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This Bikers Vest

“This Biker’s Vest” was inspired by the late, great Chris LeDoux’s “This Cowboy’s Hat”. Chris came at it masterfully from the Cowboy’s point of view. I answered the call and came at it from the Biker’s point of view. My point of view.

Well i was rolling along with my bike in the wind just me and my harley and a couple of friends chasing the sun and that arizona sky saw a sign up ahead and we slowed down at this little old bar outside of town is that desert heat it sure enough makes a man dry so we parked our bikes and went on in this big old cowboy he said hey friend there’s a biker bar

Down the road if you don’t mind i didn’t think much of it when we sat down to him and his buddies they all gathered around and said boys you have to leave we don’t serve your kind well my friend said around it we ought to go it’s just a few more miles into new mexico we don’t need no trouble and chances are we’d lose but i said hey hoss if you don’t mind i’m

Gonna sit right here with this beer of mine cause me and these boys have damn sure paid our dues he said bikers ain’t nothing but wannabes you roll in here and try to do as you please trying to look tough wearing those cute little vests y’all don’t know about working and living off the land you see cowboys are the last of the real man this guy’s like us the

One the wild wild west so we could take it outside or fight right here but ain’t no way in hell you’re gonna finish that beer and that little vest of yours would sure look good on my wife well i looked at the boys and they all looked at me and they could see in my eyes it was about to be world war three because this little boy damn sure had enough so i stood up

Quick and put down my beer and i smack out a boy right upside down and i looked around and then they all just kind of stepped aside i said guys i told you we ain’t here to fight and the full jethro there wasn’t so uptight he’d see that hell we’re all on the same damn side cause my daddy served in vietnam and he gave his life for uncle sam you know what here

He did two tours in iraq when i was in the navy after desert storm that was just before my son was born if it wasn’t for that you damn right i’d have gone back we all fought and bled so you can be free and this vest right here means a world to me and these patches i wear tell the story of my life well i earned them all and you could damn sure bet it’s gonna

Take all y’all try to whip this vet so let’s do this thing you boys still wanna step outside but just then old jethro got on up and grabbed his hat and said we’ve had enough shook my hand and said sir you have my respect willy bought us around and we drank and drank and it goes to show no matter what you think don’t you ever put your hands on a biker’s vest you

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