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TOTW Motorcycle Driver Backrest

Welcome to this cruiser customizing driver backrest tip of the week a driver backrest from kuryakyn mustang or custom world is a great way to increase the number of miles that you can comfortably ride throughout day whether you make your motorcycle for a really long time or were you just a god net and you’re looking for something to increase the drivers comfort

Level the backrest is absolutely a great way to go the installation of the driver backrest is gonna reduce arm strain back strain and it’s gonna allow you to feel more refreshed when you get to your destination your stock seat isn’t as comfortable as you like and we like to upgrade your seat at the same time mustang makes the perfect option with your riding

Solo as in this seat here or if you’re writing to up mustang offers both the driver backrest and a passenger backrest option the adjustability of the mustang seat backrest is great as you can see there’s notches in the back of this backrest what that allows us to do is to slide down to specific locations so that you can adjust the height of the backrest here’s

A look at the mustang steve adjustability close-up as you can see there’s two adjustments you’ve got hika judgment by the indentions here in the back of the backrest and up here at the top you’ve got a screw that allows you to have forward and back adjustment these two adjustments allow you to find the perfect lumbar support while using a mustang backrest now if

You’re looking for more adjustability than this the custom world backrest option is going to be the one for you this custom row backrest is the most versatile and most adjustable backrest on the market this particular unit you can adjust the height you can adjust how far forward it comes and you can adjust where the pad sits in the center your back this is the

Unit that i currently have now on my vtx come on in take a look at some of the adjustability options as you can see there’s three holes this allows you to adjust the pad up and down so you get the optimum placement of this pack down here at the bottom we’ve got these two adjustments right here this allows you to swing this arm forward or backwards so that you can

Position this pad anywhere you like installation of this backrest is extremely simple of this stock colt slip in a spacer set the backrest in place and no longer we often wonder how am i going to swing my leg over this to get on the motorcycle well the customer will answer that question by allowing you to fold the backrest down swing your leg over over put it

Back up and now you can sit into place comfortably if you’re a family who shares a motorcycle one motorcycle for several family members who ride the custom old backrest is a great way to optimize the riding position for each of those different riders if you’ve got a tall rider in the house you can take this backrest and push it back will allow the tall rider to

Sit farther back and be able to have a relaxed position on the bar if you then get a short rider who’s then going to come ride the motorcycle you can position the backrest like so so that the rider always sits farther forward in the seat and can comfortably reach the handlebars from personal experience i can tell you that this driver backrest has increased the

Comfort of my motorcycle ride i’ve used this backrest for days where i’ve covered over a thousand miles in a single day and this backrest is part of what made that possible here are some great examples of member photos that been uploaded over the last two weeks this one here is a mustang driver backrest this one here’s from custom world here’s another view of

The custom world backrest from the front this one here is a mustang driver backrest here it is for another angle and this i don’t know what manufacturer it is what it looks like it does a great job

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TOTW Motorcycle Driver Backrest By Cruiser Customizing Video