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Selling your bike ? If you want to get good value for your motorcyle follow these important tips and remember ! DETAIL FOR RETAIL YMG9

Agh wreck your motorcycle guys calm you know if you’ve got a motorcycle on craigslist right and you’re selling it you’re a seller man give get some good pictures okay if you especially if you want retail money for that motorcycle okay so first thing off taking the car wash and clean it and make it look nice you know it might have some dust on it get the dust

Off of it make sure this clean make sure the tire pressure is right you want a new owner to you know have a little respect in what you sell right doesn’t have to be perfect you know what i’ll tell anybody is you know what you’re buying used if you want perfect then go buy new you know there’s gonna be some scratches and some dings and some things they’re gonna

Happen why you’re out you riding your bike right cuz you’re riding it right and i don’t take any offense to that and i’ll tell a guy straight up well it’s got this of that well you can you’re allowed to go buy a new motorcycle without being a dick about it right because this is used and you know what when you go scratch you’re new and then you’re really gonna

Cry this has already been pretty scratched not cried for you okay so i’ve helped you out now make sure the motorcycle is cleaned presentable make sure that you get you got a good description make sure you got multiple shots if you’re serious about selling it if you’re not if you’re gonna become a seller then become a seller right take the responsibility to make

Sure because you want premium dollar for it right and you want the guy that comes out and looks at it because you’re gonna have ten min aren’t you want to buy it right and if you know what the value is you hold firm on to buy you you know you can always drop it but you know the reality of it is a bikes value there’s a bikes value and where you get that value i’ve

Told you a thousand times i use the na da and that’s again i usually be because that’s what most everyone uses when they’re going to judge the value of your motorcycle right and so make sure it’s presentable you know and i’ve had guys that wanted to go look at didn’t want me at their house and i kind of get that – i don’t you know i’ve had met guys and in the in

And out burger parking lot but you know again i don’t bring cash you know i don’t suggest that either really because the reality of it is but you know i understand you know there’s two sides of this right there’s the buyer in the selarĂ³n you got to protect yourself and your family also you know i don’t like people running around in my garage but you know that’s

Part of what you have to do if you’re playing this game and just because it’s on one side or another doesn’t mean that your clientele it’s gonna be worse there are people want to take advantage of everyone everywhere it’s not just you know iii actually like craigslist so i’m gonna be and again i’m not you know i’m not an advocate for anyone other than the fact

That i do appreciate the fact that i can throw something up there for free you know i think it’s awesome but you got to protect yourself you got to be smart but if you’re gonna be a seller and you’re gonna decide that you want to sell it yourself then you need to make sure first off right that the bike is clean right second off if you have title make sure it’s

In your whoever in the house that it is right and make sure it’s an arizona title so that’s gonna make it easy for you and you’re you’re hopeful hopeful customer right and then again if they do test rides i don’t do them right i don’t do it i don’t do them with a with a jack you want to buy it and you know hey if you don’t like this bike i’ll hold your check

And i’ll bring you know as long as you don’t crash it he’ll bring your bike i don’t care because my bikes are always solid right and and i’m not trying to scam anybody or skating anybody right and if you don’t like it bring it back you know but don’t worry about tomorrow bring it back in 15 minutes or 20 miles right because i know my bikes solid and i know the

Tire pressures are good and make sure they got you know test rides without insurance either so before you want to make track transition make our transaction make sure that you had this bike insured because if you crack it you’re paying for it regardless right it’s gonna be your bike if you wreck it right and i have had many problems because you know what most

Legitimate buyers and you know and so so you know a guy wants to ride a certain ride a bike hate sending me the dealers and then but but but watch out the dealer if they’re good you’re not going you’ve got to lose your customer but the reality of it is i don’t do chest rides i don’t do test rides right it’s not what i do so if you do it you you’re taking a hell

A lot of responsibility and liability to let people do that and if a guy won’t buy it because he can’t write it well too bad all right i’ll get someone else right because i’m not willing to take that risk so jay shrek your motorcycle guys calm the dream

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