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Things you should know about motorcycle airbags | The Smart Jacket | Dainese

How Dainese Smart Jacket stands out from other motorcycle airbags?

Let’s talk about motorcycle airbag protection the single most important thing when it comes to protecting a biker is how much protection is provided by the airbag this is of maximum importance as riding a bike leaves the whole body exposed to impacts this is why the single most important feature when evaluating the performance of a motorcycle airbag is the certified

Protection area or cpa the cpa is the actual area of protection provided by an airbag that is legally certified and this is the only thing that really matters when it comes to your body protection when we developed the dyneeza smart jacket we have one key goal in mind to provide the bikers with the largest cpa on the market the dynasty smart jacket offers a

176 percent larger certified protection area than the competition this is because while common electronic airbag jackets are legally certified for protecting the back only the dainese smart jacket is the first electronic wearable airbag providing certified protection both on the front and on the back the dyneesis smart jacket is not only the ibex providing the

Largest cpa but it does it with the highest level of flexibility and versatility of use it can be worn over or under any jacket of your choice and it can easily be folded for maximum convenience the dyneesis mud jacket provides maximum protection and versatility at the same time thanks to its unique and patented d-air airbag technology based on microfilaments

Which make air solid as a shield while common airbags are designed as simple balloons the dainese microfilaments constrain both layers of the airbag at a distance of 5 centimeter providing a solid structure that makes our d-air a true protective shield the unique strength of our smart jacket is that it is certified by the most renewed certifying bodies in the

World the airbag is controlled by our patented intelligence software that analyzes data from its sensors a thousand times a second and triggers the airbag when necessary now let me show you how the d-air microfilaments work in real life here we can see a dynasty smart jacket powered by the d-air microfilaments technology as it is going to be impacted by the same

Drop tower used for certification let’s see what happens when deployed the d-air airbag inside the jacket evenly inflates every square centimeter of the whole airbag surface as microfilament bind together the two external layers the airbag surface is not modified by impact resulting solid like a shield this structural solidity is essential to absorb and dissipate

Impact energy in case of an accident as you can see the unique d air microfilament technology avoids what we call the balloon effect when the air is free to move around allowing the two layers to come into contact transferring the impact to the biker’s body now let’s get a closer look at the air airbag inside a dynasty smart jacket here it is inflated and ready

For impact as you can see the surface has completely uniform solidity every square centimeter of the certified protection area provides full protection for impacts you can see how tough it is it is so solid it is impossible to squeeze to compress or to bend it is just like a rock lets try with a clamp now after i tighten it more and more you can see how solid

It is and how the shield resists the clamp pressure with the two layers of the airbag consistently separated at five centimeter distance let’s try with a hammer now and let’s put a fragile layer of glass just beneath the airbag you can see how the glass stays and damaged regardless of how hard i hit this is literally a shield that protects the rider’s body

Now let’s take the challenge to the next level let’s see what happens with a dynasty smart jacket and a 250 kilogram bike and what about a three ton bun laughter for the air one battle three two one go this is the difference between microfilament technology and common airbags four airbags are capable of lifting a 3 000 kilogram van this is what the

Air is all about let’s go guys other than play the air protects you

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Things you should know about motorcycle airbags | The Smart Jacket | Dainese By Dainese