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Top 20 BEST RWD SPORTS CARS For Less Than 000!!!

Hey guys welcome back to another video this time it’s the second part of the best rwd cars under different price ranges! I hope you guys enjoy and if you do, please be sure to like, comment another video you wanna see, and subscribe for more!

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel my name is mark rhoden and today we are going over the 20 best rear wheel drive sports cars for less than 5 000 we recently did 20 of them for under 10 000 now we’re going to do 20 more for under 5 000 and yes these are all going to be 20 different cars in the last list uh the way these videos work it’s kind

Of confusing so i’ll put a picture up right now there’s so much like dust flying around my face right now it’s making me mad anyway guys i hope you guys enjoy the video uh don’t forget if you want to buy some merch to support the channel it is shop and with that out of the way let’s get right into it number 20 is the datsun 280z and it pains

Me to put this card this low on the list but it is for good reason the car came with a 2.8 liter inline six which is weird making 168 horsepower and they’re actually just beautiful beautiful cars but the only downside to these cars is their age everyone thinks that they have something special so they don’t want to sell this car but when they do go on the market

You can find one for just under five thousand dollars usually forty five hundred dollars but since the car is so old and timeless you’re gonna have to fix it because all the good ones all the ones that everybody you know is gonna scoop up in their hands are going to be well over ten thousand dollars so yes you can find a 280z for under five thousand dollars

But it’s going to be a rundown beaten up it’s gonna look like freaking conor mcgregor because conor mcgregor’s kind of been doing bad lately number 19 is the toyota mr2 aw11 or first generation and that comes with a 1.6 liter inline four that makes 143 horsepower and this puppy was mid-engined just like every single mr2 out there that’s the reason why they’re

Called mr2 mid-engined rear-wheel drive two-seater uh just thought you should know some other people say it’s a different thing but that’s what i think i think it makes more sense that way and they have the worst snap oversteer known to man so obviously if you don’t have good driving experience then maybe you probably possibly don’t want to pick one of these up

Unless you’re just like a huge fan of trees but if you can’t handle it then they are a great experience i said it in the last video and i’ll say it again the toyota mr2 is a car that you have to you have to know how to drive before you own it which is weird because usually you learn after you drive it but you know what i’m saying uh they also look like one of

The coolest little retro 80s sports cars ever built number 18 is the volvo 240 and it comes with a 2.3 liter inline four that makes 114 horsepower and yes that is hilariously slow but these cars are actually a really and i mean really good beginner platform one they’re the most basic engineering out there so it’s super easy to work on two it has low horsepower

But can still get sideways if you wanted to and can still be a load of fun and three is they have a decent sized aftermarket community for them they don’t have the biggest out there in the world obviously because there’s not a lot of volvo 240 enthusiasts but they do have enough parts to have a good time and never get bored of your car i think they’re an amazing

Car to experiment on plus they have that old boxy like car look that all the freaking russian street drifters seem to enjoy they love boxy cars you guys are killing it over in russia keep it up speaking of boxy boys number 17 is a mercedes w124 and it comes with a bunch of different engine options for whichever one that you decide to purchase but they all make

Around 100 to 150 horsepower which is once again not the highest number on this list but this car is just so baller like it’s just it’s a car that like i can see lebron james driving to the finals not really but like maybe back in like 2012 you would have driven it there i don’t know like you’re driving around a mafia car pretty much they also have that mercedes

Like comfort experience that you don’t get with most of the other cars on this list so is this the car the most fun not at all is it the comfiest absolutely you’re pulling up to events in style if you pick yourself up a w124 number 16 is the mazda rx-7fb that stands for full buttocks and it comes with a 1.1 liter two-rotor rotary engine that makes a astonishingly

Large 100 horsepower but the car was very lightweight and yes that doesn’t really make up for only having 100 horsepower but to be honest with you you don’t buy an fb rx7 for the speed you buy it for the coolness of it the retro factor the cool styling i mean the car has a rotary it looks amazing and it can get sideways actually pretty decently they’re cool when

They drift let me tell you it looks sick when you see the fbr x7 swinging it around i highly recommend that you stay away from them if they’re going to be your first car though since they do tend to have those rotary problems and you’re just you’re not going to want to deal with even more problems in high school because you already got enough on your plate number

15 is the bmw z3 and it comes with a three liter inline six that makes 225 horsepower and they were not only available in a convertible which everybody knows everybody knows these cars are available in the convert table but surprisingly they were also available in a coupe and the coop is the one that people are like and it looks like a clone shoe and yes i know

They look like a clown shoe but to be honest i kind of like the looks of them all right i said it shoot me and drifters worldwide are starting to like the looks of them too and they see the potential that these cars have so get your hands on one now before like everybody wants them because drifters have the biggest influence on what’s popular in the car community

Out there they buy one car and now everybody wants it it’s just mind blowing they’re also extremely lightweight cars which makes for some good like spirited driving on the canyons but let’s be honest you watch this video because you like rear wheel drive since they can drift and yes the z3 can drift very well number 14 is the mazda rx-8 and it comes with a 1.3

Liter two rotor rotary engine that makes 232 horsepower and yes that number it’s actually pretty damn decent for this list but the car also weighed a pretty decent amount it was a little chubby puppy you know what i’m saying like miss puff and since you have to like swap the engine every 100 000 miles pretty much because mazda just like didn’t realize that they

Have some problems with the rotary engines i think that it isn’t really worth that much higher on the list yes the car is pretty quick it’s a pretty quick car for under five thousand dollars also it looks really cool and it’s very very unique not a lot of people modify rx8s and when they do they’re usually use them in like weird ways and they don’t do it like the

Most basic way you know what i mean and it’s just like you have so much potential with one of these cars however if you do know how to work on rotaries then this is a great choice but if you don’t then i highly recommend staying away from it number 13 is the bmw 325i e30 and it comes with a 2.5 liter inline six that makes 189 horsepower and these are just like the

Coolest cars out there man all right man like they just made me so happy unfortunately they’re kind of getting like that tick-tock hype which to be honest they kind of deserve like i understand why the e30 is getting so overpriced now but that means that they’re going to be a little bit too expensive for my personal taste in just a couple years either way they

Look really cool and can do just about anything that you put them to since they are a bmw just like expect to be called basic if you get one since like the kids on tick tock with no car are going to judge you for it i think it’s so stupid too don’t don’t you don’t have to comment and say that i’m that’s stupid i agree but yeah it’s a sick car and you’re gonna have

A blast driving it and everybody loves the e30 number 12 is the fox body ford mustang and it comes with a 5 liter v8 that makes a pretty laughably small 225 horsepower but keep in mind this is back in the oil crisis and cars were just starting to be fun again plus it was the 90s and technology wasn’t so advanced back then either so even if it wasn’t an oil crisis i

I honestly can’t see this car pushing more than 300 horsepower but these cars as we all know are like the street racing monsters so obviously you’re not capped out at that 225 horsepower you can get plenty more you go to any drag racing event in the world and there’s going to be at least two fox bodies there and for some reason it just seems like literally nobody

Can beat them so if you’re into going fast in a straight line then here you go there are videos of them racing with like 1200 horsepower gtrs and still smoking them that’s crazy a gtr it’s all wheel drive it’s turboed it doesn’t even make any sense i’m so confused how are they so fast number 11 is the mazda miata na or the nb and they both came with a 1.8 liter

Inline four that makes 135 horsepower but way less than a freaking mcdonald’s chicken nugget this is yet another car that gets a lot of hate on tick tock right now for being over popular oh they’re overrated which is such a stupid thing by the way but that’s just that’s not this video so i’m not going to get into it i can get i can talk a lot about that but if

Realistically if you slap a 500 turbo on it and get this cartoon this car will be scary fast like like like scary fast just ask my good friend zach here’s his instagram ask him how scary his car is keep in mind though the nb and the n a miatas are both pretty much the exact same car so if you want the 1.8 in the n a but you like the looks of the nb better or vice

Versa then you can mix and match it doesn’t matter you go with everyone that you like the looks of better or is cheaper and fits your budget number 10 is the toyota cressida and it comes with a 3 liter inline 6 that makes 190 horsepowers and you may be asking yourself well since the last car had the exact same engine size but with more power and lighter weight

Then why did he put this car higher than it because i’m i’m not talking about the miata by the way i’m actually talking about the freaking um uh bmw z3 i don’t know why i just drew a blank there but i’m talking about the bmw c3 so you may be asking yourself why did i put it higher than the z3 since the z3 has more power and it’s the same engine size well because i

Think the car looks cool okay it’s my list and the crest of the it just has that like old sedan styling to it that you’re gonna like see old man jenkins cruising to the krusty krab in and i love those like unassuming little sedans i think they look so cool especially when they’re pimped out to be something really nuts and you’re just not expecting it that’s exactly

What the crested is good for number nine is the ford crown victoria and it comes with a 4.6 liter v8 that makes 239 horsepower and many people call this car the cheapest way to get the most power and while that is pretty true i i don’t agree with it 100 i do agree with it a lot just not 100 reason being the next like generation police cars are here and so the police

Are auctioning off all their like old crown vics for absolutely dirt cheap and the interceptor package on the crown vic makes them even faster and the intersect interceptor package is obviously the one that the police got but if you would rather have a normal crown vic for the obvious reasons of just staying out of trouble then it still is a pretty quick little car

It’s just in my opinion i don’t think it’s the best bang for your buck car out there like everybody else says i think there’s a lot of better cars and you’re obviously going to see that in this video i have eight more to go number eight actually comes from the same family it’s the ford mustang gt sn95 and it comes with a 4.6 liter v8 that makes only 215 horsepower

Compared to the 239 the crown vic makes and to be honest the s95 looked mediocre to say the least so it’s not my personal favorite but but some people absolutely love them these cars unlike the fox body aren’t the best in a straight line but that’s okay they still do fine it’s just that they were built as more of a sports car than a muscle car so now instead of

Being able to only go fast in a straight line like most mustangs can boom shots fired baby it can also go fast around corners too and i love that i absolutely love that about the sn95 and new edge mustangs is that that yes they are still a muscle car at heart they still have that roaring v8 in them but they can do sports car things that’s sick every muscle car

Before them was a strictly straight line speed muscle car and these cars were like yeah what’s up baby oh and they can drift which is just kind of hilarious number seven is the lexus gs 300 and it comes with a three liter inline six that makes 225 horsepower but the car didn’t come in a manual transmission which makes me sad obviously but a manual swap on these

Cars isn’t actually that hard since so many of the other chassis that came with the same engine and platform have both ons that can bolt right onto the gs300 and make it into a manual transmission it’s pretty much a plug and play kind of deal keep in mind though while these cars do look really cool at least in my opinion they are the worst performance wise out of

The lexus 2jz trio and yes you heard me right these cars have naturally aspirated 2jz in them but don’t get your hopes up because the 2jz and this puppy can only handle around 600 horsepower before you have to start touching internals which is fine 600 horsepower is still enough but it’s obviously not as good as a gte number six is another lexus the lexus ls400

Two of these puppies back to back and this one actually came with a four liter v8 that makes 270 horsepower so obviously yes it’s better than the gs300 but the downside is this car was used way more for the luxury side of things meaning that the car handles more like a grandma’s car than anything else like the gs300 had a little bit of sportiness about it this car

Just didn’t it was just like yeah you know what the grandmas need something we’re here to save the day and they gave them an ls400 also keep in mind that most lexuses this one included didn’t come in a manual transmission and the ones the lexuses that did come in a trans manual transmission are going for like five million dollars now because everybody thinks they

Have something special which they do but why do they have to know that like why can’t you just act like it’s not special you guys are so annoying lexus owners give me a sc300 for 500 and i will i will i will do whatever you want number five is the chevy corvette c4 oh that’s that’s an explosive in call of duty and it comes with a 5.7 liter v8 that makes 300

Horsepower and it was so hated for absolutely no reason like i understand the c4 doesn’t look the best out of the corvette line but it still looks pretty damn good so i don’t know why people hate on it so much like it’s just it’s a cool looking car anyways these cars are to be honest not really the best at any like one thing like sure they can drag race yes they

Can track day it up and surprisingly they can actually drift too but it does all of those three things pretty boring where these cars really shine it’s just a driving experience of a corvette you get that raw feeling it’s just like a you just get to feel the corvette and the ground beneath you every worm that you run over it’s like ah you can hear it it’s just like

Every the driving experience is surreal in a corvette number four is a bit of an oddball it’s a bmw 540i e34 and it comes with a 4 liter v8 that makes 282 horsepower which is massive yes but that’s not the reason that i put the car so high i put the car so gosh darn high because the car is to be honest just so pretty man like these old bmws it just works so well

I love them and the fact that this one had a german v8 in it just makes me an even happier like i’m gonna go on the roof tonight and just scream to the world how happy i am because of this car’s existence which i didn’t think was possible once again russians tend to love these cars they find a way to drift these things all the time so if you want to drift but want

To be unique it’s definitely possible and you don’t have to worry about wasting your money because they’re dirt cheap third place is the lexus sc 400 and it comes with a 4 liter v8 that makes 270 horsepower and yes that is the exact same engine that’s found in the ls 400 that we just went over but this one this car has a bit more of a little race car side too it’s

Got a little bit of a naughty side this is a bad boy you know hanging out outside of like the jaywalking outside of mcdonald’s and stuff is like what the sc400 does and honestly it does bring the car a long way like the ls400 was made specifically for grandmas but us car guys nowadays like to lower them to the ground and just scrape on every pebble known to man

The sc however was built to be a fun cruiser while still being able to be enjoyed by grandmas and us car guys now like to drift them and still slam them on the ground and i even know somebody who has a 1 000 horsepower one in the town that i live in it’s absolutely nuts and before you say it yes you can buy an sc300 for under 5k too but it’s going to be automatic

And at that point you should just buy the sc400 number two second place it’s the bmw 330ci e46 and it comes with a three liter inline six that makes 235 horsepower and they were actually available in all-wheel drive too so if you’d rather have that actually i don’t know why i just now thought of this but a lot of these cars on the list are available on all wheel

Drive anyways the car is by no means the fastest car on this list but the engine does have some pen have some potential not the most potential on this list but some so you may be asking a cell phone mark this car just sounds kind of basic compared to the rest of this why’d you put it number two well the main reason that i put it number two is because i think this

Car is easily the best car to buy if you want to get started drifting they are so dirt cheap for what they are right now they love and i mean love okay they like want to get married to drifting and you’re not going to lose money on it as well since they have that old bmw style to them that will be popular within a couple years they also have a massive community

Around them so that’s nice but the only car that i think is better than it and yes this is a biased answer but i don’t care it’s the infiniti g35 coupe and it comes with the gold old 3.5 liter v6 that makes 306 horsepower and they just look absolutely cool are they the best car out there for under 5 000 probably not but that’s only because of the impracticality of

Them everything else is amazing on them and if you’re watching this video i’m assuming you’re probably a little bit of a car enthusiast and so you probably don’t really care about the daily driving factors of the car and being comfortable so that’s why i put it first i mean they have an abs and huge aftermarket support that you can build a car on any budget with

Like they have freaking coilovers like 10 bucks you can go down the street there’s gonna be a guy handing out coilovers for a g35 on the side of the road they also have a huge community that’s going to help you out when you need it they’re pretty much a pocket 350z so speed is not an issue and they look sick which is something that every car guy loves obviously

And despite what anybody says the bq35 is actually a very reliable good tuner engine to build on especially if this is going to be your first car but that is the end of this video guys i hope you guys enjoyed and if you did you already know what to do baby like comment and subscribe for more content also go check out the website if you want to support the channel i appreciate everybody that bought something by the way you guys mean the world to me i can’t believe how many people bought something like so fast it’s just this is crazy it’s just crazy so thank you guys so much anyway guys if you enjoyed let me know another video you guys want to see because i really need some ideas and any ideas that you

Guys give me i’ll do them next is going to be motorcycles just because somebody requested it so we’ll do motorcycles next i’ll do requests first but yeah thank you so much for watching and have a nice night

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