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Top 5 Cafe Racer / Motorcycle builds of 2019

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I’m bringing you a friday video or front or monday depends when it goes out really depends when we get time to edit it i am currently working on this beast of a job which is excuse me i am currently working on this beast of a project at the moment which is the ducati monster carbon-fiber overhaul to it i am currently sculpting this out of clay and it’s obviously

Taking the wild because these things take time i think all in all the tank itself tank alone is probably going to take a lot of 40 hours just sculpting clay and perfecting and getting the lines super sharp which means that it’s not quite finished yet in time for this week’s video and rather than keeping waiting i have at this video on my list of videos to put out

There for 2020 is supposed to be at the end of 2019 but i didn’t get much chance to do that but this is my top 5 coffee roasters built in 2019 yes come although there why is it so cold don’t you see that this steam trigger my breath low for the radiator on someone’s top 5 built bikes or 2019 know a lot of you are seen these bikes elsewhere obviously because they

Are really good bikes and kind of my tastes have a changes every year kind of every year new bulb comes out and it takes by plugging it’s a completely different direction i really like the whole experimental side of the building especially knowing the development of 3d printing as a law cnc working on there and as good as it is seeing that whole modern approached

Bikes i simply quite a spot the old-fashioned grabbing a hammer a piece of almond images shaping it to your knee so so hopefully well is to show a bit of everything no particular order here is my top five bags of 2019 so first of all i wanna introduce you to this 130 horsepower nitrous filled indian scout baba called appaloosa i saw it back in the bank shell

In 2019 and it was insane the amount of detail done to it the amount of hours put into this bike this bike is built by workhorse peach shop over in belgium 700 hours i believe i’m shaving up from faring alone and he’s taken inspiration of mix of 1920s trains 1940s formula one cars and all sorts of different aeroplanes and it’s quite easy to see how the airplane

Inspiration has come over this massive big cone nose the front here despite was commissioned and raced in the sultans of sprint race as a factory bike boy i really like barra is the whole ballsy approach to it like a massive ferry on the front of a bobber for the whole color scheme put together i think all in all this bike is absolutely stunning that’s a half

This and you will look shop as his you open the door that would be an absolute dream to have something remotely similar to this and that’s why it’s a rat top-five second on the list is x’mas 10 half speed triple triumph i went over to see this bike last year you may have seen a video of it i first saw this bike again a bike shed shell and the more chris over at

Sema started talking about the bike and a side talking about the technology and everything that’s crammed into this bike the more i fell in love with it it is angular to say the least and it probably splits a pillion and that is a good thing anything that gets people talking is a good builder a puff of a bad build obviously i can’t go to say for itself but the

More you walk around the bike the more you see how the intake comes in and cools the oil radiator and comes back out the back you’ve got our perspex lid on the tank where you can see all the velocity sucks inside and everything but as i said chrome pack with technology they’ve got a whole gadget having unit blue reading off data from the east you then transmits

That to a an app of the phone so you don’t need a display for the front is one ballsy bike has to be my top five number three of the list is the killer by prague rod smith and those feed who don’t know who craig ron smith is googling his workers in fact this is colorful language is probably quite stating itself but his work is second to none it’s seriously annual

What he can produce with a hammer a play of al maitland but the spike encapsulates the be siva what does in a neatly formed package the engine itself is a front wheel dreidel engine crum packed in that front wheel again have a look at all these pictures online the again that the workings of this engine is amazing it’s beautiful this bike was given inspiration by

A few art deco photos of some german engineers or in 1930 of a bike called the killinger the killinger unthreatened i hope i said that right my germans probably not that good up to speed at the painstaking detail in this bike and the whole traditional method of hand beating all these panels i’m getting that swooping shape and then getting that bike looking like

One beautifully sculpted piece of those whole flowing lines and everything and it looks retro yet very mon at the same time this bike is an absolute favorite of mine number four on the list is revival cycles as bmw boxer birdcage obviously heavily features the bmw boxer engine which in itself is a work of art revival cycles designs built this titanium what could

Be described as a bird cage around the engine a hidden field tongue i’m just letting that exoskeleton work in itself is absolutely stunning the painstaking hours into getting that right obviously developing it from sketches i’m actually taking the time to build it all this bike is absolutely enviable if you can if it’s on display anywhere go and see it it looks

Some light and delicate fragile but without staining frame just looks beautiful and last on the list but probably my all-time favorite 2019 is i can’t cheating its way into 2019 ready because i did see in 2018 i hope i catch shama and it is definition of london’s kenda’s own i’ve not tried to hide it all my love this bike obviously fell in love with it back

Again back in 2018 or s or at the bike shed and it was in black then i think one of the reasons why i did fall in love with it so much back then because it kind of opened my eyes to the possibility of what could be done this is a honda goldwing if you know what gulping looks like they’re probably one of the ugliest bikes there are i think they are a filled with

Technology and plastic and basically massive cruisers that look like surfer on wheels let’s come up with something as beautiful as the kenzo a mix of 3d printing seein seeing everything that death machines of london do well the more you sit has studied this bike the more you start seeing how much work and efforts go into this bike him down to the whole grille

Ventilation system that’s actually on top of the tank in between each layer as i said to show what’s possible out of a really ugly bike i was at that moment i saw the back of the bike chat show that i decided that i was going to try and push myself even further drive stray away from that classic cafe racer building and try some more experimental work myself which

Is of course where this very simplistic as he came from up front create something that isn’t easy in a way i’m not sure this bike is the moment i last saw it over the bike shed before christmas is on display them on the arches there if it is still there make your way down to see it it is worth it so that is my top 5 list i’m gonna go back to sculpting this now with

My spatula and pekin and everything so until next week if you haven’t subscribed yet this channel subscribe follow me on instagram and also you can buy some merch down there until next week i’ll see you though

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