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Touring Jakarta – Padang via Lintas Timur Sumatera | Rawan BegalKelebihan dan Kekurangan

Touring Jakarta – Padang via Lintas Timur Sumatera Rawan Begalâť“Kelebihan dan Kekurangan

Hi, come back with me on this channel, this time i will try to discuss the jakarta – padang and jakarta – pekanbaru touring routes via the sumatran east cross, if previously i discussed the sumatran west cross, so that it is complete, we will also discuss the sumatran east cross so watch this video until done. let’s look at the route on google maps. first, for the jakarta

– Padang touring route, the distance is around 1300 km with a travel time of about 3 days, while for the jakarta-pekanbaru touring route , the distance is about 1200 m km and takes about 3 days. several areas traversed on this route started from jakarta, tangerang, merak, then entered the island of sumatra, namely to the province of lampung via bakauheuni, east lampung,

Central lampung tulang bawang, mesuji, then entered the province of south sumatra via ogan komering ilir, palembang, banyuasin, musi banyuasin and then into jambi province through muaro jambi and jambi city. when you are in the city of jambi, you decide whether to go to padang or to pekanbaru. if for the route to padang, i suggest passing through the city of jambi,

Don’t go through tempono because as far as i know the road there is still badly damaged. some areas that are passed from the city of jambi to padang are muara bulian, tebo regency, muara bungo, dharmasraya, sijunjung, solok and arrive at padang, while if you go to pekanbaru then pass tanjung jabung barat, indragiri hilir, indragiri hulu, pelalawan, and arrive at the

City. pekanbaru. what are the advantages and disadvantages of the east sumatra cross? i will discuss in terms of the excess beforehand excess of the first is the distance shorter than the trails west sumatra, with a margin of about 50 km on route from jakarta to padang and 400 km for the route jakarta-pekanbaru excess second is a path that is relatively more crowded than

The other traffic on this route you will often see large vehicles such as trucks or buses, of course with this condition it is beneficial for solo riders who are a bit worried about passing through quiet lanes but keep in mind that along the road from bakauheni to ogan komering ilir, you may rarely find large vehicles because most of them pass by road. the third toll road,

The third is the distance between gas stations is relatively close. but it should be fully filled when you meet a gas station, especially for motorbikes with small tanks and the fourth access to lodging is more because it passes through several big cities such as palembang city and jambi city and so on. what about the shortage of east cross sumatra? the first drawback is

That this route is not suitable for street lovers and nature lovers because there are not so many interesting sights on this route but there are some interesting places to visit such as way kambas national park in east lampung, in palembang. the city of palembang, the city of jambi, and others that you might be able to browse on the internet, the second is that the road

Conditions on this route are not so good compared to other routes, especially when passing through the tempino area in jambi whose roads are badly damaged but in the past year there have been road repairs in several areas, especially in the province of south sumatra, the third is higher air pollution than other routes due to the large number of large vehicles on this route,

Both buses and trucks, and the fourth route is actually relatively safe but there are several points that may need to be watched out especially when approaching enter lampung border – south sumatra. i’m not here to scare or discredit an area, but i just want to say that this route is a bit dangerous but that doesn’t mean it’s very dangerous because alhamdulillah four times i

Have passed this route safely, the most important thing is not to cross the border. it’s at night, so that’s the advantages and disadvantages of the jakarta-padang and jakarta-pekanbaru routes via lintas timur sumatra based on my version. so how about it, do you think anyone is interested in this route? for those of you who want to add or refute the contents of this video,

You can directly comment below, if anyone wants to ask questions or request a video, you can directly comment below. okay thank you for watching this video to the end if you like this video don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe and see you in the next video

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Touring Jakarta – Padang via Lintas Timur Sumatera | Rawan Begalâť“Kelebihan dan Kekurangan By Tukang Touring Motor / One Eye Rider