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Top 5 Reasons to Only Buy a Used Motorcycle

Top 5 Reasons to Only Buy a Used Motorcycle

Let’s do this it is getting dark in the mornings jus dark these gloves are brand new how to in a package couldn’t find my other ones oh my goodness what a tight squeeze let’s do this hey oh alright it’s gonna be a dark one but we’re gonna do it let’s talk about what should we talk about let’s talk about why you should only purchase use lights away i’m actually

Running out of these things so get them no they last i guess here are some of our previous winners there is a buttload of them if you want to win some decals make sure you stay tuned to apply to get them right now we’re going to talk about why my arm is incredibly itchy but most dealerships do not let you test ride the bike before you buy it i know it’s kind

Of messed up what is happening with my life they’ll let you test ride or drive cars but they don’t won’t let you test ride motorcycles most of them all so that is one thing you get when you buy you is that you can usually get a test ride you’re not getting a motorcycle use that’s only got like 100 clicks on it or something so someone’s already done the break-in

Period given this can be a double-edged sword because if the braking period was done wrong you can outsource all sorts of steel problems on the bike the braking periods basically you take it easy for the first couple hundred clicks five hundred whatever it is each bike is a little bit different and that tends to set the seals that tends to set blah blah blah

And you just take it easy it kind of sucks because you first buy a brand new bike this guy is riding my ass you buy a brand new bike and you want to just open her up but they tell you not to if you can has already got the mods done to it you just save yourself a ton of time an absolute ton of time mods take forever i’ve done them in the past and they need to

Be done correctly so keep in mind you’ve got to kind of know what you’re looking for when you’re out looking for a used bike but if you can get one with the mods done correctly you can save yourself a bunch of money and a whole lot of time you’re probably not going to find cheap parts for a brand new bike that stuff’s all gonna have to come from the dealership

Or third-party vendors but you can usually find used cheaper parts i know uses in the way to go on every single fix but use does work for quite a lot of fixes so used bike parts for older bikes they’re easier to find and they tend to be cheaper and of course the price it’s so much better when you buy used so much better let me tell you stories i both of my bikes

Have been used i’ve never bought know i knew anything actually often used the first one i got at a reasonable price i’d say it’s right it was right around market value for the bike but i still only pay it around $3,000 for my 9250 and at the time it was only three years old i paid for the bike that i’m sitting on right now if i remember correctly i paid 35 but

It came with an $1,800 warrantee it’s still under warranty actually and oh my god i am not getting in the back of this place okay it’s closed i’m not a warranty guy i tried to cash it out but they wouldn’t let me because it was a second owner so this bike i ended up getting for a steal it was only two years older time once again we had 1700 clicks i have a video

Of me test driving this bike when i first bought it so check that out this bike was worth a lot more than $3,500 plus in 1811 t i believe was eighteen hundred dollar warranty so you can get your money savings out of it plus i have done an episode on how dealerships rip you off and get 10th yeah you tend to walk away paying a lot more than the sticker says which

Is kind of terrifying so i’m not saying use is right for everyone i’m saying used is right for most people so let someone else be the that spends all of their hard-earned money on a brand new bike and you pick it up a year or two later for literally less than half the cost the main thing that you have to do is you have to be patient okay don’t jump on the first

One that you see make sure you go see a bunch of them and don’t go alone because you can miss stuff two heads are better than one always and have fun with it because they’re trying to get me in the building hey i’ll be in in a second okay here is a bonus number six insurance especially comprehensive insurance is cheaper on a used bike because it’s depreciated so

Don’t be an idiot that spends more on the initial purchase of the bike that depreciates don’t be the idiot that spends more on insurance as well so there it is guys thank you for watching for more hit the channel if you want a decal make sure you say used bike in the comments and tell me where you put the decal if you got it we i gave me so many i just kept giving

Them away giving them away i’m actually running out i have an idea for a new decal check it out what do you think items in the mirror have been poned and that goes right there on your mirror just a little one goes right on your mirror so every time you look at a bike or a car that you passed you get to say yeah you got pwned your poems joan what alright i’ve got

It i gotta go it was cold this morning and the itchy arm let me tell you about the achiara okay so i don’t know if you’ve been watching my videos but i just put up a teaser video involved my wife with some radiation the registered on a geiger counter is pretty scary in that teaser video i’m up in my attic wiring the ultimate bike security system that’s one of the

Videos i’m doing it is so many hours just i don’t even know what i’m about 20 hours right now it’s crazy we have some really cool twists of that thing so make sure you hit it up when it comes out but i have insulation that was all inside of this sleeve that fell from the ceiling when i was drilling holes yeah i picked up this coat i’m like oh there’s a little bit

Of insulation we wiped that off no it is itchy is great now oh okay i got to go in i’m gonna how do you get rid of insulation itch anybody does anybody know my wife says run it under water which i don’t believe it all but you know anyways we’ll see you guys next time ciao

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Top 5 Reasons to Only Buy a Used Motorcycle By PwnsJones