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Tomos moped repair. Is she seized?

Helping a friend out. In this episode we veer off our regular type of vehicle to help a friend out. He couldn’t kick start the moped because the kick starter jammed. Thinking it might be seized we took the engine apart and discovered a bearing that had come loose. Fixed it and the thing runs like new.

Dudes and dudettes it’s me mr r the ancient one and uh mr b and mr m so today we’re going out of character here and we’re again doing a moped a friend of mr m’s has a little problem with the the bike and uh mr b’s gonna explain what the hell’s going on so let’s uh move over to him and see what he’s got to say just leaves a beer um because i can’t do that

When holding this camera there you go to the moped crew the muppet crew the rbm moped crew oh holy what’s up all right guys let’s get to work got some to do so as usual after a night of uh working on the bikes and stuff first thing we do is finish our beers say our goodbyes and leave what we always forget is to clean up our tools we’re gonna see if we can get a

Change in that and start doing it right for a change he got a whatsapp message from the owner i started making a rattling sound while kicking it on and stopped working so i think the engine’s used what’s the plan how are we going to do this well see if it goes around first by hand and then remove the cylinder remove the cylinder so you see what happens there’s

Not that much in this engine it could be a kicker mechanism or a cylinder it’s a two-stroke so it’s kind of easy so what’d you do yesterday oh never mind okay so the exhaust is mounted in two parts this is not the original exhaust as you can see that the holes don’t line up there’s supposed to be two bolts holding it on and there’s only one the holes don’t line

Up at the bottom rbm will make it better yeah if it’s possible uh mr b uh made use of my sanitary room for free this is a nice cozy and spacious i like mine so that’s that’s why i always go take a he’ll get you around jesus so i got the exhaust off we could drain the oil and see what’s behind this point i said i said eat problems solutions the times

Were concerned but tell me what did you do that was so i did the board move i did i don’t know what’s called but it’s a bark move i use the wrench thing whatever you do it i’m busy hold on hold on hold on stop you’re making me nervous i’m sorry a few my hand is gonna get really in trouble are you ready let’s see what we can do oh it looks good you’ve got

Your inlet port outlet board there are two uh extra ports on the side yeah but the rings just crash along those ports and they often break oh okay that’s probably two strokes so it makes a rattling sound and it ceases mostly most likely piston rings oh yes this spring came out out of this if only for a moment dude that’s here we are again we’re ready

To finish up this little mini motorcycle moped thing whatever the moped is outside now we’re gonna go bring it inside as soon as we finish up the last few little details on putting this block together let’s get to work now that we got the block back together we’re gonna put it in the frame it’s three bolts and that’s it and then we gotta put on the exhaust

Carburetor hook up all the wiring and then it should be done now we put on the chain he’s always got to why do you always have to touch everything i’m just trying i’m only asking you to stay off of it so remember folks goes on this one not on this one push it no you put one one end here and one end there or there this one you have to push this in and grab that

And then squeeze it together where are you going there you go your first chain you ever put together what do you think of those samples right now we’re gonna give it a shot see what happens see if we can get it started see we got this little tie wrap here so that we knew which side of the chain goes on the outside so it’s rotating in the proper fashion in the

Proper direction and he cut a tie wrap i’m proud of you because there’s a blockage right here so it can only go on to here right here yeah it’s right around and only the primary cover of this uh 2016 thomas that’s a whole lot different than what we’re used to boys now that we got ever almost everything back put together we’re gonna try and start it first

But right now we’re gonna give a shot see what happens see if we can get it started see how much difference an exhaust makes dudes and dudettes as you hear things running you have to make sure that it’s tweaked a little bit so that all the things are working properly so uh mr mr b did a good job again pretty proud of him he knows what he’s

Doing he’s pretty handy even i can learn something he can’t though he’s trying so thanks for watching here at rbm peace out dudes you

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Tomos moped repair. Is she seized? By RBM Repair Crew