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Top 10 New Motorcycles for 2022

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Here comes 2022 and seeing how the last couple of years have been rather slow in terms of the introduction of new motorcycles here’s hoping that this upcoming year picks up we’ve already had a number of models announced and in this video we’ll rank the top 10 in terms of their appeal and importance to motorcycling now that is not to say that new model introductions are

Finished for the year often new models are introduced and released in the same calendar year harley-davidson in particular tends to do this announcing and releasing both the pan america and the sportster s and 2021 this year harley’s official virtual launch will take place on january 26th and they could surprise us with something new and exciting more likely that

Will be the date on which they show us new colors and perhaps some new engine options on existing models maybe a new soft tail tour to replace the sport glide and then announce a launch date for a brand new model either sometime in february or later in the year my guess is that they’ll introduce the entry-level sportster model that they teased in their sportster

S launch with a smaller version of the revolution max engine probably a 975 but that bike has yet to be announced so let’s look at the most exciting bikes we know are coming in 2022 and as always consider liking the video and subscribing if you’re enjoying the content so the 10th most exciting bike to come out in 2022 is the suzuki gsx s-1000 gt a pure sport

Tour with an emphasis on sport i like this bike for many reasons but the biggest one is that it keeps alive a class of motorcycles that is in danger of disappearing really the only wide ranging competition for this bike is the kawasaki ninja 1000 sx which i tested earlier this year and let me tell you these comfortable super bikes with bags are worth keeping

Around they’re way lighter and more nimble than the bigger sport touring bikes and you can ride them way more aggressively for solo touring i’d pick one of these over an r1250rt any day they’re much more dynamic in 9th spot we have a pair of related bikes the bmw r18b for bagger as well as the continental a full dresser i never was crazy about the original r18

As a cruiser because of its massive size in a bagger and dresser this bike makes more sense since these motorcycles all tend toward the huge baggers especially are super profitable for harley and indian and bmw is trying to get in on the action is this bike gonna make harley sweat i very much doubt it its biggest problem is those enormous cylinders sticking out

The sides which limit leg room for taller riders bmw’s solution of offering shields to rest your legs on verges on the ridiculous so for this reason alone as nice as the bike is i don’t see it making much of a dent still the margin on bikes like this must be pretty high so maybe the profit of selling even a few will be worth it hopefully bmw doesn’t have another

R 1200c on its hands retro bikes are hot and royal enfield which turns 120 this year is intending on capitalizing on that trend by bringing back our eighth pick the classic 350. this is basically a retro version of the meteor 350 which was introduced in 2021 and is hard to tell apart from the original classic and looks i love the british standard styling of

This bike which provides an interesting alternative to the cruiser centered harley lookalikes that populate the retro bike space this motorcycle will be a super cool super affordable way to boot around town or even take a longer trip the seat will be taller than the meteor and it will weigh 9 pounds more with less fuel on board but you pay a price for looking

Like marlon brando now if royal enfield only made a scrambler version the 7th bike will be aimed more at the money is no object crowd because only these folks will risk blasting off-road on the ducati desert x this bike is gorgeous expensive somewhat innovative scary powerful for off-road use and signals ducati’s long-awaited return to the dirt let’s face it

The multi-strata enduro never really caught on while i often doubt the simpler is better philosophy i’m also glad to see the other side of the coin with manufacturers pushing the boundaries of technology and sophistication and that is also true for the sixth bike on this list the husqvarna norden 901 husky is no stranger to off-roading but this is their first

Big bike and was well received when it was unveiled it provides riders with a softer more comfortable alternative to the ktm 890 adventure r which is well loved but not exactly easy going the norden looks like a great long distance travel companion and its more classic looks have many a gore-tex bro drooling i can’t wait for the 501 version number 5 on the list

Takes us back to italy in the motoguzzi v100 mandelo this is the most technologically advanced motoguzzi ever and is seriously gorgeous hey it’s italian but of course the big news is the liquid-cooled engine the significance here is in the progress motoguzzi which has been around for a hundred years is known for its air-cooled engines and the introduction of

This one is just another sign that air cooling is entering endangered species territory if moto guzzi is going liquid cooled and the riding is truly on the wall expect variants of this engine to eventually replace all the current engines in motoguzzi’s lineup as a mission’s titan number four on the list is the beautiful new kawasaki z650rs this is basically a

Z650 and prettier clothing and there’s nothing wrong with that i really like the fact that aside from making a sporty motorcycle that performs well and is reasonably priced kawasaki also styled it to quicken your pulse when you walk up to it on the street it’s modern fun zippy and very competitive in the 650 to 700cc class hopefully we see more attention paid to

Making beautiful do-it-all motorcycles that don’t cost an arm and a leg why is the triumph tiger 1200 number three on the list because it is the big adv bike most capable of giving the r1250 gs a run for its money yes it’s thin looking and athletic yes the 21 inch front wheel will do better off-road than a 19-inch yes it’s lighter than the bmw competitive with

The lighter bikes in the class in fact but the big deal here is that it manages that light weight while also offering shaft drive and that is a feature that the africa twin the pan america and the multi-strata don’t possess on long dusty tours chain maintenance is a pain and the shaft drive and off-road ability gave the bmw a combination of features that was

Hard to beat but now triumph has matched them so it will be interesting to see how much market share it can take i for one would have to think long and hard about which bike i’d pick especially seeing as i live close to a triumph dealer number two is the new honda navi a bike that i tested recently in california check out that video in the top right corner is

It fast fancy technologically advanced no no and no it’s got a scooter powertrain auto trans and grom style looks but its most defining feature is the msrp an unbelievable 1807 us dollars i’ve owned many bicycles that cost more than that some way more why is it so significant it is the only motorcycle on offer in the west that may be less expensive than a year

Of commuting on public transit and even if it isn’t in the second year it should catch up because you only have to buy it once and being a honda it will last a while so a low msrp dealer fees insurance and some gear and you’re zipping past the buses and street cars and weaving through traffic on your way to work and on the weekend you can use it for a fun ride

In the country this bike takes motorcycles and developed western countries out of the realm of toys it’s within the reach of students and people on lower incomes and will provide folks with independence and promote motorcycling to a much larger demographic than just the thrill seekers who currently rip around on their high performance machines and speaking of

High performance the number one new bike introduced in 2022 is the aprilia tuareg 660. yep it’s got high performance electronics out the wazoo it’s good on and off road looks great never mind but this bike is continuing the trend started by the tenera 700 it’s smaller and less expensive than the 850 to 950cc adventure bikes and that’s a good thing the idea that

In order to be more desirable motorcycles have to keep getting more powerful and generally heavier has reversed and we’re finally getting bikes that riders want rather than ones that motorcycle manufacturers want us to have in order to collect the largest margins per unit granted the aprilia isn’t inexpensive neither is the tannery for that matter but they are

Less expensive and that’s a good start fundamentally motorcycles are simple machines that require much less material to build than cars and prices should reflect that yamaha and now aprilia actually listen to customers and hopefully will be rewarded and they’ve influenced other manufacturers already triumph is planning a 660 tiger adventure and ktm and husky

Plan to build lines around the new 500cc parallel twin so good on aprilia for building a desirable motorcycle even if it looks like that and that’s it although i do hope that some manufacturers will still introduce new models in the upcoming months which new bike is your favorite or which bike would you like to see introduced this year share your thoughts in

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