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This much for A Number Plate? Shanghai MOTORCYCLE Number Plate Cost!

In this video, I share with you the motorcycle number plate situation and how much it costs to get a number plate on a motorcycle in Shanghai. It might surprise you to know that a motorcycle number plate costs the same as the price of a new car. This video has the details!

What’s up guys and welcome back to my channel thank you so much for coming back to watch my videos i’m grateful and if you’re new here consider clicking the subscribe button so we can go on this motorcycle vlogging journey together while we grow this channel so guys today let me start by saying that it’s a beautiful day it’s summer it was hot in the afternoon

It’s about 4 p.m oh it’s almost 5 p.m right now and the sun is going down the heat is going down but earlier in the day it was about 35 degrees and the rail field was about 42 so i stayed in mostly indoors and i’m just going out to to have a quick ride it’s been raining the past few few days so it’s not been ideal weather for riding but thank god the rains have

Cleared the sun is out and it’s a ryderman’s weather so i’m gonna take advantage of that before maybe the rain comes back so i’m in the health case of shanghai and along the way you will see a bit of how the outskirts looks like i’m going to one of my favorite roads for riding in in shanghai and there are usually a lot of bikers there as well the bike culture

Has really picked up in shanghai there are many many people riding bikes now especially young men and it’s become a thing it’s some sort of a trend now to have and ride a motorcycle and people are going in for high-end bikes the yamahas the bmw suzukis hondas and the likes because i think people have come to realize that uh the initial purchase cost of these

Bikes is high but once you do for most of these bikes maintenance cost is low and if you don’t crash or anything you can enjoy the bike for a very long time without worrying about minor minor problems whereas if you bought a cheaper bike yes you buy cheap but you spend a lot of time and money fixing is fixing it as well so it looks like an expensive bike is the

Way to go if you can afford it but the major thing that i want to talk about on this ride is a number of plates for motorcycles in shanghai so there are two main numbers for motorcycles above 150 cc so there’s a c plate and there’s the a plate the a plate is the one that allows you to ride anywhere shanghai and even downtown and the sea plate still allows you

To ride in shanghai but you can go to the a zone so that’s the cbd the a zone area the real downtown area of shanghai but it allows you to ride around the cbd area the various districts around the city but you can go downtown that’s a disadvantage of the sea plate um these restrictions are i don’t know hundred percent why these restrictions are but they’re

There and so if you’re planning to come to china and get a motorcycle it’s not like that in every city but in shanghai these are the rules that apply so my bike for instance which has a c plate i can’t go downtown on this motorcycle if i go downtown i get captured by the cameras i get points deducted of my i’m not sure but i’ll definitely get a penalty on my

License and maybe get it fine it’s usually not that much but if you keep losing points then you’re going to lose your license so yeah you better not do it but if you have the a plate then yeah you can go anywhere downtown shanghai but whether you have the a plate or the c plate you cannot ride your motorcycle on the elevated roads and in some provinces i’ve

Heard that if you’re traveling from city to city you can travel on the highways on your motorcycle but in shanghai you can get on the elevator roads and you can get on the on the highways so that’s one thing to know though to take note of now coming to the prices of the plate someone might ask well it might sound like i’m lying but this is the truth motorcycle

Number plates in shanghai are very very expensive so let me just say this the sea plate which doesn’t allow you to go to the cbd or downtown area costs about right now it’s a supply and demand thing it costs about a little over 90 000 rmb or 90 000 chinese yuan which if i put in dollars 90 000 rmb is about let me do the math it’s almost twelve thousand dollars

If i’m not mistaken i’ll check it later the current rate and put it in this video on the screen it’s about twelve thousand dollars for the number plate for a motorcycle that can’t even go downtown and for the a plates which you can ride anywhere in this in in shanghai and also in the city center the last time i heard it was about 300 and at least 350 000 rmb or

350 000 yuan whichever you are familiar whichever of the currency names you are familiar with and 350 000 yuan by my calculation it’s about if i’m not mistaken is about fifty thousand dollars and i’m not kidding guys um if anyone doubts me you can look it up and you can verify it’s about fifty thousand dollars for a motorcycle number plate that allows you to

Go anywhere in shanghai including downtown and it’s ridiculous these are amounts that can buy brand new cars and even suvs and that’s how much money you spend just to buy the number plate and this is minus the cost of the bike so riding a motorcycle in shanghai it’s not a plug and play thing it is not easy i was lucky when i bought my number plate for my benelli

At the time when i bought it initially for my benelli at 300 it was around twenty five thousand rv about twenty five percent of what it is now so number place in shanghai for motorcycles are very very expensive there is the blue plate so what i’ve just described is a yellow plate there’s a blue plate for motorcycles or scooters that are under 150 cc’s and those

Are a little cheaper i haven’t checked the race for that they are usually not that expensive quite cheap but for bigger ccs and bigger motorcycles you you need a seat plate and these are the seat plate prices i’ve i’ve just given you and like i said this is the truth if anyone doubts me you can verify but this is this is what it is and let me quickly add that

If you have a number plate from another province or another city registered from another city in china you can only ride it in shanghai on roads so intercity roads or in the provincial roads and the logic is you’re traveling through the city so you don’t get a penalty for that but if you’re riding on inner roads in the city and you get caught you’ll be fine as

Well so if you have an outer plate out of shanghai plate and you’re riding it in within the city you will get a ticket so there’s no way to outsmart the system you can go and register a bike cheaply somewhere else and come and ride it comfortably here it’s not possible if you get caught wish the cameras will or if a policeman stops you you’re gonna pay for it

And get get points detected or you might even get your bike seats and all that so so that’s what it is now let me go ahead and talk about why the prices are so expensive why number plate prices for motorcycles are so expensive so just like the city controls the number of cars on the roads they have all these restrictions and measures updated all the time for cars

They have these restrictions for motorcycles as well and the reason the place are so expensive now is the city is no more issuing motorcycle license plates and so it’s a supply and demand thing the places are already in existence are the ones that are circulating and a lot more people are buying motorcycles the bike culture is growing so it’s become a supply and

Demand thing and especially in the summer when people spring and summer when people update their bikes or they buy new bikes the prices shoot up but even in the winter it doesn’t drop that much it just increases a little by little bit in in summer so summer is a good time if you want to sell your motorcycle plate here but yeah that’s it the city is not offering

New number plates so it’s old ones that are in circulation so even if you have the money sometimes it can be hard to get unless you find someone who’s ready or willing to sell their plate you might have to wait a long time to get a number plate so if you are in china or you’re coming to china for any reason and you think you’ll stay longer and you’re thinking

Of joining the writing community in china in shanghai to be specific this is something good to know so that if you can you get prepared before you get here so that you don’t get surprised this is what it is this is where number plate prices are in shanghai how is the number place situation in the place where you live wherever you are please let us know in the

Comment section what the number place situation is i know in some places you buy the bike and it comes with a number plate it’s almost free and in some places you buy them separately but the number plate is not that expensive so what is your situation could you let us know let us share ideas on this topic about motorcycle number plates alright guys so this is

The end of this video i hope you enjoy this ride with me and i hope that this piece of information that i offered here is helpful to someone out there but like i said let us share ideas let us share ideas on the number play situation from different places around the world so thank you so much for coming with me on this ride guys i hope you found this video useful

If you did give it a thumbs up and if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so we can grow it together little by little every day so thank you so much for watching guys so i see in the next video always right legal ride safe peace

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