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THE most Powerful Cruiser Bike Ever! | Classic Bike Review

THE most Powerful Cruiser Bike Ever! | Classic Bike Review: For the next instalment in my series riding what I regard as iconic bikes from the last 20 years I climb aboard the fearsome Yamaha VMax – a bike with quite a reputation! Here’s how I got on! Huge thanks to Superbike Factory for the supply of this bike – visit them here

Hey kids it’s mister fly here hope you’re well and welcome aboard another of my uh classic reviews the occasional series here on the missing fly where i get to rise from the most exciting bikes of the last 20 years to see how they stack up against the modern day weaponry that i ride on the channel and today i’m riding a bike that is very much a legendary machine as

Far as i’m concerned it’s the yamaha v-max the bike that personally i find a little bit intimidating stick around stay tuned i’ll tell you what i think about it all right so welcome aboard the v-max this is the first time i’ve ridden one of these i’ve always been a little bit intimidated by them as i say partly because of the fact that it’s called a v-max more

About that in a second it also is sort of a legendary bike it’s a sort of a muscle bike if you like muscle bike come cruiser first out in the us would you believe in 1985 we didn’t get it in the uk in its full fat form until something like 1995 we had it before then in a watered down version but this is the full fat version the one i’m riding is a 2008 model and

It is an absolute beast before we get too carried away about what it’s like to ride though let me show you around the bike show you what it looks like some of the design features okay so let me show you this beast then and some of the little features and design touches on this bike let’s start off wearing with the thing that’s kind of obvious with this bike i guess

These massive air scoops on the front here that ram air straight into the air box at the side you’ve got one of those on both sides it looks kind of uh ducati diavel s doesn’t it in fact i guess the diavel copied this because this came way before diavel and in fact it’s the diavel that is sort of credited with finishing this bike off because that came out and this

One kind of um you know lost sales to the diavel and then they stopped making this you know i think it was 2015. but uh quite a quite a bike i mean it’s got a sort of a cruiser stance yet the pegs are in the middle uh which is uh which is fine with me because i hate feet forward pegs you can see this massive v4 configuration engine here as well which looks great

Got lovely chrome pipes on the side that sound absolutely amazing you got one on either side of this which i love so it satisfies my um symmetry ocd paint work on this is lovely deep and lustrous on here like bikes used to be i love this as well the way they’ve got the red around the v-max the seat is beautifully comfortable and check out this um i guess this is a

Custom paint job i don’t know but i can’t imagine this came as standard on the bike but it’s pretty lovely and uh here’s the dars and instrumentation on here which i really like i mean this look at this proper um old school dial just a you know speedo with proper odo and it’s only done five and a half thousand miles this one look that but barely run in basically

And then down here you’ve got this excellent little instrument biblical with your idiot lights uh your rev gauge and your temperature gauge love that no fuel gauge although there is a fuel light and amusingly to me it’s got a reserve button for the fuel as well if you do run out of fuel which i love nothing complicated about the switchgear though it feels like

It’s hewn out of solid metal very good quality mirrors on here are beautiful as well lovely chrome nice and sturdy great view out of those uh i love that they’ve got this sort of spring arrangement around don’t know what it does but it looks cool i just think it’s a it’s a cool beast i mean it is of its time radiator’s ugly no doubt about that but uh yeah uh an

Unusual and nice looking beast i think right enough chatting let’s get back on and see what she’s like to ride okay welcome back aboard the mighty v-max what’s it like to ride then well gotta be a little bit careful because it’s quite damp on the roads i’m recording this on a very cold day it’s about four degrees centigrade out here at the moment there’s still a

Little bit of frost on the cards when i left and this is a bike that is super old school entirely mechanical very analog no abs no um traction control nothing like that a bit steamy in the helmet i hope you can hear me okay with the visor up so yeah so i’m taking it but easy because it has got bags of torque and bags of grunt this this bike not to be messed with

On messy roads anyway let’s uh go about this in the normal way and tell you what it’s like to ride so first off comfort well very very comfortable machine indeed seat is massive and hugely padded on here really comfy place to stick your bum handlebar is really narrow though possibly the narrowest handlebars i’ve ever ridden with on a bike and because it’s quite

A heavy bike and it’s fairly raked out that means cornering is somewhat different to what i’m used to you have to kind of take it a bit carefully and as i’ve not ridden this bike very much this is literally my first ride i don’t want to take any chances now this bike of course is known for its shove hence the name v-max and to me that sounds like an aviation

Term in aviation we have lots of what i call v-speed so vne for example is velocity never exceeded that’s the point at which if you go faster than an airplane the wings come off so you pay a lot of attention to vna it’s marked on your airspeed indicator v-max is uh basically your fastest cruise speed and i assume that’s where this gets its name from talking to

Fast cruising cyclists up ahead i’m doing 40 down here and he’s freewheeling and staying ahead of me brilliant i have confidence i’m going to overtake him though when we turn if he goes the same way as me so yeah so that’s where i think the word or the name v max comes from i may be wrong and i’m sure somebody will correct me if i am but what this is all about is

The punch so let’s just see what it’s like this road is hunker down a bit v4 engine man it absolutely flies okay that’s quite enough quickly up to uh silly speeds we’ll say no more wow what an engine what a bike oh i’m a bit shocked after that brilliant so yeah there’s no doubt it can go now this has got a v4 engine in it which makes it actually lovely and

Smooth it sounds epic because hopefully you can hear through the mic sounds great to me and it reminds me riding this it’s a bit like if you could imagine what riding a smooth harley davidson would be like that’s kind of what this is like this uh as i say an old bike 14 years old now but it is lovely to ride beautifully smooth this one’s not fuel injected it’s

Carbureted it’s got uh it’s probably old school as i say it’s got a choke when i started i had to let it warm up on the choke brilliant stuff it’s even got a switch here look on the right hand side for the reserve tank i love that nothing complicated about this bike at all proper old-school biking and i love it for that yeah really nice it’s one of those grin

Inducing machines like harleys are people that don’t get harley davidsons and bikes like this cruisers with big engines don’t understand what they’re about although this one’s called a v-max and it’s all about the thrust of the engine this is about cruising along knowing that you’ve got all that power and torque even from low down just flies whenever you want it

And it puts a big grin on your face that’s what they’re all about it’s just a lovely thing to ride anyway before we get more into what it’s like to ride let me talk you through the specs on this bike all right let’s talk numbers then and uh go through the specification on the machine which i’ve written down as uh so i don’t forget anything let’s start with the

Engine the main affair on here this uh whopping great v4 configuration engine this actually on this second generation machine is 1679 cc they’re putting out a whopping 197 brake horsepower for context it’s got the same power on tap as a ducati desmosadichi rr moto gp replica but a 4000 rpm less abs absolutely incredible down the front here we’ve got these uh pretty

Massive forks these are 52 mil upside down forks and we’ve got twin discs here as well uh beautiful wheels on here unusual design with a sort of steel plate that’s been cut out quite like that weight of this bike is a whopping 310 kilograms but it does hold it quite low it doesn’t feel heavy uh to move particularly but it is a heavy old lump the seat on here i’m

Glad to say is a really low 775 millimeters so you can get your feet on the deck very very easily and just look at the size of that comfy for both rider and pillion and the tank capacity 15 liters which seems really small so don’t expect that to last very long um what else to say about this when these were new they were incredibly 20 000 pounds so very much a rich

Man’s motorcycle at the time uh this one though you can get from superbike factory uh for eight thousand nine hundred and eighty seven pounds so uh and i don’t suppose it’s gonna um lose any more money so probably an investment now but we’ll look at that thing what an absolutely incredible beast all right there we go uh let’s jump back on rider some more all right

Welcome back aboard then what uh what are the other things about this fight what’s the suspension like well it feels lovely to me it’s not bone jarring lovely and comfortable right on here you could ride on here together with that soft seat you could ride on here for hours on end and be under no fatigue i’ll be very happy to go touring on this just try the brakes

Nothing behind front brake feels fine that brake is okay not amazing brakes you have to give them quite a shove it has to be said looks like hard work but they’re quite progressive they’re certainly not grabby but again you’ve got to be a little bit careful on these damp roads when there’s potentially still ice patches around yeah the brakes are fine the gearbox

On here actually is lovely and smooth no problem with false neutrals or finding neutral it’s been fine and the gear changes are lovely what i would say is the clutch is really heavy reminds me of my panigale you’re going to build massive muscles in your left hand fingers which is good because i could do with building those up to match the right hand yeah the

Clutch takes no prisoners this is one of those bikes that uh feels like it’s hewn out of a solid block of metal built by big burly blokes with spanners in a factory with red ox bits of metal and hammers and stuff properly engineered this nothing about this feels wimpy what i love about it is there’s no plastic around it’s just proper old school proper dials love

That single dial love the instrumentation and the idiot lights down here the lights even look like they’re out of a spitfire or something proper like this yeah a real uh sunday morning pleaser machine this which is appropriate because it is a sunday morning when i’m recording this absolutely cracking bike if you’re interested in it then at the time of recording

This i’m recording this back end of february may well be sold by now but this spot is for sale at superbike factory channel sponsors i’ll put the price on the screen i can’t remember quite hard to find these these days what’s going on here oh my word i’ve nothing against cyclists but when they’re in these pelotons taking up loads of space it’s a real nuisance all

Right thank you folks thank you right where were we yes so uh it might well still build for so check them out if you’re interested in this they’re quite hard to find but uh super fight factory has over 2 000 use bikes as you believe largest uk second hand retailer they have all sorts of models go and check their website out links below to their website you

Name the bike they’ve got it and it’s great that they give me access to their fleet so i can ride some of these what i’m calling classic bikes now i know there’s a lot of uh debate about what makes a classic bike to me it’s classic if they were out before i was riding bikes i learned to ride in 2012 so this one definitely uh qualifies as a classic in my mind i’m

Sorry if you’d regard it as such but i certainly do anyway that’s basically it for my first ride review on the autumn yamaha vmax what a bike it is really love it if i had room in the garage i would definitely buy this it’s just a grin inducing machine and i would sorry recommend them to the house oh traffic i hope you enjoyed that video do hit the subscribe

Button if you haven’t done so already because there’ll be loads more of these classic star reviews coming along as well as my usual reviews of brand new bikes the latest and greatest on the market and hopefully soon some trips and tours at home and abroad bits and pieces on how to look after your bike in the garage monthly bike news and lots more besides it’d be

Great to have you along all right i’m going to enjoy riding this bike for a bit longer i look forward to speaking to you again soon until then this has been the mystery cheerio right so let’s take a look at this uh be shall we and i hope you can hear me okay i forgot to bring my mics out this time oops anyway let’s do that again adjustable but i can’t see where

Maybe they’re not on this particular model maybe it’s the rear only now here’s the rear we’ve got these uh oh yeah so we’ve got adjustable um let’s do that again that can’t be wrong let’s do it again

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THE most Powerful Cruiser Bike Ever! | Classic Bike Review By TheMissendenFlyer