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The Return of BSA Motorcycles

An intro to BSA’s Comeback, once more info is released ill be sure to make and update video

What is going on people and welcome back to our channel just a quick video today and we’re going to talk about the resurrection of the bsa motorcycle so i think it’s no secret that i’m into electric motorcycles i am ready for electric motorcycles to come and take over my life so as you can probably imagine when i saw the news that bsa motorcycles was coming back

Backed by an indian billionaire i was reasonably excited when i first read this i didn’t want to release a video right away because i wanted to make sure it was true and it appears to be true one of the more compelling reasons why i think this is probably true is because the uk has agreed to give a backing of 4.6 million pounds to the indian billionaire that has

Bought out 60 of bsa motorcycles i think initially we’re going to go into the history of bsa motorcycles and just give you a brief overview if you’re not that familiar with bsa because i wasn’t that familiar with bsam until probably about three or four years ago so it’s nice to understand where they’ve come from and where they’re going so bsa believe it or not

Was one of the biggest manufacturing motorcycles in the world i think possibly the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world in the 70s they shut down in 1972 the germans bombed a lot of the factories in the war they recovered from that but finally they went into liquidization after merging with another company and it didn’t quite work out as planned the bsa

Company is still a functioning company but the bsn motorcycle aspect of it has not been functioning since 1972. which is a shame because a lot of these bsa motorcycles are really good looking bikes there’s a massive cool following of them so bsa motorcycle owners love them and i’m sure for quite a lot of people watching this video you’re seeing these snapshots of

Bsa motorcycles thinking it’s just another crappy classic motorbike but trust me there’s more to them than that so what can we expect to see from bsa moving into the future it looks like the first protocol is to start manufacturing a motorcycle that is an internal combustion engine i would imagine they’re going to exploit that classic style look and they’re not

Just going to try and bring it into the future and give you a superbike i would imagine that they are going to be going with the classic style motorcycle as what bsa is so much known for today but it doesn’t end there the reason the government is backing this is because they want bsa to start manufacturing electric motorcycles this indian investor also would

Like to build electric motorcycles and the good news is they’re trying to do them from oxfordshire which means he’s going to create some jobs for the uk so people can stop crying about those dawn foreigners stealing our jobs and they expect to have the electric motorcycle production out of the door by the end of 2021 so not far away almost a year until we’re

Going to be getting electric motorcycle from bsa now i personally believe that this is a little bit ambiguous but best of luck to them and i hope to see an electric motorcycle at some point in the near future so who is this indian that’s bought out bsa so he’s not his first rodeo he is a billionaire he has the money to back it and he does on quite a large vehicle

Manufacturing company that’s primarily manufactures tractors now you might think these are massively different but the whole element of like a supply chain and a production line they are going to be very similar so that is a few things what smaller companies or smaller startup companies often slip up on and that’ll be negated by the fact that this man has done

It time and time again it appears that there’s already a contract to get the supply of batteries from overseas but the manufacture of the motorcycle is going to be held in oxfordshire creating 255 jobs for local employees so it’s an exciting time for the motorcycle industry and an exciting time for britain if you are interested in other motorcycle stuff be sure

To check out my channel i’ve recently done an electric video on the motorcycle by diamond which looks like a really a really big advancement in future technology with motorcycles but for all things cars motorcycles vehicles and adventures be sure to subscribe to the channel i’ll catch you in the next video you

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