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Throttle cable replace ment klx 110 any pit bike

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Uh today we’re gonna be uh changing a throttle cable for klx110 or who knows what show with the noise but yeah mine is toast so first off we’re gonna have to take off this seat and then the gas tank obviously gonna have to take off turn off the gas right and yeah i’ll catch you when i’m doing that all right so i got the gas tank off got the seat off and

Side panels didn’t film that because i’ll just be boring but it’s basically just all an 8mm so yeah it shouldn’t be a problem i got a little ahead of myself and uh just got this cable off it’s just right on that just screws right off right here okay so you gotta first let me get this uh thing squished up a little bit this rubber and i’ll get back to you all

Right so if you can see there’s a little pin right here you’re gonna have to get a flat head screwdriver and just pop it out it should just come right off and just unscrew this and this will loosen and the wire is on here like that i’ll show you how that’s done after i’m done doing this actually before i do that let me uh let’s first take off this thing so

You want to do that is there’s just a couple right here two uh bolts uh across just first you’re just gonna want to take this thing off right here the reason why i am changing mine is just because mine’s just too short just cutting it let me get this here we go so just comes off just like so and that should give me enough room and tension to take it off right

Here so the wire comes down to here goes through see this little crack right here and it’s sitting right there you’re gonna have to take it out through this crack and that’s how you should get it on or off i’ll show you this so i got this off right here and right here it’s quite easy you just push this wire forward and this down uh i’m gonna need two hands

For this but you can see that in here if you push it it just comes up like that should be easy and it just pops right out quick move so got it off this just comes off just place it down um as you can see it goes straight through and you can just pull it right out it’s just a little bit of moving around should come right off some people like to cut it but

Yeah just comes right through all right got the new cable through this thing it just slides right through um i actually might even put this little uh cover on this old one and yeah start putting it back together um should be quite easy just right here put this right through there like that just like so and then push it and like before through the hole through

The hole and it just comes up and pops in shouldn’t be a problem all right so i’m gonna actually have to go through this little hole right here this new cable so it just sits in the perfect spot so let’s do that so um after you’ve got the pin and whatever you just basically just stick it right in and screw it on and get this pin on there too because that keeps it

From sliding this thing off and yeah i’m just having a little bit of difficulties just with this thing right here because it just doesn’t want to screw in there but to get into there you have to take this thing off you’re gonna have to pull this wire through here and then put it in there and then you can put everything together because if you just if you take

This thing off and put it on the hair like that you you can’t put it back together you’re gonna have to take this wire and put it through this hole put it on this white plastic and then put it back together so oh so you

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Throttle cable replace ment klx 110 any pit bike By Joel Neufeld