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Top 10 BS6| 125cc scooter| malayalam Review

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In dale irrigator last quarterly which a first tee program with fuel injection auto goody one it’ll scoot around some asteroids 125 maximum power energy hombre when toner and the ps air item rpm a room maximum torque but they went in a nutria meter ia tanner rpm in produce 800 company marina mileage i potential kilo meter per litter on cuda they even a xo room

Right here when i do it on the table here okay veronica in just first scooter with programs fi technology new hero maestro edge 125 rcr chemical calc is a child in me not mummy doctor mummy india’s first family scooter with revolutionary i3s technology my hero destiny 125 socha new tirith nala cc displacement or davina engine turbo engine bh p arith anu rpm

Room but they only moving the nutri meter i am rpm in produce indy bs for engineer basic core chip power rope we’re in and a could have a noiseless starter assisted or to go tiana b engine starting in fourth a cannoli on j1d moon niltor fuel tango or about the kilometer per liter my laser on company provide eni xo room rice we are athiya right nany to 125

Cc hc attributed power carolla engine anything comparable indium buzzer and the ps power error theaters move rpm a room from but a windy area newton meter our item rpm bloom engine producing under he a determined a while he a tango to vienna when decay in alpha the moon kilometer per litter on mileage sonoran directly on multiple in your honor even the xo room

Price best paid with no 125cc engine umbria india raymond ps a rarity a limiting belief rpm a compendium both newton meter torque all right teeth new timber our payment produce in our air a little fuel tank potential kilometer per liter my relation a company provided low correlation tip of the mighty annuity to no trend renege firm price of a remedy we

Did with nadia when they remember cc engine embodiment in our eps air higher than your rpm olympic event nc newton meter torque yet then you are probably seen hundred undulator fuel tanker past you are about the kilometer per liter mileage profit in under bluetooth connectivity features or awareness a scooter and a x or brice where nary a rotor entire team annuity

Impotence ruben you so 70 rupees power rit room table rpm room but they went in newton meter torque i add tangled rpm you know producing undulator fuel tank apis team i’m better and i went in ireland z kilometer per liter my liam company providing m-d-r-o dominates and nerubian x or embrace niobe s6 wallace’s uki axis 125 of subcomittees yet completed atever

India and g php power eroticism timber rpm empathy nutria meter torque i attend our premiere producing lee nj wind our liter of fuel tango i embed moon a kilometer per liter my legend providing under my authority ambassador to be an action price calls for special attention suzuki burgman street the special one 125 cc l @m way to cornero and agree on race at

Our v6 model we room – no tom both a kilometer money in the way to eternity erev ont on body php are right the new rpm ihram hombre windy area newton meter torque i am our premium produce in handy on jaehwan tier and a liter fuel tango are out our kilometre per litre mileage one company providing a x hombres ready yo got an idea you material things is

Easy engine turbo engine and a bhp are right the new rpm company windy area newton meter i am rpm you know produce a hundred cuda they on jaehwan redundant later fuel tank apis team are other kilometer per liter my legion cuda they index for another automata to aruba

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Top 10 BS6| 125cc scooter| malayalam Review By AUTO HUB malayalam