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The Dark Side of Biker Parties

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Hey cab what’s happening today i’m gonna tell you some stories about the crazy parties that i went to in the past now so those you’ve been watching my channel you know that my past was soiled with a lot of party and i did a lot of drinking among other things and i’ve really curbed that activity at this stage in my life and straighten things out but things were

Getting pretty wild and the odd thing is about this that i’m gonna talk about was you know i partied ever since i was a teenager and when i say partied i mean i drank a lot i smoked a lot of weed i did other drugs too but mostly just weed and alcohol but you know then i got another motorcycle culture as you know right is it is a older teen and all the way up to the

Present but my early motorcycle culture yeah really didn’t affect this story so much as when i got a harley-davidson and this is a weird thing because and and it might have just been the culture that i was in the company that i was in the biker bar that i was hanging out in but i things started to turn around for me in regards that i started getting all kinds of

Offers to attend private parties which it was all kind of like a subculture that i never ever realized existed one of the first parties i went to now i’m not talking about motorcycle rallies like sturgis or or even an easy riders rodeo event or one of these other bike week things no these are private parties by invitation only and most of these were word-of-mouth

There wasn’t any vert izing if if you were invited then you know it was it was okay for you to go and i had been invited to this party and it was kind of way out in the boondocks out in the middle of nowhere and on this property and the guy had a nice little house there nothing fancy but there was all kinds of bikers there harley’s and stuff and i remember you

Know it’s pretty amazing to me that how all these harley riders would get together and just they had kegs of beer they had tables of food you know they were showing off motorcycles some of the guys would pull their bike up to the garage door and smoke the tire in fact one guy there he pulled his bike up to the garage he had like an old shovel head and he just he

Just ran that thing into the ground till the tire exploded and i thought he’s gonna blow up his engine too because he just had that thing screaming he’s what i would call you know one of those old-school bikers with a wrench sticking out of his back pocket and i was pretty amazed to see things like that because i hadn’t really been involved in a lot of that through

All my previous years of motorcycling it was a lot more reserved i guess one guy had his motorcycle out in the front yard and i think i had a nice lawn you know and he just started smoking his tire i turned the grass and buried the back wheel of his harley clear down to the fender in the grass dug himself a hole and it took a couple guys to push it up onto that

Hole but the craziest thing about that party was out in the back behind the house there was a like a cornfield or something in a hay field and way out in the field there was this great big silver balloon that was like sitting out there in the field and here what it was was a waterbed mattress that they had filled up with oxygen an isetta i don’t know how they did

It but they shot something at it and i don’t remember if it was a flare gun or a tracer with something that ignited this balloon i had no idea what i was about to experience but the explosion was intense it’s set off like a mushroom cloud flame into the field and percussion was just thundering i mean it shook the windows on houses and like a couple seconds after

The blast you could actually feel a shockwave wham get us right in the chest and i mean i was just blown away i never saw anything like that before about an hour later you know the revelry went on about an hour later that sheriff’s all pulled up in the driveway wanted to know where the explosion was and who was setting off bombs of course everybody at the party

Said no we don’t know anything about it we really don’t we didn’t hear an explosion we don’t know anything so at that point the sheriff was pretty helpless to do anything about it they just turned around and left but i’m sure they kept a close eye on us after that stage of the game another party i went to was a night party it was in the afternoon evening and it

Was a clambake and it was by invitation only and it was a biker party and when we arrived it wasn’t a very big party but just for kind of a select number of bikers that that went to this thing and it was like all you could eat they had clams mussels corn on the cob i mean all kinds of food and it was really delicious stuff but everybody got a bottle like a wine

Bottle of this guy’s homemade he called it grog and it kind of had like an apple cinnamon flavor to it like a spice but boy did it pack a punch it was very high alcohol content well you took a sip of this stuff and it tasted like candy and you just couldn’t stop drinking it and of course everybody had their own by i had my own bottle so i thought you know i was

In heaven i just kept swinging on this thing and i pretty sure i consumed the whole bottle and then at that point there were more bottles set out on the table for whoever wanted them and i continued filling up dixie cups and drinking that – well i don’t think i’ve ever been so drunk in my life in fact i think at that party i got alcohol poisoning i don’t remember

How i got home i have no idea no recollection of the party ending but somehow i ended up back home with the motorcycle and i’m not kidding you i i had probably three days to recover from that party that’s it hit me really hard i mean i think it almost killed me so i was really careful with that grog after that and i did have more than one occasion to receive more

Of that stuff which i did but i i took it very carefully because of the high alcohol content in it as the years went on i began to host parties here of my own on this property and we had some pretty good parties here one one particular year i had a posted a huge party biker party here and i had a band that offered to play for free it was like a country rock band

And they were really good their only stipulation was that i build them a stage platform so i built them a little raised platform with some plywood and some timbers just to keep their equipment off of the ground in case it rained and then my buddy offered one of these portable tent-like garage port things and we put over the stage that had like sides on it so it was

A completely enclosed stage for the band and they could set up all their equipment and they played through the wee hours in the morning and they were good and we had a pretty huge crowd here we had kegs of beer we had all kinds of food we had a bonfire and it was it was pretty fun time but as i remember you know with these biker parties you weren’t required to go

Home you didn’t have to go home you could spend the night there and the host was always cordial enough to even serve breakfast and coffee in the morning so i remember the morning getting up and and i had big old potbelly bikers that were skinny-dipping out in the pond getting their morning bath i guess it was a sight for sore eyes no doubt i had people sleeping on

The front porch on the back porch i had people sleeping in the living room on the couch on the floor upstairs downstairs everywhere and then you know just kind of served a real easy breakfast i don’t remember what we did and i don’t know how many pots of coffee we went through just continually and i think most of the people hung around and i think it was probably

Into the late afternoon when everybody finally ended up going home and it left me with quite a huge mess to clean up i i spent like a whole day going around with the trash bag pulling beer cans out of the woods and out of my landscape beds picking up cigarette butts paper plates trash it was a mess then we had to dismantle the whole stage and put everything back i

Think after that party i said no i’m not doing this anymore because it was just way too much work in it in the the damage it did i mean i had cigarette burns on the carpet on countertops in the bathroom on the floor they trashed my house period so that was the end of that i said never again there was another party that i was invited to and it was in a remote area

Way out in a little off near little small burg out the middle of nowhere it was a big long gravel drive that went back into this place and back in there there was a great big huge pole barn that was a newer structure but they had a big bonfire in they had food and alcohol and things like that at one point during the evening one of the guys grabbed me and said that

They wanted to give me a tour of this pole barn this building which they did and it was designed so that a tractor trailer semi could drive right into it right into the middle and on either side there was industrial shelving that was stacked to the ceiling with everything from a to z i assumed that it was all stolen goods where truckers would bring loads in there

And offload some of the stuff for resale and i don’t know how it all worked but it was some kind of crooked operation that most people would not have been privy to made me a little nervous because i knew in that culture to get involved in things like that even just to be shown something like that if something went wrong you could be accused of you know snitching

Or talking to the wrong people or something so it was a little unnerving for me and i really tried to stay away from that kind of culture but see sometimes you didn’t know what you were getting into until you were already into it and that was the problem with the group with the people that i kind of hung around with you never knew what was going to happen now the

Last story i’m going to tell you about was pretty shocking we were at a party and they had a big bonfire i remember sitting around the bonfire drinking and there was quite a crowd there people and the the bonfire was huge great big great and you couldn’t get very close to it so there was quite a ring of people around this fire and somebody pointed out that way

Back behind the property in the field way out in the field there was another fire that you could see flames out there well we started looking and anything you know what the heck’s going on what do they got another bonfire out there or something because you know and and you could just barely make out shadows of somebody walking around there a couple people but

You couldn’t tell what was going on all of a sudden this big flaming cross erected somehow they pushed it up in it and it stood up in the field probably about good sixteen feet tall i’m gonna guess and the jaws drop that nobody expected to see anything like that now there was this handful of people that cheered and applauded but most of the people were kind of

In shock because that is construed as a racial thing i think well the area that it was let’s put it this way was noted for the place where the head of the clan lived at that time and so i’m not sure if he was involved in i wouldn’t know who he was by looking at him or by his name or anything i couldn’t even tell you his name at that point but he lived the grand

Wizard of the klan lived in that vicinity and so i think that may have had something to do with that but that was not like a klan party it was just a biker party and i don’t know what who thought it was would be amusing to do that but there was a few people that just packed up and left i’m said no no we’re not into this and i don’t think i stayed very long after

That either because i wasn’t really in line with that kind of thinking and never have been but it was quite shocking to see something like that at a biker party so yeah those were some of my most notable experiences at these private biker parties there was a lot of other situations that went on but those were the top events that i can share with you at this point

I don’t know if you’ve ever been any wild biker parties i’m sure if you spend any time riding or been involved in the culture you’ve been to some parties and i’m like i say i’m not talking about going to sturgis or anything like that these are you know some real down and dirty just private parties so there you go cats there’s my stories for today i hope you enjoyed

Them give me a thumbs up like my videos and share with your buddies and if you haven’t yet please subscribe and i will keep you used as long as i can i’ll keep us going back into the cob weapons and bringing out my best stories that i can until next time guys right hard and i agree

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The Dark Side of Biker Parties By Itchymoche n Vee