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The Crew 2 Beta: PC Lets Play! Part 1, CAR SHOPPING!?

The Crew 2 Beta: PC Let’s Play! Part 1, CAR SHOPPING!? | TC9700Gaming

Hello and all what is going on – the guys tommcatt here and we are in the crew – beta on pc so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be playing through the beta we’re gonna be having a blast having some fun and i’m gonna take you guys along with me along this this journey so we’re gonna be doing a let’s play and starting from the beginning but also intermixing

Some little things here and there like go on and road exploring doing some drifting doing a bunch of different things getting a little bit more acclimated to the drift physics and should be pretty fun so we’re gonna go ahead and find ourselves a character real quick and let’s see let’s see this dude looks pretty cool i will go with no with this dude right here

And oh we got a hold for a character i keep forgetting that okay guys come on get a move on we’re going on soon ah hiroyuki carter hey call me hero pleasure to meet you i was beginning to think you and your driver weren’t gonna make it i’m from live the camera company sponsoring this race and i’ll be heading up this event walk with me look thanks again i’m really

Stoked about this thanks for giving us this shot don’t mention it we’re always on the lookout for new talent and you and your friend fit the bill and i don’t have to tell you this but – you do right for yourselves in this race you’ll see a lot of doors opening up for you gotcha we won’t disappoint you disappoint me that’s not what this is about it’s your chance to

Impress people who matter events my company organizes are a feeder for every racing family out there you do want to raise yes oh yeah this is such a big deal for us we’ve tried broadcasting the races but no dice i guess nobody wants to see nobody’s trust me just show the world what you’ve got this one you’ll get followers like that run a good race you’ll find your

Options and your followers increasing we’ll give it our best here on my friend i don’t want your best i want legendary badass them anyway i’ve got to go something about putting on a race best of luck okay thanks let’s do this it’s gonna be fun now this intro race this intro race is usually well it’s a little bit it’s a little bit all over the place but we should

Be able to get we still should be able to get some good racing in cause like i said i mean it’s not exactly it’s funny the intro race is usually kind of crazy but let’s see if we can get to the city that never sleeps a little bit more into it and i’m gonna go ahead and be quiet so you guys can watch chasers in a way you never could have imagined it’s not just the

City it’s a playground for the best pilots and drivers of today and tomorrow and let’s go well out of the way camaro please haha there we go come on claude whoa we’re here today to watch the first episode of this year’s live extreme series in this new season you want to just make sure that whoa okay that was a little bit overdone overcook but yeah you just want

To make sure you’re a little bit careful on some of these tighter corners because they will they whoa that’s how fast they will mess you up if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you go in too quick and see your follower numbers sore oh crap oh crap i get that checkpoint i think i did yeah i’m good come on oh it’s been a bit since i’ve played around with these

Physics i need to get used to him again well let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go speaking of soaring boom there you have it folks the numbers are going through the roof jump come on let’s go oh god what up bro i’ll stay out of the way come on all right let’s get it let’s get it let’s get it i don’t think so mr. audi tt not not on my watch they’re

Not even that close all right we got this you got a break in a straight line set up a little bit before the quarter and that that will usually work really really well to get you through the corner smoothly a boy all right come on boat time let’s do this here we go oh my god i forgot how amazing the plate how amazing it looked when you boost it in these things we

Can get old god hmm that’s it me oh let’s go come on come on come on come on come on almost there doors by winning of course but that’s not the only way do a spectacular stuff oh crap wow that we didn’t hit that with enough speed ended up getting a bunch of like meeting a bunch of dirt all over the bottom of the boat – that was kind of ugly come on go go go go go

Go go no we’re losing them i’m gonna skip that jump whoa we just took himself out okay i’ll take that god these boats are slow we’re only doing like a hundred and thirty-five which i know it’s really fast for being on the water but still the circuit oh we’re gonna have to pass them otherwise this one’s not gonna go so well the thing with the boats is that if you

Get like behind it’s really hard to claw your way back because they are kind of slow oh jeez oh my god being in the other boats wake is iffy we kick it up a notch for their grand all right let’s do this planes are fun planes are really fun all right are we ready people let’s go this is how the ash god pilot isn’t enough anymore you’ve got to shine i love racing

The planes staying sharp on this gonna take me a minute to warm up to its light man the more followers you have the more followers you’ll get a boo-boo easy team and the second we’ll start looking at you pile up supporters and the contracts will be knocking on your door so god i don’t know how the hell they’re that bar in front of makes enough followers will open

Up new styles of read i know that technically you don’t have to win this one but it’s like dams and isn’t awesome what we’re all after i’ll tell you what though if we’re not gonna catch them we can at least do barrel rolls oh boy couple fun there we go whoo god i love messing around with this stuff but hook from the heart of new york city this was the live extreme

Series episode one not magic and remember to follow us on all social media and remember back to the gt3 my favorite place i mean the boats and the planes are cool but give me the gt3 any day of the week i will take the gt3 no questions asked bro no questions asked the gt3 is is beastly cool it is official my friend we have made the big time we’re so galle yes

But that’s more than fine you know we got the right stuff there’s so much to try folks planes all kinds of cars it’s like a world gone bad fd dude we’re gonna take a bite out of everything we’re talking street racers off-road pro racing freestyle we can take a test run with any of them or if you asked me do them all pick which one you want to try first let’s go

My friend welcome to the motor nation oh yes dude we’re gonna try as many as we can here in the beta as many as humanly possible we can get this puppy rolling it’s alright so let’s see we start we’re gonna start oh man let’s see we could start with off-road trial we could start with a street racing trial i mean we’re gonna do all these anyway so let’s start with

Some street racing trial first god i want that viper oh my god is not the names latrell i’m sort of like the unofficial welcoming committee for the street racing family we tune our rides show them off and racing if that sounds like something you want it all you got to show me something i’ll loan you a car but you got to do the driving if you win you’re one of us

Just remember because a loaner stretch don’t scratch it we got this oh boy please tell me we get to be in that gt3 again yes i know there’s gonna be that one guy in the comments that’s going to be like it’s another gt3 it’s a gt3 rs let’s go now let me see for just a second detective – where is the manual transmission audio controls maybe aha sequential okay

So that wool and let’s see steering linearity steering dead zone oh let’s see let’s leave that stuff alone for now we’ll play with it later we’ll play with it later i just want i want think the the gearbox in manual mode oh no no no no no no are you freakin kidding me dude what a way to start the freaking race is there also a way to turn like let’s see oh god i

Want like i want like no traction control or anything like that i don’t think that they don’t i don’t think we have anything to mess with with that so let’s just go back let’s just go back not concern ourselves with it right now we’re five seconds behind but we got to close that gap oh my god okay you know what oh we can’t restart this are you freaking kidding me

Man what no no no no no no oh come on go go go boo boo boo go we finally found him that’s like the worst race start i think i’ve ever had in just about any game in recent memory like that is so bad wizard caught the pack all right two down whoa damn it what that’s solid what no okay can i seriously not restart this oh my god that’s insane that’s absolutely

Insane i can’t believe that i cannot believe that 17 seconds behind it better give us an option to retry because that is the worst race i think i’ve ever done in oh my god in any get not even like just the crew in general but like any racing game that was the worst race i think i’ve ever done it’s also partially not knowing what what isn’t isn’t breakable come

On yeah um very much in last but we’re gonna have to do that again because that was right you did it no come with me what something for you i think you go oh no no no no that doesn’t compute that doesn’t make sense um okay i’ll take it but like man i feel so bad like that was like i didn’t know what what was breakable and what wasn’t it oh that was literally

The worst race i think i’ve ever done that was a fun race which means you pushed fine racing by that was horrible street racing community hangs i’m part of the crew here that’s looking to take what we do legit feel the same way maybe we can help each other out all right so let’s get our hands on a new car keep it on the streets his name’s edgar marquez but you

Best call him he’s the champion racer around how you the king of the quarter-mile you want to take a shot at him it’s going to dig everything you got it may be a few things i could teach you you got ten that can give you skills see those cause one of them’s yours reward for winning their trial yeah the rest though you gotta buy those win enough races get enough

Cred and you’ll get to play with all sorts of toys driftin drag racing you get the idea you got a run and you got a win now pick your ride get behind the wheel and let’s see what you got sweet so i don’t think i’m gonna go with the miata i think i mean the miata is a great the miata is a great start but i’m not sure if the miata is what i’m gonna go with i mean

I’m gonna have to look and see so let’s see oh my god i bet you oh man because we can test drive anything we want oh boy yes oh my god we can test drive anything we want oh my god we got a test drive this rig era we have got to test drive this vergara holy crap alright i always forget that the reg era is a single gear and like it takes a little bit to get it round

Out there’s also no highway around here which kind of sucks police no highway that i know of this one right this might lead to one see how fast we can get this thing to go oh we’re already we’re already freakin cooking huh we only got like 26 seconds to go though they don’t really give you enough room to come anywhere close to maxing out something like this what

Is understandable because they want to save that for like you know when you actually buy it but damn alright we’re gonna have to actually go back and buy a car i mean like it was cool to kind of get out in one but let’s see free vehicle so let’s see we can start out with a miata a mustang attrs be okay and then once you get into these these are not like these are

Not open but my god dude so many freakin options the escalade the like the z28 all these different things they got the 124 spider i mean literally the list go the list literally goes on and on and on and on and freakin on oh my god so much stuff dude so much stuff and to be fair like bro hey oh what a list man what an absolutely badass car list alright so we’re

Gonna start out with the five-oh mustang because let’s see we could do the orange i don’t know how i feel about yellow mustangs i’m gonna go with this red though the red looks good wheel options definitely numbered number two not number one they’re a little small though so we’ve got some races we can do right now and well twelve new activities that’s a fair amount

And get our rides we’ve got the tools to do it at the house just no flame decals okay will do i’m good on the flame decals but yeah if you guys do this very first episode of the crew to beta don’t forget to click that like button tell me the comment section below y’all thought of it if you do to the channel don’t forget to subscribe for more i’ll be back really

Really soon with some more footage of the crew to beta for this let’s play all throughout the weekend intermixed with say with the spin tires um mud runner dlc and make sure you guys stay tuned for all of that i’ll see you next time talk to you all later

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The Crew 2 Beta: PC Let's Play! Part 1, CAR SHOPPING!? By TC9700Gaming