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Top 10 Luckiest Storage Unit Finds EVER!

Top 10 Luckiest Storage Unit Finds EVER!

Considering the amount of work that i see all around this room i would say that you have maybe about 300,000 congratulations hold on just man what’s up everyone and welcome back to top 5 central some people get lucky and maybe find like 20 bucks on the ground or they pick a lucky stock while others get lucky in other ways one way to get really rich fast is storage

Units so today we’re looking at the 10 lucky a storage unit finds caught on camera before i begin i want to know what the craziest and luckiest thing you’ve ever found before and if you got to keep it one time i found an empty wallet on the ground with almost $1000 in it but yeah whoever comments the craziest thing gets pinned at the top of the comments with

That said let’s get right into it number 10 so when you buy a storage unit a safe is pretty much the most exciting thing you could find the thing is most of the time they’re either empty or full of paperwork so it’s pretty rare to get a fine like this i mean this guy had only just started buying units and it was the first time he’d ever found a safe so he wasn’t

Expecting much with that said he cracked it open and found stacks and stacks of bills adding up to an insane $26,000 not bad for a beginner don’t you think this is why we buy storage units right here found a safe and a 5×8 you see a big things in it are you kidding me yay daddy jamie i’m trying to take a picture one second i don’t see that it how many 50s and

Are right there and that’s number nine storage hunting is all about luck which is why every once in a while someone has a really really good day i mean darryl’s was already on a roll he had found an awesome signed basketball and trading cards worth a lot of money but it was about to get way better how well they opened up a locker to find a room full of canvases

All apparently painted by a really famous artist now they were sure they were fake but an insane twist every single one of them was real and they walked out with an estimate about $300,000 and then came the art this is a real frank and tara’s this thing could be worth thousands there’s hundreds of frank gutierrez paintings so i called an expert come check them out

Well it absolutely is frank gutierrez frank gutierrez yes you have a tremendous amount of frank gutierrez’s work this is heart you have to understand what the symbols are and if you could read the symbols you’ll understand his story and that’s half the fun i kind of feel it you know i mean it’s cool it really is it just really resonates around me is this stuff worth

Anything considering the amount of work that i see all around this room i would say that you have maybe about 300,000 congratulations hold on just me $300,000 being a gambler isn’t just about winning it’s not number eight you know that old saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure well it kind of applies here i mean this locker full of beach boys merch won’t

Mean anything to you if you’re not a fan of the band but for some people it was priceless the locker had everything from their first royalty checks to their original manuscripts which made it so exclusive that there was a huge legal battle about who got to sell it as for the price well that’s impossible to measure since super fans are willing to pay anything and

It’s one of the biggest collections of all time today many fans see those items as rock and roll gold and get this a trove of beach boys memorabilia is now for grabs after it was found in a south florida locker the california sound of the beach boys surf in usa classic american rock and roll you may have missed the 60s but you can now see treasures from the band’s

Rise to fame 1962 this is the beach boys first royalty check on the collection was found in an unclaimed storage locker in bal harbour in miami dade county after a long legal battle for control is finally available to accomplish action and get this bids are expected to fetch at least 6 million dollars that is california dreamin number 7 everyone knows the storage

Units could be a bit of a lucky dip don’t worry this guy knew exactly what he was getting like he paid $800 online for access to this unit and seeing it up close was just as awesome as he thought it would be i mean not only was there a classic 1966 ford falcon two-door survivor there were other car parts as well including a mazda engine and parts of an old jaguar

Best of all the four was still in good enough shape to salvage which means he could be driving the vintage car around the mountains soon enough alright so here we go we got a 66 haven’t got any dirt off of this thing yet it took me a while to get a few things rectified to get it running but we’re going good now it runs and drives alright obviously needs some work

Needs a restoration so i think my plan with this car is just to say i’ve had my fun with it number six here’s a tip for anyone wanting to give storage hunting a go sometimes it’s the units that look the most useless end up surprising you i mean people literally left when the door to this unit was open well one guy took a chance on it and it turns out he was right

Like he paid $35 for a unit filled with a suitcase and a vacuum cleaner but he ended up turning a profit because his suitcase had an envelope filled with $100 bills it just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover or a storage space by how empty it is 30 here now 31 and people teased one of the regulars a man named bill when he paid 35 bucks for it

But just wait he found purses and shoes in the suitcase but then he looked in the front compartments inside the envelope $100 bills $35 and how much money did you just find i think we just kind of 15 $100 bills feeling pretty good right that’s why we do this absolutely amazing but number five i’ve already said that storage hunting is usually a complete surprise

But there are times where everyone knows they’re looking at something good i mean this group couldn’t agree on what was under the blankets but all of them knew it was some sort of car and all they were willing to pay big money for it like the auction was super dramatic but in the end there are just one winner and she was pretty happy with what she found so what was

It well it turns out it was a silver delorean worth at least $25,000 and she had just paid over a few thousand for what do you think you have a car you ready yes all right let’s go next time spend some more money maybe should have gone more she don’t even know what that’s worth don’t know what it is 18 grams worth from over there minimally you know well mr. damage

May occur mate wait when do you know what these things go for if they run easy twenty-five thousand twelve twenty five thousand number four sometimes when you gamble you’ve got to take a risk and thankfully for these guys definitely paid off i mean seriously this couple paid over $4,000 for one storage in it which is a pretty crazy price if you ask me not just

That but it seemed like gil’s full of junk until they pulled the tarp off the back and veal the treasurer what they’d actually found was not just one but two motorbikes full chrome and still in mint condition so to put it simply they had found the unit of a lifetime so like a plan let’s make a deal here what’s behind door number one yeah gorgeous oh man are

You kidding me no oh my god this is chromed out honest number three now storage hunters aren’t the only people used to making insane finds after all it’s the cops job to track down valuable items that have gone missing where that said when the police raided this storage facility in australia i’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting to find anything like this i mean

Inside was full of stolen gold and jewelry as well as antiques guns and money from other countries that’s already crazy there is also around four million dollars in cash which means whoever stasher was was running a serious business new south wales police have uncovered a treasure trove of stolen goods worth as much as six and a half million dollars after a raid

On a storage facility in sydney’s waterloo thousands of pieces of gold and silver jewelry precious stones antiques and heirlooms were recovered there was also about four million dollars in australian currency a large amount of foreign cash silver bullion and five firearms police believe they were stolen during a recent spate of burglaries number two i’ll be honest

With you guys i really loved this fine because the story behind it is actually pretty crazy basically the actor nicolas cage bought a copy of the first ever superman comic way back in the 90s and it was one of his favorite possessions now i don’t need to tell you that it was super expensive but it’s worth even more now which is probably why it was stolen a few

Years later with that said it turned up way back in 2011 in a random storage unit in south california not just that but the buyer didn’t even know how the comic will be in there weird right it is one of the rarest of all comic books action comics number one where superman makes his first appearance it was ten cents back in 1938 now it’s worth more than a million

Dollars i hired the security enforcement armed security enforcement just because the fact is i knew there’s a million dollars sitting in front of me look the man told detectives he found it in a storage locker like this one but he says he bought the contents of several lockers at auction and can’t remember which one police are checking out if that’s true we don’t

Know and so that is his story ultimately number one now everyone says a storage hunting is like a modern-day treasure hunt and i don’t think that’s ever been more true than it is in this story i mean no one knows what this guy expected to find when he paid $1,700 for two storage units but i’m guessing it wasn’t this like one unit contain a small blue tote bag and

The bag is filled with ancient coins now worth around half a million dollars i mean that’s just like finding a pirate’s treasure except with other pirates or the ships of uncovering lost treasure you probably think about chests long buried on tropical islands but for one lucky buyer in california finding this pirate’s gold was a whole lot easier an auction of

Unclaimed storage units led to half a million dollars worth of legendary loot and it looks like there is some serious history in these coins so this lucky buyer shows up at one of our sales and he pays $600 for one unit 1,100 for the other unit and he gets himself a great big blue rubbermaid tote full of coin a lot of a treasure hunt and there’s a video on the top

Ten luckiest origin of finds caught on camera if you enjoyed the video please feel free to leave a like down below and subscribe to see whatever put a video also if your own top 5 or top sin idea feel free to come in handy form in the description to submit it with that said thank you for watching hope you enjoyed and i see you all in the next video

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