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This sport bike is worth more than its price tag | CF Moto 450 SR Full Review

We test-rode the much anticipated CF Moto 450SR on both Batangas Racing Circuit and Tarlac Circuit Hill to put it through its proper paces. Join us on a ride on this brand-new contender in the light middleweight sportbike category and find out if this is the bike for you. 

Today we’re in turlock circuit hill we’re testing the tf moto 450 sl the 450sr is powered by a 449 cc liquid cooled fuel injected engine with four valves per cylinder double overhead cams a 270 degree crank and a slipper clutch rated at 49.6 horsepower at 9500 rpm and 39 newton meters of torque at 7600 rpm braking is handled by a 320 millimeter single disc mated

To a radially mounted brembo 4 piston caliper on the front and a 220 millimeter disc mated to a single piston caliper at the rear a 37 millimeter non-adjustable upside down port and a preload adjustable monoshock handles the 450sr suspension a full tft dash with phone connectivity provides more than enough easy to read information on the go full led lighting with

Daytime running lights and side mirror integrated turn signals ensure visibility at all times tire sizes are 110 70 17 front and 150 60 17 rear equipped with csd radial tires to stick the bike on the road let’s ride thank you the 270 degree crack makes it sound like a v-twin engine and it really feels like it in fact it reminds me of my old rsv 1000 aprilia although

Not as loud but that’s how it feels if you want to hear it i’ll start it for you foreign sounds really nice right okay it has brembo calipers it has very strong brakes although i feel that there’s air in the system right now but that’s uh nothing a little bleeding would wouldn’t fix so they just need to bleed the brakes out uh both ends uh front end it has

A non-adjustable upside down front fork and at the rear you can adjust it through the preload only uh i feel that both ends are very good i didn’t feel the need to upgrade right away uh even on track i’ve used this bike in brc in fact this bike is very very big for tarlac circuit hill but uh it just so happens that there’s a storm brewing down south that’s why we

Opted to bring it here it’s very nice it handles very well it’s a very friendly bike and it’s a very nice bike for the track it has a 110 70 17 front tire and a 150 60 17 rear tire both are shot with cst the brand is cst and radial tubeless tires uh i feel that these cst tires are okay for the track if you’re not racing for track days it’s pretty good especially

For the vrc part because i didn’t feel it slide or slip during my time in brc although here in tarlac circuit hill because it’s more technical i felt that probably it got a little bit overcooked i felt it pushing the front a little bit just a little and it was uh very controllable and uh it it didn’t surprise me at all it was uh predictable when it started pushing

So i had to cool the tires down before pushing again okay so i’m five foot six and unlike other sport bikes it’s not that tall it’s probably just like any entry-level sport bike but this one’s a little lower i can flat foot on one on my right foot here if you want to do that on both feet you’d have to be taller because i can’t but uh both of my feet are on the

Pavement so the riding position is not that uh track focused uh it’s comfortable even for the street i would say but uh it still puts your weight on the front end for track use uh anyway i think you can even lower this uh clip on if you want for more aggressive riding position in the track but for me this is just right i didn’t get tired while riding it on in brc

Or he even here interlock circuit hill so i really like the riding position okay the full tft dash has bluetooth connectivity to your phone so you can control your music your navigation uh even your calls you can control everything through the right uh i mean the left hand switch gear and the controls are very intuitive and it’s easy to use uh there’s not much

In the way of rider raids except for abs and being a 450 you don’t really need that much rider aids uh i think yeah the power is just right it’s around 49 horsepower i think on the top end which is just about the same power as let’s say a 650 twin from other brands so the power is just right although during my time riding it in brc i was playing around with the

Ninja 400 uh riders but those are modified bikes uh they would catch me on the streets but i would then catch them on the turns so the handling is very very well i really like this bike in fact if a budget was not the problem i would buy one for myself just to use in brc these are nice nice bike all right fit and finish is okay it’s not so bad i like the black and

Red color better than this white one uh that one’s more exciting definitely if you want to turn this bike into a dedicated track bike you’d have to change the suspension of course it’s gonna be easy for you to change the shifting to race shift or gp shift as i can show you right now all you need to do to switch this thing to gp shift is to take this out and put

It right here and then that’s going to be reverse shift already i like how the nylons on the foot pegs work they really grab onto your boots and it wouldn’t slip so that’s how i experienced it the a while ago although i would have hoped for it to be a little bit higher for the track but that’s uh i hope there’s rear sets available for this uh for this bike uh in

The aftermarket so i would say that the full carbon fiber is really not to my taste but the overall look of the bike is really aggressive and i really like it the side mirrors side mirrors work very well i would say uh they’re wide enough to clear my elbows or i can still see my elbows but i can adjust it to where uh it’s gonna be looking at my behind on the

Right side without much elbow action okay suspension is okay overall the cf moto 450sr is a huge bang for your buck at only 299 900 pesos it makes a very strong case for a light middleweight sport bike contender for the price the specs are staggering on paper and the right backs it up in real life this is john mendoza from wheel to wheel in c magazine all right foreign

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This sport bike is worth more than its price tag | CF Moto 450 SR Full Review By C! Magazine