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Yes even i sometimes need directions i’ve been managing my life pretty well liquor eyes lately so what’s happening is i’m going from this dark space that’s lit correctly for the camera and then going outside where it’s blaring sunlight and my eyes can’t keep up it takes a long time for them to adjust it’s like staring at the sun every time i go upside i have

A motorcycle part six down my directions print it off ready to rock chicken i had problems the last at a point that i purchased so i haven’t about buying ones that look similar to the original ones hopefully these work out a little better than the last ones probably should have done them here’s my 2017 i mean 1979 gs 1000 it has a couple problems the biggest

Problem at the moment is it doesn’t spark and trust me when i say this that is a very big problem this is where i’m going to have to do a little bit of explaining and i’m sure you didn’t miss jake doyle snake came down we try to get this thing to get spark the only problem was is that when we remove this cover we found out that this was all jerry-rigged and

It still is very rude trying to put points on this thing that i purchased but after trying to put them on this plate the left side worked the right side honker wouldn’t clear the shaft here that’s not happening i had to buy a new set there is there is no way we could go around that first thing i’m going to do is make that plate fit and look a lot better than

Re-aired it looks like mickey mouse get hold of it and if you want this thing to work right time we may as well have it fit right – i have the first bolt locked into my voice i have a nut on the bolt so once i take off a little bit of it i can ride that nut up the rest of the bowl i had to go to the parts store and i’m going back home and i pick

Up the bowl on my small journey i managed to get a gnat in my eye prince what the heck are you doing buddy what are you doing just chillaxing during the weather typhoon is bad news the good news is i believe i have all the screws i need the bad news i have insects in my eye this is what i’m going to have to read the instructions i have everything bolted

Down everything connected now i just have to specifically time exactly how this thing gives the engine spark because this is an older machine it has this whole setup this whole setup is a waste of time that’s why they design stuff newer and better so you don’t have to do this anymore i’ve never done anything points or condenser related on an older bike like

This with four cylinders the only points and condensers i’ve ever worked with went to a lawnmower that only had one set of points and one condenser where this one has to that’s what i’m going back to school i’m going to read these directions so points are a huge pins of fun that’s why they did away with them a tent like the flintstones like this would be

The flintstones rig back in the day like we’ve developed over the years saying that this is such a pain i’ve actually call of another mechanic and tried to schedule an appointment he’s closed right now so i’m going to continue to take this apart but as you guys know this bike didn’t come with a key so i have to actually figure out how to half start this thing

For now and this is about the only thing i’m going to be able to teach you so right here it says whole battery tl ml i would say ml is the main light tl is taillight and h oh i’m only going to show you this because i have faith that i have very very good subscribers very loyal subscribers that wouldn’t use this technique to steal a car steal a motorcycle or

Gs 1000 now in the back of the switch here i have a battery and i have this says hoe on there well when i take this wire here and connect those two and then hit my start button it’ll start that means anyone want to buy a key and that’s good because i don’t want to buy a key because i don’t want to just ignition anyways i just wanted like a toggle switch or

Something simple well i’ve done everything i can do i’m sick of this jigsaw puzzle i mean obviously if i kept trying and trying and trying i would eventually get it it’s just how many hours and how many days will it take i don’t to be like edison and just try it ten thousand times or a thousand times there are over many times he tried the light bulb i want

To just here use my resources pay somebody some money and take care of it so we can get to the next process saying that i’m going to try to schedule an appointment get this thing taken care of now the day was a failure if we only looked at the gs but what you guys didn’t see is my girlfriend and i worked on my teespring store we made that real classy real

Fly real froggy fresh so even if you don’t want to buy any merch right now if you could just check out the link in the description and just you know check out the page let us know what you think in the comment section we would really appreciate it a lot and it was nice to get out and do a little bit of hiking somebody much to roll this down the hill way back

In the day like way back in the day it looks like it’s got the same friction looks like it’s got the same exhaust as danny’s truck kind of it definitely looks like it’s been sitting for a while though you find all sorts of cool stuff when you start hiking these channels are nice for dirt bikes look at this can you imagine how to break on this breath it’d be

A good tank just like a mini dinosaur i think he was honestly taking a nap his feet were like tucked into his body get on this leaf making the world a better place one inch per minute i’d you guys missed an awesome spill i tried to take out a log and the log broke too easily and i just completely rolled down like half the hell it was so cool i didn’t even

Use my hands i rolled like a movie star like a stunt double hey we did kayak down this we we came from the left over there my grandma and my uncle dylan there used to be a rack right over there and they try to take an aluminum canoe down the down this whole thing and they ended up wrapping it around that rock it hit a walk home so they donated that canoe to

This creek they’re lucky they didn’t get wrapped around the rock with it gs i needed that height you’re stressing me out i like my bikes like i like my women easygoing what about you i hope you guys enjoyed the three machines production i’m going to try to make some headway in a different way thanks for stopping in i hope you guys enjoyed your time until

Tomorrow 3d machines out i’ll try to wreak a little bit more havoc tomorrow see you guys i’m sorry about the video quality in this video i push the wrong buttons on my camera and the entire time it didn’t want to focus on my face i think i have that fixed and also i want to thank everybody for tuning in to the live stream and the people that helped i really

Appreciate it this video was actually edited on a new computer so it’s working it’s great thank you very much steak froggy fresh until tomorrow 3d machines out

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