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Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave Fire Bot Dragon Dino Optimus Bumblebee Jet Mode Bee Wave 13

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Hey guys welcome to show-and-tell toys in this episode i’m going to show you these really are some transformers rescue bots and you’ve probably seen these before but i’ve got four new surprises that have to do with these rescue bots right here so let’s check these out really quick and then i’ll show you the new surprises okay so here we go you’ve probably seen these

Before here’s a mini connaissez drake the firebot dragon ok you’ve got a handle right here behind his head and that’s for heatwave to be able to put in his hand here’s e-waste seeing this keep it before if i’m out just like that and we’ve got a little oil in his hands for this drake firebot so the drake firebot transform is just like this okay you can have a water

Spout let’s get a water spout okay so now i’ve got a water spout you can’t show this drake without a water spout okay so now you can press this button right here see you optimus boom got you let’s do it one more time and let’s put it into heat waves hand just like this boom and press the button got on alright so that is heat wave with the drake the firebot while

You’re breathing dragon faint just like that then you’ve got a pretty cool little optimist but using blue blue color with his soft and this moves around so i’m showing you these because this has to do with the new wave them about to show you the new surprise bit tyrannosaurus rex primal mode of optimist transform back and then you’ve got a raptor of bumblebee boom

Just like that and his second button right here so there you go okay so that’s what i wanted to show you before i show you these new surprises okay here we go so heat wave has a dragon let’s put them together come on come on come on come on combined combined combined come on food and this is what you get check it out is heat wave as the firebot but he’s got two

Dragon heads whoa that’s pretty cool crazy-looking so he turns into a dragon fire breathing dragon with two heads that’s awesome all right so very cool okay so you’ve got heat wave as a player bot dragon and then you’ve got let’s see a blue optimus and you’ve got primal mode optimus let’s combine those together combined combined combined combined c’mon c’mon c’mon

And this is what you get look at that it’s a blue primal mode blue optimus prime as a tyrannosaurus rex so that’s pretty cool dude alright and then you’ve got a bumblebee raptor so he’s very cool but what if you what if we had like a night ops black bumblebee and that would be this water right here whoa check it out look at that it’s a black coloured bumble bee as

In raptor molestation okay and then also i have one more surprise that has to deal with bumblebee but it’s not a primal mode at all it’s just part of the new wave 13 boom new wave 13 it’s a jet bot for bumblebee check that out now bumblebee can fly oh man i don’t know bumblebee could fly now he’s going to be best friends with blades right which blades already like

Baldy but pretend to elbow will be soar to the rescue in jet mode so that’s pretty awesome alright so there you go this is called wave 13 for transformers rescue bots for all these rescan figure okay so let’s open them up and check them out okay so we got them out of the package and these transformers rescue bots are pretty cool here is the first one which is he

Waved the dragon bots are actually fighter bots but he’s got a two-headed dragon so pretty cool transformation and the way he stands up with these dragon heads you can either leave it like that maybe it looks like some tools on the back or whatever or you can flip it down and have it look like that okay so either way you can do it either way okay so to transform

We’re going to pull his legs together boom like that and there he is he’s in a fire-breathing dragon mode and you can extend these heads up you kind of move they go up and down like that and you can and you can turn their pivot their heads just like that so you can leave one up and one down or extend them pick to transform back to toes arms together you can flip

These down just like that so what do you think of that pretty cool heatwave as a fire bot with dragon heads transform right back into dragon mode his wing don’t move at all and this just kind of sits he sits with a real sits like that okay so that’s what he looks like in dragon mode and put the heads down like that okay turning the arms one more time and there

You go there is heat waiting so very cool okay and then we’re on to optimus prime in the blue primal mode just twist it boom that push them some more so it stays down there we go and then press the button ah big tyrannosaurus rex okay with the smokestacks pretty cool good so there is optimus prime in the blue primal load alright then you’ve got like a night off

Bumblebee in raptor mode so there is your black raptor that’s what he looks like pretty easy transformation the only thing you’ve got to remember when you transform them they get a squeeze back here so it snaps so that his feet open up and you can stand them up just like that great so there is bumblebee in the black looks pretty cool alright and then you’ve got this

Awesome bumblebee in jet mode he’s got his arms right here they can move up and down like that okay up and down like that and then you just lift them like this i think it looks like some missiles if you have his hands for it it kind of looks cool but otherwise you fold these attack and there is in jet mode this is kinda this is the kind of jet that has propellers

Right here so that means you can lift off the ground like this straight off instead of flying out there you go okay so there is bolian jet mode just flip this down just like that bring his arms out so there you go there is bumblebee in jet most pretty cool new wave 13 of these transformers rescue bots which one is your favorite i like them all pretty much and

They’re all pretty cool but i guess if i had to pick the new ones that i like are this multi and jet mode and this new heatwave in dragon mode with two headed dragon that’s pretty cool you’re going to go around and i don’t know if he’s going to put out fires you got dragons it might be fire-breathing dragons boom just like that okay so there you oh my

Gosh so that’s transformers rescue bots wave 13 of these rescan toys bumblebee bumblebee optimus and heatwave who is your favorite leave a comment down below and let me know who you like the best all very cool toys well that’s it this episode show itself make sure you check out my channel for more transformers rescue bots videos and for more exciting toys do you

Like seeing really cool and exciting toys then select a video to see really awesome toys from the show and tell toys channel there are so many cool toy videos which one are you going to pick

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Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave Fire Bot Dragon Dino Optimus Bumblebee Jet Mode Bee Wave 13 By Show and Tell Toys