbike

Which is powered by a 124ci snsv twin engine with a carburetor from the same company and a six-speed gearbox has the traditional design of the family of motorcycles it belongs to but with enough custom-made parts to make it stand out in a crowd number four 2004 ducati 998 matrix reloaded edition the ducati 998 is a sports bike that was manufactured by ducati between

2002-2004 it was the ducati 916’s last version and the successor to the ducati 996. although it was totally new from the crankshaft up the new testastreta engine had many similarities with the preceding decimal quattro engine in the 996. the term tester strata refers to a full redesign of the cylinder heads the technique of adjustment dramatic valve actuation was

Kept this is a departure from the rest of reese’s collection of motorbikes this is the bike trinity wrote in the sequel to the matrix as the name implies during a hectic pursuit scenario you may recall her hurling this item from the top of the truck in the midst of rush hour traffic on the interstate it features matrix reloaded graphics and a unique matrix green

Paint although he admits it’s quite the machine it’s clear that this bike is more of a duty to the guy number three 1974 bmw r756 even though it wasn’t the quickest bike on the market at the time the bmw r756 is nonetheless engaging enough to make any length of road more enjoyable it also provides a considerable degree of comfort which seems to be a frequent

Theme among the actors rides it’s clear that the guy prefers relaxing cruises than pushing the boundaries number two 1973 norton commando 850 2a the norton commando is a british norton billiards motorcycle with an ohv pre-unit parallel twin engine that was built from 1967 to 77 by the norton motorcycle company since the early 1920s all ohv norton engines have

Used a hemi-type head the commander was a worldwide success over a 10-year manufacturing run from 1968 through 1972 it received the motorcycle news machine of the year title in the united kingdom five times in a row reece claims this was a second bike which he purchased somewhere in 1987 so he clearly didn’t spend any time adding to his collection i had a lot of

Fantastic moments with this motorcycle he said in an interview with gq norton’s had piqued the man’s interest since he was a youngster due to their distinct design and demeanor number one kawasaki ninja zx10r when reese reaches the tracks it seems that this is his preferred ride which he enjoys doing with his arch motorcycle partner and staff he claims that being

On the track is the greatest since he doesn’t have to worry about traffic or speed limitations which would be an issue on a ninja zx10r the kawasaki ninja zx10r is the successor of the ninja zx9r in the ninja sport bike line from japanese manufacturer kawasaki it was first published in 2004 and has since been updated and changed many times it boasts a super slim

Chassis a lightweight and radial brakes this brings us to the end of our video if you enjoy the content then go ahead and leave us a like and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel as well as hit that bell so you don’t miss out on future videos going forward until next time take care and goodbye

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