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The Day in the life of a motorcycle club member

The Day in the life of a motorcycle club member- Let’s put all the assumptions to rest. Biker Shows, Media and LEO always portray members of motorcycle clubs to be something that is not true at all. The fast majority of motorcycle club members work hard for a living to support their families just like anyone else. It’s time for the Tin Badge Creators to portray both sides.

What’s up everyone how you doing to get his video a day in the life of a motorcycle club number yes we even got emails on that one so i bigger we talked about that subject but first let’s roll varia trouble okay the reason for this video there is a ton of misinformation about how members of motorcycle clubs as well as what they do for a living how they go about

Their day what they do all week and i think you guys have seen some of the videos from particular individuals who wear the tin badge or are retired on this one today they usually will go around and now i’m going to speak it from a sport club type of deal a 99 percent deal not a 1% video even though i’ve seen many oh oh my hung around many of them and let me tell

You some little stuff that a lot of these channels without any crew he’ll most numbers i have saved 99.999% of them get up every morning and they go to work they are truck drivers they are tech to artists me being one of them children and i would lead it up that you know before 11 o’clock but that’s besides the point plumbers welders mechanics bike builders blue

Power freaking people and somewhere even white power so this whole premises that if you’re in a club that you’re out doing some shady freaking hustling like a lot of these channel save is pure b s these people want to make it sound like members of clubs are straight-up gangster man when i was around i see people where they couldn’t even make the news so how do they

Need help if what these channels are saying is true nothing don’t get it but because they redirects or they wear a tin badge it’s their job to put out this you know information it is and what’s even more sad about that is people will believe them people that have never hung around clubs never went through a party yeah there’s some fun at parties that’s what it’s

Supposed to be about take it back let me go yeah you’re gonna see some stuff they’re mean i like the titties and thank you babe oh my a walk i want to see them titties but yeah you got a party to see that kind of stuff but it’s not like the time of day we frickin faces like you know they talk about or like how the schultz talk about it just isn’t like that on a

Daily basis it’s basically you’re gonna work you’re supporting your kids you’re supporting your grandkids your family it has nothing about doing swinging and all that stuff but then hustling under guys that do that yeah there’s a lot of you know some guys that will do that stuff but it don’t involve a whole club and that is not to be norm of what club members do

Every damn day now i you know was lucky i had my businesses and you know some of the other guys had businesses so we were able to hang out i held a lot more man it was basically on a daily basis we used to go to one guy’s house i brought this boy he cooked a southern breakfast let me tell you this gets it gravy makes bacon you know who you are man those were good

Times and you know we sit in a garage you don’t work on buying stuff like that but the majority of the guys didn’t have that you know that situation where they could do that tire stop so they dragged your ass to work and you know monday through friday or even on the weekends man then they’d be busting ass and on the weekends they’d go into the events after they

Got off work because regardless what these people said it was always always about your work and your family first it was never one of these things where you had to be there with the club know if you had work you had a work mantha’s how the hell out she’s gonna pay dues if you’re not working so that’s one thing that these people really get wrong all the time and i

Suggest when you’re watching bad youtube channels that’s what i’m gonna call it now tip badge youtube you know where these guys they one-up you know make money off bikers they want to be so bad to be included in the lifestyle that don’t say anything and everything to get you to watch yeah they have some pretty big titles to get you clicking but then they go off

In the baby nightclub numbers man the bad guy what would you know besides doing some undercover crap you know that shady man that’s the shady shit whoa that was my job got a job if you want to be in the lifestyle that’s what drives me crazy about top clubs man you guys got your own thing to do whatever but don’t cross the frickin line and try to recruit nine tops

Really you guys actually hit a break back in the day you were you never did that stupid crap but now you want to act like you guys you are busted that’s what i’ll never get you’re either a cop or you’re a biker you can’t be both man you can’t walk around and wear a three-piece patch and go to prospect that all the freaking motions that regular club would go through

And then go out there to talk crap about it man how can you even do that it’s it’s mind-blowing man and then you know you get out there yeah you want to make money off the scene but then you go out there and you track these two people in have no common sense whatever they have no freakin how can i say this they have no idea of what it means to be a club member

Because they were never in it and you can the believe that all members or clubs are bad all members of clubs are doing this or doing that because they’re following you because they don’t know any better i think that’s why i want to do this video is to put that misconception out get it away yeah sweep it away so i have you guys really man son ian for real if you’re

Gonna be doing something and you’re t-bags youtube channel please see someone of the truth man don’t be pretty nashville’s all the time you know that is why people don’t like you they don’t like you i know i know you know one thing i could never stand was the top club and i never shied away from that one man you know do plugs get themselves in trouble for not

Getting rid of the bad apples yes but you guys are some instigators man you’re some busybodies and i hate to turn this video in today but you’ve got to consider the source of the information that you’re getting this stuff from if you’re watching when these ten bags freaking youtube channels look at what happened with the bibles this is the typical time they’ll

Go and get a freakin snitch and they’ll push whatever they want around him let’s see you know there understand and they had grown up in electrolyze in this cases done by the way congratulations to the bar girls who walked that was so awesome i love it you stuck it right in their ass the way it should be and you deserve every bit of it ten badges because you did

It the wrong way but that’s the way you don’t think isn’t it so stop with the misinformation club numbers that go to work every day they party hard yes that’s how this all got started was you know guys from world war two coming home and they wanted to let loose on the weekends maybe that might be the reason you’re also involved i don’t know how you top party it

Pretty be so it can’t be that pretty good your party’s man you know you’ve got no 420 you know you have to have 420 for a party man you don’t that ladies walk around with the boobs hanging out no you’re probably those type of clubs that go to a restaurant have an orderly wife but then you want to go and tell all these we can misfits that don’t know any better how

Bad clothes are your punch on the water anyway let me know what you guys think in the comment section and a rattle off a little bit about that today because it just irritates me man they don’t give you the whole story they don’t want you know yeah you see some bad stuff in the newest programs but then he represented the ballclub numbers man give me a break if you

Believe that kind of crap you’re stupid that’s all i have to say but i’m freezing out here freezing freezing freezing but anyway don’t forget to subscribe the channel pass it around that will help us out because the one platform has each rattled us man they took the air right out of our channel so only you can help get us up passed around and see the videos we do

Have instagram where i put a lot of bingo and do videos that you don’t see on this platform so you’re on instagram you like that kind of stuff i got you covered over there we’re also on twitter facebook we are doing a lot more on facebook so go and check us out over there don’t forget to watch the most writers video i did it’s a full-length production video we’re

Gonna have a lot more of that this year so with that top you guys later hang top during this apocalypse going on right now go get some tp for your bunghole is my boy be just you know my god we’re go sometimes with 420 to watch that show anyway don’t forget to supply off the eyes and save safe out there and i’ll see you on the next video cat show

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