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Welcome to your real fun motorcycle guide. We tour from the hottest tourist sites in the Uk to around the world. Today we heading to England’s hot attraction. Let’s see if the ride and the place is worth the travel. We will look at the good and the bad and as always test the coffee and food. Don’t for get to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more.

Hello welcome back to the channel now we’re in a car don’t panic there’s gonna be lots of bikes but the story of it goes is is that basically i said to my mom on mother’s day it was a couple of months ago now what would you like to do for mother’s day now i normally take her for afternoon tea or lunch or something like that spend a bit of time with her but when

I said to her this year what tradition when i want to do some it with bikes i was like you want to do what it’s just like i wanted to bikes so i was like okay and she was like i want to go to that track place she went or somewhere like that so i was like if you’re sure what’s a little bit odd and so it’s been a couple of months and i’ve been really really busy

And and you know that’s a bad thing so i was like going right i’m gonna take him and i’m gonna take your men date i’ve got a day off work and so the plan is to take her to birmingham’s national motorcycle museum and it’s eight acres with 850 bikes and it’s got the largest british classic bike collection in and it looks absolutely epic so it’s a bit of a drive

Away but obviously i can’t set them on the back of the bike she’s in her 70s and but we’re gonna drive along find out a bit of history about my mum and bikes cuz it’s a bit weird that she wants to go and do this wouldn’t she’s normally sit down afternoon tea person and yeah so let’s see what happens and let’s have some fun let’s discover this this museum that’s

Supposed to be absolutely amazing it sounds and looks amazing on google orden tripadvisor says it’s fantastic so let’s go and find out so welcome back so we’re on our way now this is when carol and then run away it’s gonna take this i don’t know about an hour to get there sorry about what was the reasons why then you went to go and see my toes downgoing for

Afternoon tea because what a lot of people don’t realize right i used to fertilize how old you were when you did to my trip 14 yeah where did you go others on the back of a bike hanging on still anything else i’ve ever done also stuff nothing i just and not get my very first so what these as do this was that laksa going to the roman union there but

Books on when i’m and i have been on the scooter one and i didn’t like it because it just felt so i heard martin rockin it wasn’t as dramatic as it sounded there was purple of phonemes but generally they got on most of the time oh yeah there wasn’t there’s big gangs against big gang what you see in the films in crisis or twice and the temperature ball and

Just then and the girls had to send some toast so they have to ski to close the levers for the rockets i didn’t burn enders but you get you just wanna yourself up dog which is it was fun you can potentially recognizes with the whites today attention attention pleasure don’t fall end but then they still make them they still work recently then they’ve got one

Flight back to the beginning so this is quite incredible and you say looking for but we’ll get there i’m gonna check out we’ve arrived at the national motorcycle museum now we’re gonna go and pay and get in and see all these lovely motorcycles here we go so there is loads of bikes obviously and i would love to sit there redo every single one but it’s very

Exciting so they’ve been in here for about the half an hour and we’ve made it round hall one yet so it’s very good i had a rally activate a mountain bike needs to make motorbikes who knew so ready in hall two still at the minute but i just thought i’d show you the police box because if you thought better glee and ugly ugly i mean that big boy it’s all nice

It back in the day but yeah let’s keep going so about halfway around what you think it’s brilliant itself every second of it i recognize some of the bikes from my notes hmm they wrote it went like resent 1967 says what the 60s bikes definitely we’ve got loads of bsa’s beautiful what up to one that could have been but was produced the 1975 750 bsa can’t

Star through what it could have become before they went bust so that’s a quick look walking around for a few hours now and i feel quite worn out but it’s just it’s like bike kevin it’s just beautiful all the history is unreal and it’s just gorgeous anyway i’m gonna get some food but yeah it’s very good you so let’s just finishing the motorcycle museum

We walked round i dunno – two and a bit hours from start to finish there’s loads of bikes and some amazing bikes and the wooden thing you do is is that you end up having to skip like a few because you’re quite physically can’t read 850 bits of paper explaining what the bikes bikes are actually like and but they’ve got everything you can think of and then it

Comes down to british bikes and it’s like basically the history of royal enfield the history of crime from norton and ariel and they go on bsa there’s just loads of those and it’s surprising how many brands have been and gone that you don’t even remember and some of the stuff that they’ve made and you’re there going on have we lost so many in this country but

You know what happens when there’s recessions and things like that and we went and got some food my mum enjoyed her fish and chips but personally i found the burger felt like it was cooked to the microwave gets that like hard edge around it and the chips taste really dries very cantigny style food it’s okay i just would say go to a pub on the way home or bring

A picnic we’re view for example cuz there is seats and things outside so and that would be my advice but it definitely gets a thumbs up it’s definitely worth a visit it’s about ten pound to get in each and it’s a cracking place it’s the little gem to be honest and give yourself a good sort of at least half a day to enjoy the place and thank you for watching

If you could subscribe as always if you’ve not already give us a thumbs up if you don’t leave a comment what’s your favourite bike that you can remember that’d be really cool but from us it’s goodbye and thank you for watching

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